When the Mixed Teams arrived along the Legendary Edition, you probably thought it was a dumb, unbalanced idea. Fun for a couple of games, but no good for competition.

That’s about to change, because our overlord Metal has compiled a set of rules that will allow us to reduce the nonsense to a minimum, and to create a nice, competitive and balanced environment. Bloodbowl balance, mind you. This still can, and will, be chaos.

Didn’t drew your attention yet? What if I tell you one of your beloved stars could be playing? Keep an eye on the pitch, as the rules dictate the players will be selected from actual REBBL teams.

Before the show begins, I will be reviewing the teams participating, so you know a bit what to expect from these weird rosters. (The ratings is just a personal, in good fun, opinion on the potential of the rosters. Not a comment on the coach skills.)

King Cann / Big Black Block / Far East Association

Far East Association has, without a doubt, the biggest potential of all mixed teams. King Cann picked a bit of everything, and shaped a good example of how crazy can these rosters can be.

The strength with be provided by a couple of Black Orcs (one being ST6) and an Ogre, supported by 2 Chorf blockers. He has some really fast vermins, including my beloved stars Neer of Itchy (Guard Tackle CPOMB Storm Vermin) and my natty OTT gutter runner, Skroyk. He even brought 2 secret weapons with him to spice the mix a bit. The team is wisely protected with 3 RR and an Apo.

Strong points:

With the killer, the natty OTT, the bench to foul, and the combination of strength and guard, this team has the tools to play the attrition game, without having to worry much about his offense.

Weak points:

King Cann doesn’t have a way to retrieve the ball, or a designated carrier, having to rely in a rookie Gutter or the Oneturner. Also, with a gnoblar, 2 rookie linerats, and 2 secret weapons, his number advantage could easily disappear in a bad turn, leaving his stars exposed. 

Rating: A pretty good and balanced team, they could run out of numbers too early. 7.5/10


A_Velociraptor / Fur Hater's Unite! / Anti-Fur Society

Anti-Fur Society is a bizarre mix. Naked ladies, naked dudes, lizards and frogs. On paper, they lack the punch other coalitions have, or the agility to do the crazy stuff, leaving them in a weird place.

A_velociraptor, though, designed the team carefully with an idea. Sack the ball, score and repeat. He hired Gennady yanayev from Sassy Soviets, an amazing sacker (ST4 wrestle strip ball leaper) with 4 RRs to help him do his job. Supported with a great thrower, Alkinoe the Seducer, and Trent, a natty OTT skink, don’t expect his offensive drives to be long. 3 Saurus will have to keep them away from trouble.

Strong points:

Score in 1 or 2 turns. Defend, sack the ball, score. Rinse and repeat. The plan is clear, and he has a great tool for that…

Weak points:

…but he lacks the other. Getting the ball on the ground will be easy. But without agi 4 players, securing it will be a different story. Plus, once that sacker gets a kick in the teeth after a both down or a 1/9, there is no plan B. 

Rating: “Hurrey! The ball is down! ...Now what? 6/10


Ledeas / GreyWood Coalition / Elf Coalition

Ledeas bring us a treat, the first full elf team.

But a bit disappointing one. We don’t see crazy surfing witch elves, no agi 5 at all, no OTT potential, and the only Wardancer is a rookie. Ledeas went instead with High Sails’ Long Bomb Silver, probably the best thrower in REBBL, and surrounded him with solid players without any bloat skills.

Strong points:

With Silver in the backfield and lots of skilled elves on the pitch able to score, stalling in offense won’t be hard. The ST4 ball stripper will try to get advantage of a bad pick up or a deep kick.

Weak points:

This team could be a good example of how a great team on REBBL can fail in a different metagame. Stalling in offense is not that good idea when the Chaos/Ork killer team in front of you features a natural one turner. And defense won’t be easier once the cage is formed, there are no players that can really make a dent.

Rating: This elven team suffers a severe case of lack of elven bullshit. 6.5/10


DavidLeClair / Company of the ring / Alliance of Goodness

The Alliance of Goodness can field an ‘almost’ perfect team. Up to 3 Trees, cheap humans, wood elves speedsters, and stubborn dwarves. It only lacks one thing. Claw. And that can be a game changer.

DavidLeClair went with 2 trees and 2 Dwarves to hold the line. For the blitzing, Arkangell’s Hell’s Drizzt do’Urden and Gwynbleidd are as good as wardancers without stats-up can be. Up to 3 catchers, including an agi5 one, will be in scoring duties. 2 dirty player linebretts will stain on the name of the noble brettonians.

Strong points:

A nice mix of power, speed, agility and utility, LeClair will probably try to control the game, and move the ball around while he picks and fouls specific targets.

Weak points:

As Ledeas with his Elf Coalition, lacking a natty OTTs seems like a missed opportunity, especially when LeClair invested in up to three ST2 catchers.

Rating: Jack of all trades, master of none, they could fall short when more specialized team forces them to play their game 7/10


TomasT / Butterlfy Deflect / Chaos Player Pact


Chaos Player Pact is the most popular team this first season, with 4 representatives. And it comes at no surprise; they mix the raw power of Chaos with the agility and speed of Skavens and Dark Elves. And Underworld also can provide amazing killers or nasty mutated gobbos.

