Rebbl Immortal League team preview

The word Immortal is something that is not normally associated with Blood Bowl. In fact, most would say the term has no business being involved with blood bowl at all. Intrepid coaches go into every match with the understanding that they may lose their most valuable player to a rock, an angry wolf, getting stepped on or some oversized piece of fungus jumping on them. These, and innumerable other potential ways to die has made immortality a foreign concept for the average Blood Bowl coach.

However, with the upcoming Rebbl Immortal league, things are about to change. The hallowed halls of Rebbl’s past collide with the teams of the now. Come watch as legendary players, iconic teams and inspired coaches return to their former glory and duke it out of the ultimate prize. This competition promises amazing acts of agility, malicious murderous marvels, daring displays of defence, outrageous offensive operations and more stat ups then Brock Lesnar on steroids. With an average tv of around 2110, these teams truly are the elite of Rebbl.

But who are these teams, who are the coaches? These important questions need answering. With 14 coaches signed up and 11 different races, every round promises a unique matchup to look forward to. So that is enough waffling from me, time to introduce the teams.


XS/ Warc Machine Prime

As a member of the Big O, kicking off with anything other than an Orc would have felt wrong. With that said, first up is XS with his team Warc Machine Prime. XS is one of a few coaches who has chosen to use his a more upgraded version of his current team ‘Warc Machine III’. Despite initially being the awkward third wheel of Big O’s div 1 Orc alliance, XS has managed to whip the team into serious competitive form, narrowly missing playoffs this season. With the return of Prime; a Black Orc who XS might not have strictly platonic relations with and a solid looking blitzer core, his team is looking primed for an impressive season. A known advocate for Orc rights and complaining about not having natural agility access, will Warc Machine Prime stand up to the challenge?


The team looks to capitalise on the already existing strengths of Orcs. Universal av9, lots of guard and high base strength will allow XS to bully other weaker teams. Two +ma blitzer’s also makes this team much faster than you average Orc roster and should prove to be invaluable against the more mobile teams. Finally, XS is a rare Orc coach that doesn’t like taking Piling On, while this may limit his removal potential, it does keep his team more mobile and less vulnerable to fouls.


Despite the added mobility, this team will still struggle to keep up with all the faster teams in the tournament. Skaven, Lizardman, and all manner of elves will be hard to locked down, especially with a lack of diving tackle. There is also an abundance of claw, which should serve to reduce the effectiveness of the normally stout orc armour.

Standout Players:

Prime: The heart and soul of the team. The strength 5 Black Orc looks to lead the charge in bullying other teams. Should take a lot of pressure of the troll as well.

“Bulldozer” Sean: With extra movement, Juggernaut and Frenzy, this piece threatens to surf anything that goes near the sideline.

“Leftie” Leroy III: It wouldn’t be an Orc team without a strength 4 Ball carrier. The addition of sure hands should help preserve rerolls and protect it from the many strip ball adversaries.


Bargain Boozers: Infinite/ Harringzord

Next up, possibly the only Dwarf team that can be described as beloved. The Bargain Boozers have received a new lease on life and the Discount Armour Emporium is offering better deals than ever. Harringzord’s entrepreneurial Dwarves got their start back in season 3 and survived until season 6. During that time, the team achieved cult status for the sacrificial playstyle, their vaunted passing abilities and there somewhat dodgy armour. Now back at full strength, and with possibly better armour, the Bargain Boozer’s saga looks to add another chapter to its storied history. Never one to be discouraged by an opportunity, Terry Tennent looks to add to the legend, potentially get his business turned around; and maybe get some surgery for his knees.


The Bargain Boozers, like any self-respecting dwarf team, has enough guard and tackle to make any team sweat. Through high armour and guard, the boozers well be a tough nut to crack on the offense and an immovable brick on the defence. The team also boast two of the most agile dwarfs ever seen, allowing the dwarves more flexible options for offensive drives.


For a team known for its bad armour, the depth on this team is a potential issue. With all the crazy murder pieces running around, the Bargain Boozer’s Emporium might struggle to field players in heavy bash matchups. In addition to the smaller numbers, the Deathroller can only be on the field for one drive, meaning it may have limited effectiveness if it is forced onto the field early.

