Another great week for REBBL Elo! This time, surpassing two thirds of the winners picked correctly at the time of writing. That's better than expected for the time being and makes me wonder if its due to the season getting more predictable as teams face the same opponents (although I won't be able to check that until I make it easier to query the data, but still something to keep in mind when checking results until the end of the season).

REBBL Elo's current record for the week is 48-21-22 (53% overall and 69% when excluding draws), making it possibly the best so far. And that's even with Moralazar's Grumblegrok Gorgers trying to break the system by getting a huge upset, with 18% expected result.

Here are the systems predictions for your next Blood Bowl week:

REL - Division 1

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Greenskin BrawlersOrc145791-49-83 vs DarkElf70.50%
The Bad AppIesDarkElf119283-49-91 vs Orc29.50%
Conspiration EntropiqueChaos142848-35-65 vs Nurgle40.83%
The Rowdy REBBL RousersNurgle154165-35-48 vs Chaos59.17%
cheesetactics mk.IIOrc137746-20-34 vs Dwarf55.32%
RAGE DORFDwarf131234-20-46 vs Orc44.68%
Not An Anime Sports Team HighElf144144-16-31 vs WoodElf43.62%
Arkangell's WillWoodElf151931-16-44 vs HighElf56.38%
Thick Rich and CreamyNecromantic133152-17-52 vs Necromantic31.17%
Scooby and the GangNecromantic157252-17-52 vs Necromantic68.83%
Fogmire FenbeastsLizardman123464-25-51 vs Nurgle36.32%
Gotta Catch Em AIlNurgle140551-25-64 vs Lizardman63.68%
Fear_And_BloatingNurgle157551-25-64 vs Lizardman65.91%
Charlestown ChiefsLizardman137564-25-51 vs Nurgle34.09%


REL - Division 2A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Horn Stars MMXVIIIChaos115838-20-20 vs Bretonnia34.23%
Battle BrothersBretonnia135620-20-38 vs Chaos65.77%
The Greenie WeeniesOrc116134-34-49 vs ChaosDwarf39.60%
The Contract KillersChaosDwarf129049-34-34 vs Orc60.40%
Lackland Long TonguesLizardman132761-43-68 vs Skaven67.27%
REBBL CHEESE THIEVESSkaven110868-43-61 vs Lizardman32.73%
Arequipa Nurglerers ReBBLNurgle136747-24-39 vs HighElf42.27%
Felwithe's Koada'DalHighElf146239-24-47 vs Nurgle57.73%
Abysmal CuspNurgle121439-20-39 vs Nurgle30.92%
Grungy DessertsNurgle145939-20-39 vs Nurgle69.08%
Welcome to the Dark SideDarkElf135421-15-14 vs Vampire70.27%
BioWare for LifeVampire109314-15-21 vs DarkElf29.73%
The Forsaken AwokenNecromantic135246-32-52 vs ChaosDwarf75.11%
REBBL Rage QuitChaosDwarf101652-32-46 vs Necromantic24.89%


REL - Division 2B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
One CheeseSkaven133211-9-13 vs Vampire65.13%
Gourmet GovernorsVampire114313-9-11 vs Skaven34.87%
StumpforceDwarf109223-34-32 vs Nurgle36.38%
Blighty MoesNurgle126232-34-23 vs Dwarf63.62%
We Chillin'DarkElf137935-50-54 vs ChaosDwarf56.89%
Boss Hawg OutlawsChaosDwarf129554-50-35 vs DarkElf43.11%
The Grody GreensNurgle138576-39-54 vs DarkElf70.83%
Romenyan RebelsDarkElf111554-39-76 vs Nurgle29.17%
Yhetee to ConquerNorse132525-16-45 vs DarkElf51.52%
Murdery Space Elf TroupeDarkElf130745-16-25 vs Norse48.48%
Ace Trucking Co.ChaosDwarf124724-14-20 vs Khemri48.60%
Bring Out yer UndeadKhemri126420-14-24 vs ChaosDwarf51.40%
Ars GoatiaChaos140352-26-32 vs Human68.99%
Bogue BombersHuman116032-26-52 vs Chaos31.01%