TomasT checked all the boxes here. He brought the mandatory natural OTT, the CPOMB killer, the 2+leap ballsacker, the retriever thrower, a DP and a kicker. Butterfly Deflect are Skaven on steroids. Beautiful.

Strong points:

As Velociraptor with Fur Hater's Unite! TomasT is a man on a mission: Steal the ball and score. But he has better tools for it. He will enjoy the ball hunting.

Weak points:

With only one ST4 player, 2 guards, no apo, and low AV, he will suffer a lot of attrition. He will score often, but every trip at the LOS will make him look away.

Rating: This team has identity, and planning behind the roster. But like a nice elf or skaven team, they are a bad LOS turn away from extinction. Thank Nuffle this is a resurrection tourney, right? 8.5/10


Harringzord / Iron Muppet Hero Phobias / Afterlife United

As you probably know by now, each coach has to pick at least 2 players from all the races composing his Mixed team. This is particularly relevant with Afterlife United, as you will have to work around Vampires and their bloodlust.

To deal with this, Harringzord decided to hire just Batman, a magnificent vampire specimen from Bitten Heroes, as the star of his team. This vamp killer will bring 3 thrall snacks and 4 rerolls to deal with his hunger. Trypanophobia, an amazing ghoul carrier with OTT potential, will make good use of his speed to run away from all the pointy stuff aimed at him, hiding behind the strongest line we saw so far, with 2 Tomb Guardians, a Mummy and 2 flesh Golems, including 2 ST6 guys behemoths.

Strong points:

This team is insanely strong. It will be very hard to stop them on their slow grind offensive drive, and if they reach a bad spot, hypnotic gaze can always open unexpected paths.

Weak points:

They are slow. I’m talking “limping dwarf” slow. In addition, Harringzord will have to protect his vampire and his ghoul with all his might. If he loses them, they will struggle notably with the ball.

Rating: Opponents will hunt that ghoul, and dance around the slow undeads all game. Good luck stopping them, though. 7/10


Luke4444 / Desert Skull Raiders / Far east association    

Luke4444 is playing with fire here.

On one hand, Kwikstix Nightclaw and Ikit Warpskitter are 2 of the best gutter runners you can desire; a natty oneturner, and a big hand sidestep leaper that will pick up any scattered ball. Even though he doesn’t have a dedicated sacker, with the pain he can bring with the bullcentaur, the CPOMB chorf and the ork blitzers, he will surely have his chances at the ball.  

On the other, only 2 RR, no Apo, and 11 players that includes 2 big guys, a gnoblar, a goblin and a hobgoblin.

Strong points:

Half his team is awesome. Great pieces.

Weak points:

The other half. Very unbalanced, with several cheap stunties and two bloated big guys (at least one of them is not a loner)

Rating: 1800 is deceptively low for these mixed teams. Luke4444 run out of money fast, and left a team with too many weak points. 5/10


Grief Stain / Where’s Ma Ogre / Chaos Player Pact

Now this is what I expected to see when I joined this league. The kind of team that screams Overpowered!

You thought a natty OTT was cheating? What about adding 3 clawMBs? Not enough? Well, I forgot to mention Where’s Ma Ogre features not two but three AGI5 players!

Strong Points:

They can kill, they can juggle the ball, and they can one turn without even breaking a sweat.

Weak points:

This team has as many weak points as team Rerolls. Just one. Grief Stain likes risk.

Rating: The best team so far, but they will perform way different once it spends his extra life. 1Reroll/10


Gaudi / The four chaos Gods / Chaos Player Pact

Well, it’s turn for my own team. I’m not planning on giving you clues about my game plan and how to defeat me. Not that it’s hard, my team, like we’ve seen others here, has been designed with a clear idea in mind, and it shows.

Far East Association was my first choice, as I wanted to combine the speed and agility of the skavens, with the raw power and claw of chaos. But after trying several combinations, I found in Chaos Player Pact the way to form a strong CMB line and also deploy those key players to deal with the ball and scoring.

Strong points:

A Claw MB strong line, specialists, and some tentacles just in case an Elf coalition shows up.

Weak points:

Compromises had to be made. No bench and 2 weak links in the chain can make the difference.

Rating: Not going to rate myself. But you can always tell me your opinion in the Discord channel.


MrChristie / REBBL Small-Stars / Union of small people

MrChristie brings us a treat with our first Union of small people, aka the Stunty team.

With access to Halflings, Goblins and Ogres, this roster can put 10 big guys on the field. Of course, 1800TV is not enough for that, so this roster features instead 2 trees, 2 ogres and 2 trolls (the latter being the only loners of the team), surrounded with a Dirty Player goblin and all 3 secret weapons.
Of course, there is the problem of handling the ball. Two AGI 5 freaks, the gnoblar Yob, and the Halfling Sugar Daddy, will spend the games running between the screens of bark and muscles, or maybe flying above them from time to time.

Strong points:

The optimism of the coach. The fun it will bring to the league.

Weak points:

13 players only, with 3 secret weapons. They might have gone for the full 16 players roster.

Rating: Even in a mixed team, this stunty doesn’t look much better than a regular Ogre team. The couple of agi 5 players can bring us some fun and surprising plays. Agi5Gnoblar/10

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And that’s about it for today. Stay tuned for the next article, where I will dissect the remaining 10 contestants for the honor of becoming the first ReBBL RaBBL champion.

- Gaudi

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