Standout Players:

Terry Tennent: The captain and mogul of the Bargain Boozers: Infinite, looks to lead the way with savvy business practices and somewhat shady tactics. Truly a dwarf not afraid to get his hands dirty.

Fursty Ferret: Quite possibly an elf in disguise, Fursty Ferret opens up all new options for the dwarves. Whether for opening up the passing play, retrieving the ball from multiple tackle zones or delivering the long bomb, this Dwarf can do it all.

Ramsbottom Eisbeer: A Deathroller is nothing to sneeze at. With insane strength and Juggernaut, the Deathroller can puncture holes in normally impenetrable defensive lines.


Perpetual Pastry Pests/ Luminous

With all these “legendary” teams joining the Immortal League, it is nice to actually have a team that has won something. Luminous’s Pasty Pests won the Superbowl back in Season 5, being the only team that has signed up that can claim that honour. One of the original Rebbl teams, getting its start in season 1, the Skaven team has been a mainstay of the top rel division, until finally throwing in the towel at the end of season 9. Due to the abundance of strong players that have graced this team over many seasons, some of the fan favourites; most notably Navolean, have not made the roster. With all these weapons at the Pasty Pests disposal, they might just be the favourite to win the whole competition.


This team has pretty much every tool a Skaven could want. The suite of Gutter Runners from this team offers flexibility, presenting strong ball carriers, one turn scoring potential and ball sacking ability. With all of them having ag5 or two heads, these Gutter Runners can go wherever they please. The two StormVermin represents removal threat and pitch control that are all too often crucial for successful Skaven play. Some effective line rats with guard, kick and dirty player helps to compliment the star players on this team.


This team struggles with the normal Skaven weakness of low armour. If they suffer a lot of removals on line rats early, protecting all the valuable pieces may prove difficult. This team also has the highest TV value on in the immortal league, so it could be giving up a large number of inducements to some of the trimmer teams.

Standout Players:

Vicious Nilla: Pretty much the ideal StormVermin, this player is designed to murder anything that moves and even up the inevitable injuries suffered by the line rats.

Butter Pikan: Having a natural one turner always makes Skaven more dangerous and allows them to score at will. When that piece is ag5, stopping the one turn becomes nearly impossible.

Choco Chipmunk: Having a strength 3 ball carrier with sure hands allows the Skaven to slow down the drive if they don’t want to one turn. It will also prevent strip ball players from sacking the ball and save rerolls on for eventual 1s on pickups.


Eternally Farm Animals/ Chabxxu

It felt inevitable that we would see some form of Chaos making the trek to the Immortal league. Not discouraged by the resurrection tournament rules and with countless juicy targets to punch, Chabxxu’s Eternally Farm Animals have answered the call. The Farm Animals debuted in season 7, and retired at the end of season 9, making them one of the newer teams to sign up for the immortal league. Along the way, the Farm Animals managed to snag two playoff appearances, and their star player “The Rabbit 2”, managed to set a record for most casualties inflicted in a season by a single player. With the field ploughed, the cows milked and the sheep sheared, this Chaos team threatens to do major damage.


Despite boasting an impressive ability to remove pieces from the field, this team hasn’t gone too crazy on the kill skills. Prioritizing guard over mb and claw, the team looks to leverage the removals it gets and shut down options for opposing teams. With that said, the team still excels at removing players from the pitch, and will try to get a numbers advantage. Finally, the team is one the cheaper rosters at 2010, making it unlikely to suffer from the inducement game.


With only two tackle, the team might struggle to find traction against the teams that have high numbers of blodge. Lacking any real tools to lock the ag coaches down, he is going to have to rely on removals to dictate the matchups against elves, skaven and even lizards. It is also unfortunate that he lacks a dirty player, the fouling game is a great answer to punish people who pile on or hide on the ground. He is still able to foul, but it will be much weaker without the dirty player as a dedicated fouling piece.

Standout players:

The Rabbit 2: The star killer of the team and holder of an impressive record. Known for removing players from the field at an absurd rate. If the Rabbit 2 performs like he did last season, only the Holy Hand Grenade will be able to stop him.

