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How to join REBBL

A guide for newcomers to REBBL on how to get started! - by Zsinj

REBBL Season 9 Standings

See the top races by League. Looking for bragging rights as the best Ogre team? Look no further! Check out these aggregated standings by race. - by Gypsy Prince

The Rodder Report: Like a Broken Record

Rodder Stewart analyses the REBBL playoff performances of every Blood Bowl race. Who are the best ever teams from each? - by Harringzord

Play of the Week, Season 9, Playoff Round of 64

Movement 7? No sprint skill? Not a problem. One turn touchdowns 101, with professor AndyDavo. You don't want to miss it! - by Troukk

How many consecutive ones can you roll in just one turn?

Or in other words, what is the maximum amount that Nuffle can hate you? - by Zsinj

ReBBL Rerolls - See where coaches re-rolled to new races

With the start of season 10 sign ups, many coaches are opting to choose new teams and new styles. - by Gypsy Prince

Too Long; Didn't Watch.

A quick overview of ReBBL Season 9 Playoffs Games - Round of 32. (Here Be Spoilers) - by Lee

Play of the Week, Season 9, Playoff Round of 32

They say you can't stop wood elves from scoring, you can only force them to do it early. Well, Randomguy's vampires didn't get the memo and will show you how hypnotic gaze can shatter any elf screen in this round's Play of the Week! - by Troukk

Big O

A Brief Moment With MonkeyChunks

Overdue respects, finally paid to my illustrious predecessor : MunkeyChunks. - by Zee


A Chat with Rumblebee

Stepping out of the Shadow of Daisy, I Ledeas will try to work my way across the many divisions of REL and introduce you to the wide variety of Coaches that are out here. So grab a tea, put a spot of music on and join me with a Chat with Rumblebee. - by Ledeas


How to be a ReBBL Clan Leader

Worried about inadequacy issues preventing you from Leading a team in the ReBBL Clan League? Read this guide and become a Clan Leader Expert... Or a slightly less foolish one! - by Larkstar

Playoff Coverage

Rodder's Playoff Portfolio: Big O

REBBL Chief Scout Rodder Stewart brings you up to speed with all of the Big O's qualifiers for the Season 9 playoffs. - by Harringzord

A closer look at the Big O

In the wake of Rodder's Report for the Big O, the local news desk is bringing you a closer look at our teams involved. - by Serj, Troukk, and Lee

A closer look at : The Phobias Reborn!
A closer look at : The Arcana
A closer look at: Capital Rats
A closer look at: Never Swapping
A closer look at: Da Kahoonaz
A closer look at: Krakozhors
A closer look at: Doomed Witches
A closer look at: Shadowhill Cowboys
A closer look at: Drakkar’s Dominators

Ask a Coach

We have selected random questions for each coach and they have delivered. A shout out to all the coaches that participated. And a thank you to Lee Zee and Troukk for helping me wrangle in all the answers - by Gypsy Prince

Special Tickets

The Special Ticket Coaches - Represented by Chubberson (Stunty Champion), Teddy Rose (Ramp Up Champion), and GemeneRick (Minors Champion).

Big O

Div 1 - Represented by Deez, Jape, Papanasty, and Sandune.
Div 2 - Represented by Werecaster, Tommo, and Lynxx.
Div 3 - Represented by Morka and Djoolyurn.
Div 4 - Represented by AnteaterReborn and kaverne.


Div 1 - Represented by Bleedinghippy, SeanManTV, the Sage, and Gaudi.
Div 2 - Represented by Randomboy987, Barmution, and Zsinj.
Div 3 & 4 - Represented by Kummostern, Weravem, Muppetillo, and Ramhard.
Div 5 & 6 - Represented by Barserk, Harringzord, Mego, and mixtli.
Div 7 & 8A, 8B, 8C - Represented by BlissfulFire (7), Kubusta (8A), Sandland (8B), and Scytalen (8C).
Div 8D, 8E, 8F, 8G - Represented by toastguy7 (8D), AndyDavo (8E), AndY90 (8F), and TheDrNick (8G)


Div 1 - Represented by Ficction, LazarusDigz, Saace, and Stoobings.
Div 2 - Represented by ArchXL, michaels, and Thessa.
Div 3 & 4 - Represented by Stouticus, Chabxxu, Holes, and Jimmy Burrito.
Div 5 & 6 - Represented by McMacky C_Arnoud, Mistah J, and Mystaes.
Div 7, 8, & 9 - Represented by tommytootall (7), Cakengrad (7), Khalerick (8), and Steer (9).
Div 10 - Represented by Hairy Coo 10(A), wedge22 (10B), Razzle Storm (10C), VulpesInculta (10D), and Larkstar (10E).

Writers Wanted

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- Gypsy Prince

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