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Season 13 – Division 1

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Conspiration Entropique4168448.42%
Battle Brothers3169551.58%
The Rowdy REBBL Rousers7177761.59%
Murdery Space Elf Troupe5169757.15%
Arkangell's Will2164742.85%
All the Stars of Chaos4161945.84%
The Voltrex Vanguard1164854.16%
Felwithe's Koada'Dal1184763.34%
Grungy Desserts7175236.66%
Ars Goatia4168034.16%
Scooby and the Gang6179465.84%
Gotta Catch Em AIl7166737.33%


Season 13 – Division 2A

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Dreams of Golden Streams11165166.49%
Secret Lizard Overlordsss13153233.51%
Gourmet Governors25166957.29%
Meaniest Greeniest Boiz9161842.71%
Ye Olde Guard7154444.98%
Bring Out yer Undead21157955.02%
Charlestown Chiefs13157234.42%
Brick and Mortary9168465.58%
Fogmire Fenbeasts13152744.55%
Cogs of War IV20147328.95%
Thick Rich and Creamy6163861.18%
Average Joe's Gym1155938.82%


Season 13 – Division 2B

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Rat Shenanigans (REL)11162857.29%
CRBoyz Nashville Nasty6157742.71%
Lackland Long Tongues13159056.16%
Tainted Brewers10154743.84%
Royaltons Circus14145024.88%
Mass Bolts1164275.12%
cheesetactics mk.II9154941.17%
Dazed N Confused7161158.83%
Abysmal Cusp7159452.01%
RAGE DORF20165054.45%
Ratt Utd11161945.55%
Dead Wrestler's Society13150330.14%
Bogue Bombers8164969.86%


Season 13 – Division 3A

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Orxploitation Cinema9155242.85%
Commanders in Grief9160257.15%
Here We Fall1154743.14%
Bifrost Bay22159556.86%
Nightmare on Elf Street5145042.15%
Self-Hating Dwarves20150557.85%
Thousand Island Stare10150946.69%
Grr Patrol6155044.84%
Horn Stars MMXVIII4158655.16%
The Bifrost Guardians22152347.41%
The Mighty Blow Jays4157055.59%
Delicious elves2153144.41%


Season 13 – Division 3B

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Ace Trucking Co.10162172.80%
Warp,Stone & Rock 'n Roll15145027.20%
Talk Show Terror6153630.14%
Broken Bone Battalion18168269.86%
The Farm Animals Mark II4158356.58%
Tegridy Farmers1160164.54%
REBBL Rage Quit10149735.46%
Scurry Sqwaud11160872.57%
Squeeky Blinders11143927.43%
Dead and Scoring it17153755.87%
Hela's Kitchen22149644.13%
Wrath Of Nuffle4153638.41%
Romenyan Rebels5161861.59%


Season 13 – Division 3C

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Arf Arf I'm An Elf6148829.18%
Pepper Snakes9164270.82%
The Rat Bastahds11167663.21%
The Horn of Gor'thanc4158236.79%
Gladiators of Batiatus4152234.55%
Beard to Death22163365.45%
Fragile and Limp5155252.59%
REL Pickles: Flash Point8153447.41%
Stirland Hornets18154446.12%
Uniquely Dangerous11157153.88%
Tarot Alliance10149755.02%
Wood United2146244.98%
Goatwork Orange4153548.42%
BioWare for Life25154651.58%


Season 13 – Division 4A

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
All Bark, No Bite2143765.32%
Furry Footed Freaks24132734.68%
The Big Zuccs13151450.00%
Extreme Leaping Frenzy18151450.00%
Mønster Bash6150135.86%
From Beyond7160264.14%
MEAN GREEN & THICCC 9154147.56%
Marvelous Creatures5155852.44%
The Skaven-Rat Rodents21140133.39%
Kicker of Elves5138738.41%
Mad Lads of Unusual Size16146961.59%
Horrible Ms. Stakes25163793.87%


Season 13 – Division 4B

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
:BOLD::REBBL: Superheroes8162276.60%
Comic Book Heroes4141623.40%
Anagram Catastrophe11154560.90%
The Unoriginal Guys2146839.10%
We're Slaying 'Em6142837.46%
Elves on your shelves2151762.54%
Grumblegrok Gorgers 16134851.58%
Danny's Devitos19133748.42%
The Rotting Cum Boys7143043.42%
Skinned Deep22147656.58%
[REL] Craft Beer Hipsters20152052.01%
Oakenshield & Company20150647.99%
Khaine's Khrushers5141834.16%
Demented Distillers10153265.84%


Season 13 – Division 4C

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Beeftown Brawlers20149463.74%
Frog-Legged Freelancers14139636.26%
Lustrian Slayers13149764.93%
Duh Boyz9139035.07%
Barbecue's Pit Crew10156364.54%
Redwall Bloodcats5145935.46%
Muscular Humanists8130217.61%
Paranoid Puppies6157082.39%
Mass Extinction Event13140661.86%
CanLit Heroes15146443.98%
Smug Mug's1152563.47%
The Gang Loses Blood Bowl5142936.53%


Season 13 - Division 4D

TeamRaceElo RatingExpected Result
Radioactive Frogs11151658.55%
The Darkness Rises5145641.45%
Hot Sandwich Action9153759.11%
Serpent Knights3147340.89%
MLD: Chaos is Magic10156256.44%
The Godzilla Cult13151743.56%
[colour=#0000ff]NFL Egypt21153752.59%
Da Brute Skwadd9151947.41%
Let Me Be Brief22150973.70%
Boogie Miners15133026.30%


Season 13 - Division 5A


Season 13 - Division 5B


Season 13 - Division 5C


Season 13 - Division 5D


Season 13 - Division 5E


Season 13 - Division 5F


Season 13 - Division 5G


Season 13 - Division 5H


Season 13 - Division 5I


Season 13 - Division 5J

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