The Dog: With sure hands, blodge, two heads and extra arms, this ball carrier is about as reliable as it can get for chaos. A consistent and safe ball carrier, a necessary part on any successful roster.

The Bull: With blodge, guard and stand firm, the Bull is the premier support player for this team. His ability to stay standing anywhere he is put will allowing the entire team function more efficiently.


Immortal Handsome Jacks/ SFGSam

Next up is a team boasting probably the most popular player in the history of Rebbl, it’s the Immortal Handsome Jacks coached by SFGSam. One of the older rosters in the competition, the Jacks got their start in season two and lasted till season 6. During that time, they were led by Huge Jackedman, truly a Rebbl legend and the greatest ogre of all time. Even in death, Huge still graces the Rebbl, with regular Superstar shootout appearances and having his own tournament. But much in the way the Sun blinds you when you stare at it, Huge Jackedman’s brilliance blinds us to other impressive team members. Offering an adaptable playstyle human teams are so often praised for and a pension for bold plays, the Immortal Handsome Jacks will be tough competition.


The Jacks boast an incredibly flexible and robust Human team, capable of adapting its playstyle depending on the opponent. Jack of Hearts and Catapult Jack allow the team to play the passing game, while Jacked Nicholson, Nuttin’ Bat Jack II and Huge Jackedman allow for a more bash orientated approach. The Jacks also have managed to stay cheap, a measly 2000 tv compared to some of the other rosters. A wizard and some bribes could potentially swing a tough matchup.


The Humans, as always find themselves in an awkward spot. Not being the best at bash and lacking the agility to out-manoeuvre opponents easily, the lack of high stats on the humans could come to haunt them. Against an opponent who bases with high strength and guard, the humans could struggle to control the pitch. The Jacks have also decided to only bring 2 rerolls. While this keeps the team cheap, it also makes them a lot less reliable if they burn through them quickly.

Standout Players:

Huge Jackedman: Captain, hero and spirit of the team. Looks to lead the way with removals, pitch control and the occasional touchdown. It Huge can pull off stunts like this, there is not stopping this team.

Jack E. Chan: Mobile guard and +str lets this piece acts as a ball threat, support in bash wars and act as a sweeper. The +ma also opens up the one turn potential, allowing this team to more effectively compete if the games devolve into shootouts.

Jacked Nicholson: A long time survivor of the Jack teams, this piece has survived through thick and thin. With mb, tackle +ag and strip ball, Jacked Nicholson can break your nose and steal the ball at the same time.


Dead Hobart Honeybadgers/ munkeychunks

Stumbling up to the competition and tripping over the registration desk, it’s Munkeychunks and his Dead Hobart Honeybadgers. Getting his start in season 5, Munkeychunks is bringing an upgraded version of his current team that currently graces div 2 of the Big O. Normally the teams we go over are renowned for their touchdown ability, removal rate or some other type of success. The Honeybadgers are the exception to the rule, being more famous for their ability to roll snakes at an abnormally high rate. This team lives in fear of the 1/36 more than Indiana Jones in a snake farm. When the team is not tripping on its own feet, the Honeybadgers excel at the passing and running game in a way only High Elves can. When this team performs, scoring becomes a formality as other teams becomes awed with their skills. Other times, the team does its best impersonation of a car crash and beats itself. Either way, this team bring enormous entertainment to every game it plays and is always has a chance to win.


High elves are often touted as a team with plenty of high tv potential. That sentiment is definitely reflected with the Honeybadgers, whose players offer many different ways to attack the game. The most immediate threat is the natural one turner, with the addition one juggernaut, allows the Honeybadgers to always have a scoring threat. In combination with the elite passing plays available to the elves, they can put the ball where they want, when they want. Finally, the Honeybadgers have 3 mb pieces, an unusually high number, that should help to get numbers advantages of lower armour teams.


While the team has 3 mb to punch anything that moves, the lack of guard on this team will make it hard to get easy hits. This team will excel on offence, but it will have a hard time defending either the quick scoring teams, or the more grindy bash approach.  While the ag5 strip ball leaper is a great piece, if the opponent has sure hands on the ball carrier, the Badger might find themselves with not many options outside of screens.