REL - Division 3A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Brick and MortaryOrc117941-24-41 vs Human52.79%
My Dixie WreckedHuman114541-24-41 vs Orc47.21%
Oath BlowNorse87650-23-35 vs Chaos42.09%
Revenge of the RefereesChaos97335-23-50 vs Norse57.91%
Lords of DecaySkaven105757-28-51 vs Nurgle44.15%
Ye Olde GuardNurgle112951-28-57 vs Skaven55.85%
Foul TargetsWoodElf127324-4-19 vs Bretonnia72.58%
Channel 8 News TeamBretonnia97719-4-24 vs WoodElf27.42%
Scurry SqwaudSkaven103259-25-39 vs HighElf44.51%
The Eldar StatesmenHighElf109939-25-59 vs Skaven55.49%
Dead Wrestler's SocietyLizardman106048-30-49 vs ChaosDwarf32.41%
The Commodious ThunderChaosDwarf128449-30-48 vs Lizardman67.59%


REL - Division 3B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Commanders in GriefOrc102559-38-78 vs Lizardman32.63%
Secret Lizard OverlordsssLizardman124578-38-59 vs Orc67.37%
Paranoid PuppiesNecromantic110336-21-23 vs Undead52.01%
White Walkers of RebbLUndead107823-21-36 vs Necromantic47.99%
Mighty ThrustNurgle120865-35-48 vs Chaos52.53%
Donkeys & ElephantsChaos117748-35-65 vs Nurgle47.47%
Delicious elvesWoodElf110837-16-36 vs ChaosDwarf58.11%
Tarot AllianceChaosDwarf100836-16-37 vs WoodElf41.89%
Ford NationOrc123816-18-19 vs Khemri40.34%
Teched For BattleKhemri135719-18-16 vs Orc59.66%
All the Stars of ChaosChaos129827-11-21 vs Underworld79.82%
2nd Tuffest n the InfantsUnderworld88021-11-27 vs Chaos20.18%


REL - Division 3C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The Thunderous PuffinsHighElf11298-4-11 vs Vampire61.40%
Castlevania CreepsVampire98811-4-8 vs HighElf38.60%
SkurgleNurgle116832-34-23 vs Dwarf64.06%
Cogs of War IVDwarf99223-34-32 vs Nurgle35.94%
Wrath Of NuffleChaos120287-47-71 vs Orc56.46%
Da Secret of My SuccessOrc112371-47-87 vs Chaos43.54%
Thus with a kiss I dieWoodElf127637-16-36 vs ChaosDwarf51.45%
Doom AnvilsChaosDwarf125936-16-37 vs WoodElf48.55%
Meaniest Greeniest BoizOrc108210-5-4 vs Halfling71.19%
Flinging FunHalfling8074-5-10 vs Orc28.81%
Bullcanoe!ChaosDwarf126554-23-40 vs Skaven43.69%
Rat Shenanigans (REL)Skaven134240-23-54 vs ChaosDwarf56.31%


REL - Division 4A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The criminally insaneChaos109760-40-78 vs Necromantic63.42%
Crypt Lords 2 BoogalooNecromantic93078-40-60 vs Chaos36.58%
Kicker of ElvesDarkElf75983-49-91 vs Orc19.71%
Pepper SnakesOrc118691-49-83 vs DarkElf80.29%
Pox InvictusNurgle131865-35-48 vs Chaos56.52%
Cliché-osChaos123848-35-65 vs Nurgle43.48%
Thorim's CompanyDwarf86551-24-36 vs Skaven68.72%
CheesewheelsSkaven62636-24-51 vs Dwarf31.28%
Lizards of the CaribbeanLizardman99956-32-73 vs Necromantic50.99%
Dead Man's HandNecromantic98773-32-56 vs Lizardman49.01%
The Scott's Tots Episode Human101022-11-19 vs Bretonnia59.18%
PrettyPinkPwniesBretonnia89719-11-22 vs Human40.82%
Tegridy FarmersHighElf104214-6-15 vs Khemri57.92%
Toucan Play At ThatKhemri94515-6-14 vs HighElf42.08%


