MO: Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from Charcutebrie Stadium home of Thick Rich and Creamy. Today we bring you a slow show full of removals that did not stayed hurt and 2 little Ghouls that teach the rest of the league that Wolves aren't the stars in here.

MO: Gypsy, we watched a first half that started with both teams in a scrum in the middle of the field, no coach wanted to commit to much or expose themselves and their "precious" wolves. By the half of it we saw the first blood, and that unchained a sequence of ballsy events, right after that Moldby Blue V decided to run forward, and call for his team to follow, obviously only the wolves could, and one was on the ground, so basically alone he ran. A well placed bolt removed Speedo off the pitch and with that started the desperate attempt to stop the touch down. Flasher Terrorer had several chances to put the ball on the ground, but failed miserably.

MO: Gypsy, the half was just about to end, when a foul removed Havarty from the pitch, a fan favorite and the heart of Thick Rich and Creamy, the ref promptly expelled the player, but the dirty deed was already done.

MO: The second half started exactly as the first one, but this time, Gloom & Zoom got several removals, nothing permanent, but out of the pitch. Even with this and the removal of Havarty in the first half, Thick Rich and Creamy had a firm hold of the match.

MO: And yet again Gypsy, 1 little Ghoul decide to score, and run forward, the little fellow asking for support, but their slower teammates could barely keep up, at this point Paris Stilton Jr had the chance to shine, but he failed and with that and the poor attempt from Moldby to also deliver in defense, the match was tied.

MO: - Gypsy we are here with Coach Ficction; Coach Ficction after this even match, are you happy of leaving Charcutebrie Stadium with a draw?

Ficction: - Absolutely not! A Terrible performance by both Speedo and Flasher! One just lets himself get hurt by a lightning bolt and the other can't knock down a measly ghoul no matter how many chances he gets!

MO: - Well Coach, you went straight to my next point, the disappointing performance of the 4 wolves today on the pitch, fans and analyst think Wolves in general are great players, but today's spectacle seemed to show other wise, are the ghouls underrated or todays's wolves aren't up to the task?

Ficction: - Wolves can kinda get in their own head from my experience. I suppose there's all this pressure to perform that they just choke sometimes under the pressure. That's what separates the good players from the Legendary players! The biggest shock of all came to me when Speedo didn't get back up. I saw him take that wizards coward blast like a champ and assumed he'd get back up like every other time. But I guess he's getting older now and didn't have it in him anymore. My heart indeed sank a little. It's a true pity, turned out he was just 1 game shy of 100 games in a row.

As for ghouls! They die all the time, you expect them too. So when they don't, and much less don't even fall over when a better player tries to hurt 'em, you either have to take notice of a potential star in the making, or you GOTTA FIRE YOUR DAMN CHOKING !@#!#!#$!$!$!$%#@@%$@%^!

MO: - Considering the difference in the leader board between you two, your team almost clinched the play off while they are last, you think the fans will take revenge on your team for this result, is the play offs spot in jeopardy?

Ficction: - The fans'll do what the fans'll do. I barely consider the opinions of my own team, let alone the opinions of people who don't even play the game! Much less have ever had a shot at a playoff spot of their own. I think that game going from a W to a draw can rest squarely on Speedo's unfortunate injury. However, let's take a second to look forward here. I saw something strange happen after that game. Speedo was limping around a bit, and he goes over to Flasher and he says something I didn't quite catch. Now watching Flasher on the practice feel, he looks more limber than ever. If I didn't know any better, I'd say Speedo did it on purpose somehow. Like maybe he's planning on retiring and thought to give a portion of his power on to the next generation.

MO: - Bold words Coach, finally, with only 2 matches left and the play offs on sight, do you think you can bring up this team moral and gameplay to face the play offs?

Ficction: - I think we'll do what we do every season. We'll make it to playoffs one last time, and we'll try to get the cup. Or else I'm gonna head on down to the Badlands and see if I can't find A REAL TEAM! WHO CAN FINISH!

MO: - That was juicy Gypsy, let's hope the fans, the team and the management appreciate it as much as the rest of us did.

MO: Well Gypsy, we are going to the press conference with Coach Jimmy Burrito...

(Jimmy Burrito's answers were edited to fit the articles style with his concent and approval)

MO: - Hello Coach, the first half started a little slow for you, the ball was not moving, the players were not leaving he pitch, what made you think that sending Moldby Blue V forward with little to not protection was a good idea? Did you put all your faith in the hired Wizard?

Jimmy Burrito: - He had a big bad wolf to protect him! haha...Gloom & Zoom played excellent defense. We couldn’t remove anyone and they didn’t bite on our attempts to stretch them out. Our wolf got stun on my backfield and I felt like the team was out of time. It was a desperation “you get none of the shots you don’t take” play and it aligned with my desire to bolt speedo so I took it, I was fully expecting to not score though.

MO: - After the Wizard delivered, still Gloom & Zoom had chances to fumble the ball, but the wolves didn't deliver. In the second half we saw that one of your wolves was also removed, and later, Paris Stilton Jr. had the chance on the ballcarrier and failed. Do you think is fair to say that the wolves did not perform at all today?

Jimmy Burrito: - My wolves never deliver. I’m used to it. Havarty and Forever Provolone are the heart of this team. I thought having a Gene Parmesan on the ball would slow him down but I was not surprised when He just got removed. He is the most normal and uninteresting mediocre wolf in all of ReBBL, because of that though, I won’t hesitate to put him in harms way if it could be useful for the team.

MO: - and you bring us to the main issue, do you think that the removal of Havarty at the end of the first half was what allowed Gloom & Zoom to tie the match?

Jimmy Burrito: - Yeah I do; I knew it would be difficult for Ficction's boys to get a kick off return touch down, but there was a chance, so rather than risk it, I made the one turn impossible. I would do it again, but it was unfortunate for me since this gave him the chance to foul and remove Havarty for the rest of the match. 

In the lockers in the half time break, one of my assistants, reminded me that Ficction team does not prepare nor train for Kick of Returns TDs, if I had known that he was not a fan of that kind of play by his team I would have done differently.

But I not going to overprotect my players, the Team is already a little handicapped by our wolves performance. It would be impossible to try to win if I was also trying to protect my Franks all the time.

MO: finally coach, we saw equal teams on the field, and the fans wonder, what happened in the season for your team to end up being last and Gloom & Zoom being second?

Jimmy Burrito: - He is a very good coach with a very good team, we were in Division 4 until this season but the management saw the chance to get into the big league and took it, Moon Moon was the price to pay.

We setted up the off season schedule with a REL 4 competition and that was blow away, and all the hard work had to be shifted towards this new challenge. I think the Team did reasonably in most games this season and it just didn’t work out. A few bad decisions well you know, sometimes you need Nuffle on your side.

I’m happy with the Team’s season overall though.

MO: and with that we are off from here, the stench of death is quite strong. We saw a even match with 2 teams in the opposite parts of the table, it was a great result for Jimmy Burritos's team, and well, you heard it form the Coach himself, a disappointing performance from Gloom & Zoom.

for RNN

this is Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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