Standout Players:

Alaẅe Undoos: A natural one turner with juggernaut to make clearing the way that much easier. Any time the Honeybadgers need a score, Undoos is the elf for the job.

Rinthellion Crommin: About as good as it gets for High Elf Throwers, Rinthellion has a cannon of an arm, with the precision of a sniper rifle. Look to him to get the ball where it needs to go.

Veryathion Gwavathar: The enforcer of the Honeybadgers, offering some much-needed muscle to go with the finesse. Will look to gain or even up the numbers game when the punches start flying.


Howl At The Moon Again/ RumbleBee

A collective groan was heard from across the Rebbl world when the next team signed up. Being host to two of the best werewolves around, it is Howl at the Moon Again, coach by RumbleBee. A staple of the Rel top divisions for 4 seasons, the team hits its peak with a season 7 playoff run. Now, after losing many valuable players and a disappointing final showing, the necromantic team finally decided to hang up the towel at the end of season 8. The retirement did not last long. With a new sense of vigour and the promise of immortality, Howl at the Moon Again is ready for a comeback tour. Bolstered by the return of Rebbl Legend Rod Longstaff, this necro team is ready to rip faces of and get pinged in every discord message.


A noticeable advantage of this roster is how cost effective they are. Sitting at 1970 tv, the second lowest in the competition, Rumblebee’s team will rarely never have to worry about giving up inducements and can often benefit from receiving them. This low tv, has not prevented them from an effective as well. The two werewolves will look to get the removal train going, threaten surfs and carry the ball safely. The solid core of Flesh Golems and Wights with guard and stand firm add much needed strength to the roster. The fouling game is also wide open for this team, a 14-man roster and nearly always being able to induce a bribe.


The team is nearly all in on the werewolves, they are required to perform in order for this team to do well. If the werewolves get removed early or are unable to find the removals, Howl at the Moon could be in for a long game.

Standout players:

Rod Longstaff: Pretty much the perfect werewolf killer, this legend has precision skills perfectly optimised to remove players and stay mobile. Will probably need to carry the team on his back.

Luke Thighwalker: A +str sure hands werewolves lets the necromantic team have a reliable ball carrier that is safe from strip ball threats and act as a surfing threat on the defensive drive.

Lance Thruster: Acting as a more mobile flesh golem, this wight will be crucial for winning any bash heavy matchups by getting blocks for the werewolves and preventing easy hits on valuable pieces.


 Tadpoles in the Big City2/ One30

Any roster of Rebbl’s most iconic team would have felt incomplete without the Lizardmen representative. The first race to ever win the Superbowl, the team has always proved to be a competitive pick, even with the advent of chorfs, necro and nurgle. To continue on the lizard legacy, we have Tadpoles in the Big City2 coached by One30. Getting its start as a last-minute replacement in season 5, the Tadpole would go on to serve 4 seasons in to Rel divisions. Managing to last until season 8, the Tadpoles would finally retire after encountering some very angry wolves. The team proudly owns the only legend saurus in Rebbl, the venerable Joe Dirt, who achieved the honour in his last Rebbl season. With a fondness of their magic dome, a stacked roster across nearly every position and a win at all cost mentality, these crafty reptilians are looking to make an impact.


You can normally tell how good a Lizardmen team is based on their Saurus core. The Tadpoles certainly deliver in that department, with one of the best looking Saurus groups around. With plenty of guard, tackle, mb and stand firm, the Tadpoles are able to present a formidable front line of strength and armour. To compliment the strong saurus core is one of the best looking Kroxigors ever to grace the pitch. With block, pro, guard and grab, this is about as reliable as a big guy can get.


Like all Lizardmen, they suffer from having to rely on skinks. These fragile ball carriers while necessary, are also incredibly vulnerable. While the Tadpoles have some of the better skinks around they still present an exploitable weakness in the roster. The lack of sure hands is going to make offensive drives difficult. Not only does it help conserve rerolls, but there are many strip ball leap threats that specialise in taking the ball off the Tadpoles. Outside of one turn attempts or sitting far in the backfield, there is little this roster can do to stop a determined ball sacker.

