What happens with the divisions affected by The Split?

I actually could have brought the tier 5 (REL 2 and GMAN 2) divisions into the system, but happens that these divisions just changed for this week. So I've decided to wait and see on regards to how these divisions will be organized on rebbl.net before doing anything (I could end up making code to treat such divisions and then discover they'll be organized differently next season).

To reiterate the point made last week, one of the main priorities is including every division in REBBL but it just wasn't possible this time.

What's new?

- A script to save predictions and another one to compare them to actual results allowing me to post the prediction results tonight.

- Game results from past seasons for all divisions which were played on the Swiss format and those named 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4. Teams involved in such divisions or that faced them since might see slightly unexpected rating changes because games were added to the past.

- Race id to string translation for the prediction posts.

Week 7 Results:

LeagueGamesGames PlayedCorrect PicksDrawsOverallExcluding Draws

As you can see, the terrible result in REL and the below average result on GMAN brought the overall result to at least 5% less than results we were used to seeing last season.

I will not, however, make changes to the parameters or the algorithm for now as I usually don't want to judge based on a single week (be it a good or bad result).

I don't have updated data on the historic prediction success rate at the moment, but will get them as soon as I find time to check if prediction quality is down or if this results is just a hiccup. Another thing to note is that any case where a team was subbed in or out by an admin team might negatively affect these prediction results (I didn't have time to properly filter out these cases on the new script).

See you all next week!

- C_Arnoud

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