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Fantasy REBBroL - Chaos Pact - Full article

We get our min-maxing on and take a look at the penultimate official team outside of BB2 - Kaosubaloo

Episode II: THE CHORFS STRIKE BACK - Full article

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away... - Troukk

HORRORSCOPE! WEEK 6 - Full article

As the Month of December rolls on, lets see what is in store this week. - Ledeas

Rodder's Record Books: Win Streaks - Full article

Chief Scout Rodder Stewart reveals the best regular season winning streaks in REBBL history. - Harringzord

Fantasy REBBroL - Daemons of Khorne - Full article

We look at the last NAF-approved team that's not yet gracing BB2 - Kaosubaloo

HORROSCOPE! WEEK 7 - Full article

Happy Holidays to All and to All a good game! - Ledeas

Fantasy REBBroL - Small Holiday Gifts - Full article

We take a look at some small changes for small players for this holiday special - Kaosubaloo

For the Game - Full article

A tale of hope - WaitHoldMyBeer

Fantasy REBBroL - Kislev - Full article

We look at the loveliest jumpers in the north and pull them a little more in line with their rodent overlords - Kaosubaloo

HORRORSCOPE! WEEK 8 - Full article

The New Year Edition! - Ledeas

Fantasy REBBroL - Horrors of Tzeentch - Full article

We take a turn looking at one of my favourite teams from Fumbbl's Stunty Leeg and thing about the place they might find in BB2 - Kaosubaloo

Fantasy REBBroL - Amazons - Full article

We take a turn at jailbreaking some Amazons and see what we can come up with - Kaosubaloo

Big O

A Brief Moment With... - Full article

... the bot overlord, the market manipulator, the mutant leader: Schlice! - Zee

Bent-O [SXW5] - Full article

Big O Season 10, Week 5. Five, like the number of weeks Rats are unbeaten in Big O 1. - Zee

A Brief Moment With... - Full article

... Tommo, our newest addition to the admin staff, straight from the Big O. - Zee

A Brief Moment With... - Full article

... the Canadianest of Big O players, JamesTyphoon. - Zee

Good turns, bad turns: The Preview - Full article

A preview for a new weekly big O article, analysing gameplay of those in Rebbl's Oceanic conference - liamcoulston

Bent-O [SXW6] - Full article

A longer week with some festive holiday spirit for you to feast on! - Zee

Mutant of the Week: Christmas Fruitcake - Full article

In a stellar finish to the year, one of the underperforming mutants finally manages to step up and chain together some great plays. - Schlice

Big O Season 10 Mid-Season Review - Full article

A mid-season review of every coach and their team from Division 1 to 4. How did our pre-season picks fare? - Lyskaris

A Brief Moment With... - Full article

... the commander of your local Rebel Outpost: Destruction Darby. - Zee

Mutant of the Week: Oh the Humanity! - Full article

Facing their second Wood Elf team in a row, the Less Useful Mutants seek outside assistance to help with some pruning. - Schlice

Good Turns Bad Turns: Episode 1 - Full article

Tactical analysis of Liam's Week 5 and 6 games - liamcoulston

Bent-O [SXW7] - Full article

First full batch of 2019, let's see what Big O's got in store for us. - Zee

A Brief Moment... - Full article

... with one of Big O's nicest: Gdaynick! - Zee

Bent-O [SXW8] - Full article

Return to normal for Big O Season X Week 8, bon appétit! - Zee

Match Reports

BigO D1 W5 The Phobias Reborn! 2 vs 2 Muten Roshi's Bear School - Full article

isn't a tie really just a lose for both? - Incesticide

REL 10F W5 Primal Concrete Sledge 0 vs 3 The Thunderous Puffins - Full article

Beautiful Elven playstyle destroys Chaos illusion... - Incesticide

REL 10F W6 Big Maz Blitzers 1 vs 1 Primal Concrete Sledge - Full article

a nice tan and tons of Mosquitos in an entertaining match... - Incesticide

Gman 1 W6 The Voltrex Vanguard 2 vs 3 RRMafia Mumblerats - Full article

A beautiful expectacule of gore and finesse, then Myllo show and the rats won - Incesticide

REL 10F Meat Squad 1 vs 0 Primal Concrete Sledge - Full article

The Butcher's Den Chainsaw Massacre - Incesticide

REL 3 W7 Fruity Kisses 0 vs 1 cheesetactics mk.II - Full article

Is the ball an unnecesary object in today's blood bowl? - Incesticide

BigO D3 W7-8 Winged Centaurs 3-0/0-1 Saturday Nyght Femur - Full article

Does Blood Bowl turns everything to dust? - Incesticide

REL 10F W8 The Thompsons 1 vs 1 Primal Concrete Sledge - Full article

0.294 percentage of the time, works everytime. - Incesticide

We are always looking for more coaches for match recaps!

- Gypsy Prince

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