Standout Players:

Joe Dirt: The main punching machine for the Lizardmen and one of the few pomb Saurus out there, Joe dirt looks to brink his legendary expertise and get the Lizardmen a much-needed numbers advantage.

Mikey’s Replacement: As a +ma Skink with blodge and sprint, this is the go-to ball carrier for the Lizardmen. With a bit of help, Mikey will be able to reliably score one turn touchdowns.

Kirby: Any good Lizardman roster needs a Kroxigor and Kirby might just be the best. Offering reliability and a bulky front wall, if Kirby plays nice, the team will be tough to beat.


[RIBBL] Maximum Ogrekill/ randomaxomus

Often stunties get overlooked in Blood bowl, there low armour, lack of useful skills and tendency to die often means most serious coaches won’t pick them up. However, occasional stunties step up and give us some truly memorable moments. Looking to capture that stunty spirit, randomaxomus has brought [RIBBL] Maximum Ogrekill to the Immortal league. Being founded in season 7 and retiring in season 8, these Ogres are relatively fresh faced compared to some of the more veteran teams. Don’t be deceived, these Ogres pack a punch and will bring a truly unique approach to every match. Will the stunty dream soar into immortality, or will they crash and burn?


This is one of the best developed Ogre teams around, able to overcome the normal stunty deficiencies with block on 4 out 6 of the Ogres. This, coupled with the 4 rerolls adds some much-needed reliability to the Ogre’s roster. The team also benefits most from the resurrection tournament rules, not having to replace hoards of Gnoblars after every match. Speaking of Gnoblars, the 7 complimentary Gonblar will serve as ammo, one turning threats and potential lockdown with the diving tackle spam.


I was temped to just write Ogres as the weakness and nothing else, but I think that would do injustice for those coaches stressing about the matchup. Ogres obviously suffer from all their good players having bonehead. A 1/6 every time they take an action with their best players can truly be crippling, especially since it removes tackle zones. While these Ogres don’t have loner, the bonehead rolls can often ruin Ogre turns. Finally, the Gnoblars are the most fragile piece in all of Blood Bowl. Anything stronger than a soft breeze threaten to break their legs and render them unable to play. Expect many matches with nothing but Ogres left on the field.

Standout Players:

Get Ogre Here: With pomb, block and break tackle, no piece is safe from this belly flopping menace. Expect this Ogre to be the primary blitzer for most of the season.

Ogre My Dead Body: Normally when an Ogre gets a double, you expect block. Not this Ogre. Instead this player embraces the surfing game with juggernaut, break tackle and frenzy. Truly no sideline is safe with this Ogre on patrol.

Gnoblarney Stone: Being Ag4, if the Ogres ever need to do a one turn touchdown, look for the Gnoblar to step up to the mantle. Gnoblarney Stone looks to fly across the blood bowl pitch with the speed and grace to rival any elf.


"The" Cash Crew Part Deux/ J.J. Cash

Up next, this team proves that buying players can be just as effective as developing them, its J.J Cash and “The” Cash Crew Part Deux. Getting their start in season 6, the team would last two seasons in Gman before bowing out in season 8. Known for famously spending 500k in one off season to acquire skilled players, the Cash Crew have a reputation for big spending. While some coaches may disagree with the methods, it has produced results, leading the team to a playoff run on the back of these skilled players. But the Immortal league is no regular division, so it remains to be seen if the Cash Crew’s antics work in the Immortal league, or will the cavalier spending policy drive them to default.


The team can do it all, once again demonstrating the sheer flexibility of the Human teams. The bash, dash and control playstyles are all available for this Cash Crew depending on the matchup. Through the Humans natural speed, and the some +ag rolls, the team is able to outrun the bash heavy coaches and keep up with the ag coaches. 4 diving tackle pieces also allows the team to lockdown mobile players and exploit positioning mistakes. 6 guard pieces should allow the Humans to always fight good block dice, even against the heavier bash matchups.