REL - Division 4B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Primal Concrete SledgeChaos109681-46-81 vs DarkElf60.65%
The Darkness RisesDarkElf96481-46-81 vs Chaos39.35%
Valparaiso BullsChaosDwarf110222-13-26 vs Norse65.95%
The Bifrost GuardiansNorse90126-13-22 vs ChaosDwarf34.05%
Top Tent CircusKislev103918-9-11 vs DarkElf56.26%
Nightmare on Elf StreetDarkElf96211-9-18 vs Kislev43.74%
Leapin' Lizards!!Skaven87432-20-24 vs Undead58.99%
Chaos for Chaos SakeUndead76424-20-32 vs Skaven41.01%
Danny's DevitosGoblin6364-4-11 vs Nurgle37.83%
The Fashion PoliceNurgle78711-4-4 vs Goblin62.17%
Boogie MinersUnderworld71123-13-40 vs Necromantic19.60%
Talk Show TerrorNecromantic114040-13-23 vs Underworld80.40%
Ratt UtdSkaven105070-30-69 vs Chaos39.54%
The Horn of Gor'thancChaos117969-30-70 vs Skaven60.46%


REL - Division 4C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Comic Book HeroesChaos85248-35-65 vs Nurgle53.41%
The Rotting Cum BoysNurgle81065-35-48 vs Chaos46.59%
[colour='ff000000']DELVESDarkElf117543-28-51 vs HighElf72.83%
Phantom Thieves of HeartsHighElf87551-28-43 vs DarkElf27.17%
Thousand Island StareChaosDwarf104914-10-11 vs ProElf44.63%
Bowie Would Be Ag 4ProElf111511-10-14 vs ChaosDwarf55.37%
Warp,Stone & Rock 'n RollUnderworld10499-4-14 vs Undead42.47%
Dead and Scoring itUndead114114-4-9 vs Underworld57.53%
Grr PatrolNecromantic97762-45-59 vs Orc44.52%
Orcs with ForcsOrc104459-45-62 vs Necromantic55.48%
S-I-TKislev10998-5-9 vs Norse52.99%
Nudey DudesNorse10639-5-8 vs Kislev47.01%
I fail dodges RBBLDarkElf83569-37-66 vs Lizardman40.87%
Blutverein SilurienLizardman94866-37-69 vs DarkElf59.13%


REL - Division 4D

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Cross of the EmpireProElf72412-10-34 vs Skaven22.84%
goblins.decSkaven109434-10-12 vs ProElf77.16%
Goatwork OrangeChaos112160-40-78 vs Necromantic56.56%
Arf Arf I'm An ElfNecromantic104178-40-60 vs Chaos43.44%
Stirland HornetsProElf110318-12-23 vs Orc57.40%
MEAN GREEN & THICCC Orc101223-12-18 vs ProElf42.60%
Tainted BrewersChaosDwarf104137-22-29 vs HighElf67.52%
Peak ElfitudeHighElf81829-22-37 vs ChaosDwarf32.48%
All Bark, No BiteWoodElf109221-4-21 vs WoodElf53.74%
Silkwood Sidhe SlickersWoodElf104621-4-21 vs WoodElf46.26%
FlyboysHuman106328-21-43 vs Skaven54.44%
The Rat's of NIMHSkaven100943-21-28 vs Human45.56%
Hela's KitchenNorse10436-6-15 vs Khemri69.50%
The Skaven-Rat RodentsKhemri79215-6-6 vs Norse30.50%


