Season's greetings, REBBL!

As you'll know by now, the off-season between Seasons 12 and 13 has been extended to eight weeks because the new season was literally due to start on Christmas Day.

The holiday season is, of course, a time of year when many of our coaches will have little free time and others may have considerably more free time than normal. For the latter group, and indeed the former if they have a little bit of spare time, allow me to introduce REBBL's Christmas Cracker!

We're bringing the whole REBBL family together.

Create your mixed Christmas team and play through our festive challenge to see if you can be crowned our Christmas Cracker champion! Or failing that, maybe just the Golden Scrooge

We’ve drawn influence from a whole host of REBBL’s favourite tournament rulesets meaning there are a bunch of ways to approach this unique two-and-a-half week challenge. Will you trust the one-turner, commit to the Claw or back the Big Guys this Christmas?

Whatever your approach, don’t forget to leave a mince pie out for Santa! He’ll be sure to pay you a visit...

Christmas Cracker Rules, Example Playthrough and FAQs!

We have a little bit more behind-the-scenes work to do - Santa's Elves are always busy this time of year! - but the expectation is that the Christmas Cracker will begin on Wednesday 18th December 2019 and run through to Sunday 5th January 2020. If things are ready a little sooner, then we may be able to start early!

We hope to see plenty of you involved!

- Harringzord

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