This team shares the same weakness as the Jack’s, it excels at no particular style of gameplay. In particular, the team will struggle against heavy bash orientated coaches. Teams that go for a base up heavily or take a hyper control approach will give this team issues. This team also has no sure hands, which I have continually pointed out will be vital for ball protection. Stopping determined strip ball leapers should prove to be difficult. No dirty player also limits the effectiveness of the fouling game, one of the best tools the Humans have to remove high armour teams.

Standout Players:

‘Fat Stacks’ Buster Jaxx: Mobile ag4 guard with tackle and blodge, this is a swiss army knife player, useful in nearly all situations.

Donovan ‘D.D.’ Dimondale: A guard blitzer that is as hard to move as he is to run away from. He combination of blodge, stand firm and diving tackle will prove to be useful in every matchup.

Clyde Cooper Jr. and Glover: With the same skills and stats, it felt wrong to put one over the other. Being ag4, with blodge sidestep and diving tackle, these catchers will be primary scoring threats and control pieces.


Cenobite the Curb2/ TheDrunkernaut

With all these teams coming from the across the 3 divisions, it is nice to see one of them have their origins in the Rookie League. As an integral part of the community as a whole, the Rookie league has produced many memorable teams. Cenobite the Curb2 coached by Drunkernaut fills this roll for the Immortal league, providing proof that the system works. Able to stay competitive until season 8, this Chaos teams has several unique and powerful players that give the team a distinct flavour. Described by Drunkernaut himself as his “first real Blood bowl 2 team”, this Rookie league graduate will get his education put to the test.


This team has several unorthodox players that open up some different playstyles for Chaos. Granly Mantle has taken strong arm and kick of return, acting as a reliable ball retriever who can easily move the ball around the field. The team has also chosen to take tentacles on two of their Chaos Warriors, allowing the team to control the ag team’s movements and open up more hits for his players. Finally, this team has claw and mb, making removals a real possibility against any type of team.


While the unorthodox nature of the team makes opens up more game plans, it does weaken the normally strong playstyle of typical Chaos teams. Before I mentioned the benefit of having claw and mb, but it is only on one player and the team loses access to the powerful combination if he suffers a removal. This team is also much slower than a lot of the rosters here, and outside of tentacles have no real ability to limit mobility. Drunkernaut will need to be on point with his positioning otherwise he will find himself unable to keep up with the faster teams.

Standout players:

Brutesinew Spinelip: Strength 5 and tentacles is a powerful combination, will be the main tool for the Chaos to restrict movement of the ag teams.

Quakeflush Rpiblue: The only claw mb piece on the roster, will be invaluable for getting the numbers advantage against the high armour teams. Also provides utility with guard and stand firm.

Warey Tail: Blodge, str4, break tackle and extra arms. A ball carrier on the offence and a potential sacker on defence.


The Fruity Ones/ Ledeas

The Dark Elves are by far one of the most popular teams across Rebbl. One only needs to look up the season 10 sign ups to see that nearly 10% of the teams are Dark Elves. Therefore, it only felt natural that a Dark Elf team would rock up to represent them in the Immortal league. That coach is Ledeas and his Dark elves, The Fruity Ones. Makings his start in season 4 and lingering around the top divisions for 4 seasons, this Dark Elf team was one of the stalwarts of the upper Rel division. When this team isn’t dancing around your players, passing the ball and making Blood Bowl look easy, the team is writing self-help advice columns for distraught players and coaches in the Big Observer. With veteran coaching and the best counselling service around, The Fruity Ones are looking tough to beat.


The Fruity Ones are one of the hardest hitting Elf teams around. With 3 mb blitzer, two of which have piling on, the Dark Elves are able to play the removal game better than most. With nearly universal blodge or wrodge, this team has maximised its ability to survive and get low tackle teams a headache.


The team is the only one to sign up for the immortal league that does not have any guard. While Dark Elves don’t need guard as much as other teams, it still can create situations where they will struggle to get 2 dice. The Fruity Ones are also bringing an assassin, which tend to be a controversial pick up. Outside of taking down av7 blodge pieces, the assassin is just a more expensive lineman with less armour.

Standout Players:

Daisy: Writer of the advice column in the Big Observer, this extra tough Witch Elf is a one-piece surfing machine with the strength to back it up.

