There are many who worship Nuffle.

Some are more devoted than others.

In REBBL Imperium: Season 3 - launching Sunday 9th February 2020 - a secretive cult of Nuffle fanatics known only as the Conclave will demand that coaches submit to their desires.

In every tournament, the Conclave will be making their presence felt as they seek to consecrate those who are devoted to the God of Blood Bowl, while corrupting the chances of those who stray from the light.

Earn the favour of the Conclave with a carefully constructed deck and your team will receive a Blessing before the tournament begins but be wary, for an incorrect move will see a Curse brought down upon you.

The only problem is their secrecy makes them a little tricky to read... until it may be too late!

Here's your preview of what's new, as well as some upcoming balance changes to the game!


The Conclave

Each tournament - Development and Imperium - will be subject to the whims of the Conclave, with the cult looking to consecrate certain approaches to deck building, rewarding those coaches with their Blessings, while corrupting others who offend them by inflicting curses upon their decks. The only problem is... you won't know what you're aiming for until after you've submitted it!

Consecrations award Blessings, while Corruptions inflict curses. Each Consecration and Corruption have three trigger points depending on what the Conclave want you to do... or avoid doing!

Hitting the first trigger point activates the chance to roll for a Blessing or a Curse at the end of the Special Play phase. Hitting the second or third trigger points levels up your Blessing or Curse to become more powerful and cause greater benefit or harm to your chances.


New REBBL Legends

As always, there'll be more REBBL Legends added to the game and this time, there's no restriction on where they come from! Expect to see a few characters from the side leagues make an appearance...


New Special Play Cards

We're already at a ridiculous number of possible combinations, so why not add a bunch more?! What could possibly go wrong?


Removal of the Reaction Phase

I'm honest enough to admit when a feature hasn't quite had the desired effect and Reaction cards haven't quite worked.

So, we're going to fix 'em!

The Reaction Phase will be removed from the pre-tournament phases but don't worry, you'll still be able to get your hands on those Denied cards! Instead, a Reaction option will be added to the Inducement Phase where, for a fair price, you'll be able to induce the card straight from your collection to scupper those pesky Special Plays.

This means they no longer have to be included in your deck in the hope they might do something, and you can instead make the decision as to whether it's worth inducing one - all while your options remain a secret from your opponents!

This all comes at a cost, of course, because Reaction cards will now all be One Time Use. Plus, as you're well aware, there's no Inducement Phase in an Imperium Tournament...


Card Balance Changes

Some of our existing cards will be tweaked to avoid some of the more aneurysm-inducing Special Play phases we've seen this season. Coach-o-Matic 9000 will now only allow a few cards to be randomly assigned. Da Big Mulligans! has seen it's last play and will be gone forever!

A full list of changes will be announced before the new season to allow enough time to decide what will be in your Season 3 Migration Pack.


Key Words

Many of the Special Play cards will be re-worded to include a selection of new Key Words, designed to help alleviate some of the grey areas in card interactions. An example will be Target - which will directly affect the ability to use a Reaction card.

Again, a full list will be announced soon. Both myself and TomasT (the hero that he is) have plenty to do in the next couple of weeks!


The Return of the REBBL Market! Sort of...

Some of our favourite REBBL players may never be truly seen as legends because they never had enough time, and Imperium already has it's own cast of custom-made Star Players.

Cast into the purgatory of the defunct REBBL Market, these players may have thought they'd never see the field of play again.

But what if there was another way...?


Improved Administration


The days of asking when new tournaments will be created are over, because now Development tournaments will create themselves as supply and demand dictates.

This Conclave lot are pretty handy to have around!

REBBL: Imperium Season 3 will launch on Sunday 9th February 2020 and, while I know there are stacks upon stacks of REBBL tournaments launching at the moment, I really hope you can make time to join us for Season 3.

The Conclave anticipate you will...

- Harringzord

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