With Season 4 of Imperium on the way, it's time to address how we're fixing everything we got horribly wrong in Season 3 and introducing exciting new stuff for Season 4!

How we’re fixing Conclave

Problem 1. Imperium has lots of “moving parts” or administrative stuff you have to do before you play. This is often referred to as the Special Play phase. Conclave, in its current form, takes those moving parts and adds a BUNCH more moving parts. It’s too complicated.


Problem 2. Conclave isn’t even doing it’s job by punishing strong decks and helping weaker ones. Their whims are arbitrary to the extent they’re probably in breach of the Don’t Be A Dick rule at this point. So that’s a strike for the Conclave.


Problem 3. Blessings to an extent, but certainly Curses are either ineffective or tournament- ruining with very little inbetween. Some are even downright confusing - “am I even allowed to induce a wizard? I can’t remember if he rolled the wizard blessing”


The solution

It’s been right there the whole time. The best indicator of the relative strength of a deck is the Deck Value.

One of the things Imperium does pretty well is the Inducement system. So we’re going to establish a link there.

Here’s the nuts and bolts:

  • Scrap Consecrations and Corruptions in determining the Conclave’s wishes. They’re not possible to play around, often too arbitrary, and are also additional terminology that we don’t need. IN THE BIN.

  • Split the Deck Value Limit into two parts.

    • Conclave Target Value

    • Max Deck Value

  • Introduce a sliding scale for the Conclave based on your Deck Value relative to the Conclave Target Value. If you build to the target, they ignore you. If you’re under, you get Blessed but if you go over, you’re Cursed. (See low quality diagram below)

Note that the values shown are for demonstration and are not yet balanced properly.


So what’s the idea here?

Well firstly, it’s pretty obvious that the Conclave will now do the right things to the right decks. Decks that are below the target can’t be cursed and weakened any more; decks that are above can’t randomly get even more buffs.


Secondly, you’ll notice that there are options for what to do at each Blessing/Curse level. Rather than simply getting a Level 2 Blessing, you’ll instead get 2 Blessing Points to use in the Inducement phase.


Currently, the Inducement Phase might say “Harringzord has 42 points of inducements.” From next season, it will say “Harringzord has 42 points of inducements and 2 Blessing points.” When it’s my turn to choose my inducements, I will also sort out my Conclave stuff as part of that - establishing a set time and turn order for when the Conclave stuff happens. I will also have the option as to whether I want to take two Level 1 Blessings or a single Level 2 Blessing, introducing another interesting player decision into the game. Coaches who are cursed will be able to make choices about how to receive their curses in the same fashion.


On the subject of Curses, they will continue to be bad and in some cases, downright brutal. Previously, rolling Curse of Contracts was pretty much bad luck on a dice roll. Now, it’s bad luck on a dice roll where you put yourself in the position to have to make the dice roll by building a bigger deck. You take the Curse entirely at your own risk.


Questions you probably have

Q: In that example, surely the Target Deck Value is actually 134 because I don’t get a Curse point until 135?

A: If the Conclave Target is 120, you take a Curse point from 121 and up until you hit the next trigger point. What is true as it stands: if you build the deck to 121, you might as well then build up to 134 because you take no additional penalty. I’m still working on the solution but it will involve additional inducements. 


Inducements will initially be checked against the distance to the Conclave Target, rather than the highest deck as it is now. The current solution in my head is that for the largest deck, going further above the Conclave Target also provides additional Inducements to their opponents but hitting the next Conclave trigger point resets that.


In our example with a 120 target, building to 134 would give each opponent more Inducement points (not necessarily 14 points each) but if you went to 135 and took the extra Curse point, you wouldn’t give up any additional inducements. We need to do some maths on this one.


Q: Surely it’ll always be better to take three small Level 1 Curses than a single huge Level 3 curse?

A: The current curses are going to be reworked so that this is a much more considerable decision. Ideally, I want it to be the case that you’d rather take a Level 3 curse than three Level 1s, but that you’d also rather take two Level 1s rather than a Level 3 (if that makes sense). That could be very difficult to achieve.


Q: I don’t like the way the Inducement system changes my early decks so much that it no longer feels like my own collection.

A: As TomasT has often said, you’re never forced to spend the Inducements if you want to take on the challenge of trying to win with your own cards. That being said, the option to convert X Inducement points into a Blessing point is on my list of things to consider.


The new expansion!

Time for more fun stuff!

As always, a new season means a new themed expansion and this time we’re focusing on a so-far neglected card type.

The humble Staff card.

Introducing… REBBL Imperium: High Command

Every great team has a hardworking group of backroom staff supporting them and similarly, your Imperium franchise can reap the rewards of investing in its infrastructure with a dedicated team of professionals working to help you.

The problem is… including them in your deck eats into your ability to play all of those Players and Training cards you want to use, right?

Not any more… with the introduction of your Imperium High Command

Staff cards will no longer be included in your main deck and instead, your High Command serves as a “side deck” where you aim to employ the best combination of staff to help you achieve your tournament aims. Cards in High Command do not take up a deck slot, but they do still contribute to your Deck Value - so beware the eyes of the Conclave!

In-game staff like re-rolls and apothecaries will still be included in your deck (we’ll rename these), so that everything in your deck affects the on-the-field action while your High Command has an effect on the Imperium meta-game.

The full list of features:

  • High Command - begin the season with a Level 1 High Command capable of supporting a single member of Staff. Throughout the season, spend Imperium gold to upgrade your High Command to support additional Staff and try to find the winning combination!

  • Staff Contracts - the problem with employees is their ambition - they never stick around forever! Staff cards will have a contract length and once you’ve used them enough that their contract runs out, they’ll leave your collection. And once you’ve used a Staff card once, you can’t dust it!

  • New Staff Pack - a necessary addition to let you all get your hands on these things, you’ll be able to spend Imperium gold on Staff packs to help improve your options at High Command.

  • New Staff Cards - you’d certainly hope so! There’s going to be absolutely loads of these to make finding the perfect combination a real challenge. Do you focus on bodyguards to protect your team, creative accountants to improve your income or religious clerics to earn the favour of the Conclave?

  • Pre-Season Training cards - High Command have been hard at work already! In order to provide more interesting decisions for your first few tournaments, the Starter Pack will contain a number of one-time use Training cards featuring those Core skills you’re so desperate for. Manage your resources appropriately until you’ve built up a better collection.

Plus, more of the usual stuff!

  • New REBBL Legends - you know ‘em, you’d love ‘em if only you could find any in a god damn pack.

  • New Special Play cards - wheeeeeeee more headaches for Harringzord!

  • Reworked Blessings and Curses - with rules clarifications and everything! Hopefully slightly fewer headaches for Harringzord!

  • Additional starting Player Pack - because Linemen are boring and Positionals are fun!

  • New Keyword: Event - this new Keyword will be applied to cards like Waterlogged Pitch and cards with the Event Keyword will be banned from Imperium Tournaments. Keep an eye out for Staff members who can help with these Events!

  • Improved Catchup for Late Starters - it sucks when you join Imperium halfway through the season and your plucky Linemen run into a team with five Elven legends. So while you’ll still have to grit your teeth and bear it, you’ll at least get fat loot for it!

  • More options at Imperium Market - for those not-quite-legendary players and those definitely-not-legendary players.

  • Balance changes - as always, we’ll shift the values of some cards up or down as appropriate, plus we’re increasing the maximum card value from 25 to 30 - those natural one-turners will cost you an arm and a leg now.

- Harringzord

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