REL - Division 4E

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Serpent KnightsBretonnia89720-20-38 vs Chaos44.84%
Gladiators of BatiatusChaos96038-20-20 vs Bretonnia55.16%
The Boney BoisKhemri109415-6-14 vs HighElf40.83%
Average Joe's GymHighElf120714-6-15 vs Khemri59.17%
[colour='ff004731']ScornNecromantic107447-22-49 vs WoodElf61.67%
Wood UnitedWoodElf92949-22-47 vs Necromantic38.33%
Fragile and LimpDarkElf120573-32-72 vs Skaven78.71%
Another Bloody BellSkaven80872-32-73 vs DarkElf21.29%
Self-Hating DwarvesDwarf108312-2-3 vs Ogre71.82%
Grumblegrok Gorgers Ogre7993-2-12 vs Dwarf28.18%


REL - Division 4F

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Stinger SecurityDarkElf98381-46-81 vs Chaos55.73%
The GOATS of All TimeChaos91381-46-81 vs DarkElf44.27%
REL Pickles: Flash PointHuman107032-26-52 vs Chaos91.00%
MysteryScienceGoats3kChaos36752-26-32 vs Human9.00%
Skinned DeepNorse86623-18-48 vs Lizardman32.77%
Snake KittiesLizardman108548-18-23 vs Norse67.23%
Beer Brawl Club REBBLDwarf77827-27-46 vs Necromantic19.32%
CRBoyz Nashville NastyNecromantic121246-27-27 vs Dwarf80.68%
Altdorf AlcoholicsSkaven94432-20-24 vs Undead71.98%
Dungeon of DoomUndead65724-20-32 vs Skaven28.02%


REL - Division 5A

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Hot Sandwich ActionOrc93559-45-62 vs Necromantic34.37%
Rebbl's FrightestNecromantic113162-45-59 vs Orc65.63%
Mad Lads of Unusual SizeOgre9273-3-19 vs Chaos68.53%
Norsca-MaraudersChaos69019-3-3 vs Ogre31.47%
Uniquely DangerousSkaven106368-43-61 vs Lizardman50.03%
Cretaceous KitchenLizardman106261-43-68 vs Skaven49.97%
Advanced Dunces & DragonsWoodElf90326-24-26 vs Dwarf43.71%
Mount Gunbad IrondrakesDwarf98026-24-26 vs WoodElf56.29%
Marvelous CreaturesDarkElf89745-16-25 vs Norse35.44%
Bifrost BayNorse107925-16-45 vs DarkElf64.56%
Legends of the AfterlifeNecromantic97240-13-23 vs Underworld38.96%
Skitter & FriendsUnderworld110823-13-40 vs Necromantic61.04%
Bones Under WrapsKhemri109215-6-6 vs Norse49.62%
Let Me Be BriefNorse10966-6-15 vs Khemri50.38%


REL - Division 5B

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
The Gang Loses Blood BowlDarkElf86943-28-51 vs HighElf28.67%
Here We FallHighElf114651-28-43 vs DarkElf71.33%
Brisbane Bandits Orc93334-34-49 vs ChaosDwarf29.56%
Just the Worst....ChaosDwarf119749-34-34 vs Orc70.44%
Extreme Leaping FrenzyProElf10405-7-8 vs Norse43.45%
Beard to DeathNorse11208-7-5 vs ProElf56.55%
The Unoriginal GuysWoodElf96942-19-42 vs Skaven47.91%
Anagram CatastropheSkaven99542-19-42 vs WoodElf52.09%