Cherry Crush: A pomb blitzer that managed to punch its way to legend status, Cherry Crush will look to create numbers advantage for the Dark Elves to exploit.

The Kiwi Kid: With strong arm, sure hands and accurate, this runner will be the primary ball carrier for The Fruity Ones. Also, a suitable quarterback if the ball needs to move far up the pitch.


Papa's Mainland Rotters/ wedge22

As anyone who has played Nurgle can attest, tentacles are a pain in the ass. A well positioned Beast of Nurgle can effectively shutdown any options your opponents have to stop you. The next team up takes that too the maximum, with not just one but three strength 5 tentacle pieces. Wedge22 and his Papa's Mainland Rotters have decided to embrace the Immortal league experience with this truly gross monstrosity. Signing up in season 5 and lasting till season 7, Wedge22 decided to reroll the team due to a lack of fun with playing the team. Known for playing a super aggressive, full press approach on offence and defence, the Nurgle look to use their high strength and tentacles to limit options for their opposing teams. 


This team will be a nightmare to run away from, with high strength and tentacles locking down the movement ability of any low strength team. This team also excels at the removal game, able to leverage more blocks with the tentacles and get multiple claw mb hits. The Mainland Rotters have managed to snag themselves a reliable ag 4 ball carrier, having sure hands to protect the ball from the many strip ball pieces.


The team is really slow, any position mistake is likely to get exploited by the faster teams in the competition. A lack of guard could also hurt the Mainland Rotters chances. The high strength should help to compensate but some matchups could leave the team stranded and with no good blocking dice. Only 2 tackle could hurt the team in the heavy blodge matchups.

Standout players:

Stehaz the Plaguebearer: The flagship player of the team and a more reliable Beast of Nurgle. This player will look to control the movement of the opposing team.

Tatigor: In this format, you need a reliable ball carrier and Tatigor is as good as it gets. Blodge, ag4 and sure hands will help the Nurgle secure the ball and save the rerolls.

Athamme Tubercu: As one of the only tackle pieces on the team, Athamme Tubercu will be working overtime to answer the hordes on blodge pieces running around.


Flying Zombie Ponies/ HirumaMajere

Rounding out our ensemble or Immortal league signups are the Flying Zombie Ponies coached by HirumaMajere. The Ponies are a veteran team from the Big O, who have now taken their talents to Gman after the coach decided to move to England for school or something. Getting their start in season 5, the Ponies have famously suffered from high levels of attrition, but somehow keep managing to keep the team alive. Either through quick development, the marketplace or sheer determination, nothing seems to keep the Ponies down for long. Specializing in an aggressive high scoring games on both offence and defence, look for the Ponies to be involved in many shootouts this season.


The team has universal blodge or wrodge, maximising their ability to keep their players standing up and reduce the number of injuries. 5 rostered leap pieces open up many different options for attacking the ball, scoring quickly or getting hits on valuable targets. Protecting the ball from the 5 leapers will be almost impossible, with the High Elves always being able to find an angle to attack.


With only 12 players on the roster, the Flying Zombie Ponies could run into depth issues. While they have maximised their survivability with universal blodge and wrodge, a couple of removals and the High Elves could run out of players quickly. A lack of strength across the roster is also going to hurt. With only 2 guard and 1 strength 4 pieces, pretty much every team will be able to win the blocking game against them.

Standout Players:

Veryarathion Dlarrithor: Every good High Elf team needs a thrower and this team is no exception. Helping facilitate aggressive offensive drives by offering an unparallel ability to get the ball where it needs to be.

Siyangion Landeredal: One of the only 2 guard pieces and the much more mobile of the them. Also, the fastest Elf on the team so a reliable scoring threat.

Erugoldur Kavavanlhûn: The Ponies do it all player, can knockdown valuable players, act as a sweeper, attack the ball and serves as a scoring threat. Truly the most flexible player on the roster.


Authors Note:

I want to give a big thanks too all the coaches and writers who helped me by providing information about their own teams or others in the competition. It ended up taking a bit longer than expected but hopefully it is up to standard.

- Swagtusk

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