Hello sports fans and welcome to this new series about the glorious achievements of players and teams in the history of ReBBL. With the new season on the horizon, I thought it would be nice to look back on now 11 seasons of ReBBL and see the records that will hold out for eternity or might be smashed in this coming season 12. A huge thank you goes to Majorbyte for roaming through the archives of ReBBL and supplying me with every stat I could wish for. And before you go forth and pester him for stats yourselves: They will be made public on rebbl.net in the near future.

For this first installment I went for the stuff that actually counts in a game: Touchdowns. And in this regard season 11 already broke some records, the first of which is the highest amount of touchdowns scored by a team in a single match. Coach Losre and his Under - Sartosa BBA delivered a mind boggling 8:0 loss to Jojishis goblin team Nuffle’s Chosen Misfits. The skaven team even managed to spread the TDs quite evenly among the players, a feat not all teams achieve and not all stars allow their coaches:


Seasonal records

Some teams are dominated by their star ball carriers and catchers, scoring a large amount of a teams touchdowns. These are players like Gutter Runners, High Elf Catchers and Dwarf Runners, each earning 5 spots in the Top 3 scorers for each season, as well as Wood Elf Catchers and Werewolves earning 4 spots each. Not only are they well suited to bring the ball into the endzone, they seem to be getting better at it every season, with only the most recent season 11, which has already been called “The Season of Bash”, being a real deviation from the trend:

The heroes of the endzone last season were:

  1. Tunare (HE Catcher) - Felwithe's Koada'Dal 18 TDs

  2. Vardal (Dwarf Runner) - Heavy Hitters V2.0 16 TDs

  3. ME Score! (Bull Centaur) - Hi Ho off to Work we GO! 15 TDs

Tunare, last season's top scorer, is one of only two players to ever breach the 20 touchdown mark in a single season. He managed to get the 20 touchdowns in season 9, only to be beaten by Michael Jackson the Woodelf Catcher from School of Dance, who scored 21 touchdowns. Michael Jackson even managed to repeat this feat in season 10 after which the team retired with him still being alive.


One game wonders

There are also the players who are not as consistent at scoring, but who have that one game of a lifetime. Three players outperformed everyone else in that regard by scoring 6 touchdowns in a single game. These were Minnie Mouse a Gutter Runner of The Saskatoon Shiners who horrified the Orcs of Battle For Dream Island in season 4. Then there was Spiritstone Red a Woodelf Catcher for Two thin coats, who scored all the touchdowns in a 6:2 win against the dark elf team [R] Thank you parents in season 10. And lastly in season 11 there was Rat Burglar Nami the 3rd an at that time rookie gutter runner from One Cheese, who secured himself two level ups by utterly demoralizing the vampire team Castlevania Creeps 6:0.


Career records

Looking at players over their whole career we see a similar picture, but let’s look at it from the bottom up. Out of the 60,708 who have ever played a game in ReBBL 75.8 % never scored a single touchdown and 5,951, that’s 9.8 %, only got their one lucky score. And that is in some cases not for a lack of trying, Wood Elf thrower Robin jr. of Men in Tights for example ran 2,252 meters with the ball, but scored once in his career. The field gets thinner the higher the score. Overall 1,084 players scored 10 or more touchdowns in their career. Looking at a chart depicting the number of players who have scored specific amounts of touchdowns, we see how few players actually manage to score a large number of touchdowns in their careers. The number of players who have scored 20 or more touchdowns is lower then the number of teams in either Gman or REL.

So who are the freaks at the top, that defy common sense and the multitude of boots that have landed in their gonads? Here are the Top 10:

10. Choco Chipmunk, Gutter runner of the Pastry Pests: 54 Touchdowns, a Superbowl win and with 6,542 m running by far the most leg work anyone has put out on the field.

9. Lithium, Wood Elf catcher for The Elements Of Style: 56 Touchdowns and one of the most well-known names in ReBBL. Contributed 2 scores to the win of the Superbowl final in season 10. Managing this many touchdowns in only 52 games would be something to talk about, if it wasn’t for:

7. Tunare, High Elf catcher for Felwithe’s Koada'Dal: 60 Touchdowns in only 39 games is a record that might hold for a good long time in ReBBL. Taking Juggernaut before Sure Feet, this natural one turner scored 37% of all of his teams touchdowns.

Also 7. Gibbons II, Gutter runner for Ratz Off To Ya: 60 Touchdowns and the first dead guy on our list. He was killed by Ornans New Year Norse at the end of season 9, but his successor Gibbons III is already a natural one turner and on his way to make this list in the future.

6. Skiniroth, Skink for Ready Lizard One: 61 Touchdowns the deceased agi 5 skink made this list despite being “only” movement 9. Scored more than half of his teams touchdowns.

5. Sti_cazz, Beastman for the Slaanesh_Slaughterers: 63 Touchdowns in 116 games as the only guy on this list without a single stat up. The winner of the Superbowl season 4 was forced into retirement after receiving a second armor bust in the third to last game of season 11.

4. Alawë Undoos, High Elf catcher for Old Hobart Honeybadgers: 64 Touchdowns despite being outfitted with the flimsiest of armor, 50 armor breaks from only 79 blocks made against him, making him one of the wimpiest guys on the pitch.

3. One More Knight, High Elf catcher for Not FDA Approved: 67 Touchdowns and most accomplished High Elf of the League with 269 spp earned.

2. P Costello, Gutter runner for the Capital Rats: 68 Touchdowns for the Agi 5 natural one turner. He was killed in season 9 by the orcs of Red Skulls Go Faster.

1. Skroyk, Gutter runner for Ravens Claw: 80 Touchdowns and still going strong without any perms, the natural one turner with two heads has a huge lead over the competition. And having already survived 4 seasons in division 1 he looks to widen the gap in season 12. 

That’s it for the first installment of records of ReBBL. Next time we will look at the team records for touchdowns. After that we will take a look at the beautiful game and later on bashing and being bashed. Have a great start to season 12 everyone!


Addendum: Between the writing and the publishing of this article Skroyk already scored 2 additional touchdowns... yeah, good luck catching that one.

- Octochicken

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