REL - Division 5C

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
[REL] Craft Beer HipstersDwarf109254-22-51 vs Lizardman69.73%
Mass Extinction EventLizardman83951-22-54 vs Dwarf30.27%
Broken Bone BattalionProElf11148-10-30 vs Lizardman43.74%
Large Scale RiotLizardman119130-10-8 vs ProElf56.26%
Redwall BloodcatsDarkElf84412-3-4 vs Halfling57.49%
NeopolitansHalfling7524-3-12 vs DarkElf42.51%
Themiscyra BB ClubAmazon110110-2-8 vs WoodElf53.99%
Elves on your shelvesWoodElf10528-2-10 vs Amazon46.01%
Silver Sun SaurusLizardman108064-25-51 vs Nurgle57.47%
From BeyondNurgle98851-25-64 vs Lizardman42.53%
2-4-5 TrioxinUndead105722-9-21 vs ChaosDwarf52.41%
MLD: Chaos is MagicChaosDwarf102821-9-22 vs Undead47.59%


REL - Division 5D

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
[colour=#0000ff]NFL EgyptKhemri103322-12-21 vs Lizardman64.16%
Lustrian SlayersLizardman85621-12-22 vs Khemri35.84%
Furry Footed FreaksHalfling9911-1-4 vs Underworld65.02%
Becky and the JerksUnderworld8024-1-1 vs Halfling34.98%
We're Slaying 'EmNecromantic96347-22-49 vs WoodElf35.16%
Nuffle DisciplesWoodElf114949-22-47 vs Necromantic64.84%
Rel hushlut muraudersChaosDwarf114349-34-34 vs Orc57.52%
Da Brute SkwaddOrc105134-34-49 vs ChaosDwarf42.48%
The Mighty Blow JaysChaos116548-35-65 vs Nurgle74.01%
Joy BoysNurgle84765-35-48 vs Chaos25.99%


REL - Division 5E

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Barbecue's Pit CrewChaosDwarf105343-39-57 vs Nurgle64.16%
A Pox Upon YouNurgle87657-39-43 vs ChaosDwarf35.84%
Da Primal ScreemsOrc80014-3-4 vs Goblin39.87%
Bubba Sawyer and FriendsGoblin9254-3-14 vs Orc60.13%
Wissenland Wight KnightsUndead111532-8-21 vs Human44.31%
The West Coast SaintsHuman118521-8-32 vs Undead55.69%
DorfencrushDwarf102054-16-34 vs DarkElf61.21%
Khaine's KhrushersDarkElf88134-16-54 vs Dwarf38.79%
Rectal OpenersSkaven94070-30-69 vs Chaos29.99%
The Farm Animals Mark IIChaos119869-30-70 vs Skaven70.01%
Hob-NobsOrc103171-34-76 vs Skaven38.01%
Dreams of Golden StreamsSkaven118076-34-71 vs Orc61.99%
Cold-Blooded Thrillers Lizardman94835-11-11 vs Underworld57.99%
Laboratory EscapeesUnderworld85011-11-35 vs Lizardman42.01%


REL - Division 5F

NameRaceElo RatingRace Matchup (REL and GMAN history)Expected Result
Horrible Ms. StakesVampire106615-8-16 vs Orc68.19%
Duh BoyzOrc83416-8-15 vs Vampire31.81%
:BOLD::REBBL: SuperheroesHuman101228-21-43 vs Skaven55.63%
Reb Brown RatzSkaven94443-21-28 vs Human44.37%
The Wizard-menLizardman94161-43-68 vs Skaven31.98%
Balloonicorn CavalrySkaven117168-43-61 vs Lizardman68.02%
SpookyBoosAmazon97521-10-10 vs Lizardman58.27%
The Big ZuccsLizardman87310-10-21 vs Amazon41.73%
Muscular HumanistsHuman8365-4-10 vs Kislev35.41%
Frog-Legged FreelancersKislev101910-4-5 vs Human64.59%
The Rat BastahdsSkaven124433-24-31 vs Bretonnia74.14%
Eradicators!!!Bretonnia92431-24-33 vs Skaven25.86%
The Civilization SeekersProElf123412-10-34 vs Skaven73.26%
Radioactive FrogsSkaven92834-10-12 vs ProElf26.74%

- C_Arnoud

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