10A Futures AllStar Team

I wanted to spend the next couple of weeks highlighting some of the future stars of REBBL.  I plan on going over Divisions 10a-e.  I want all the new and rookie teams and coaches to get a little highlight of some of their hardwork.  Whether you are the playoff contender from your division or the rookie coach in last place you are an important cog in this REBBL wheel.  Thank you.


I found myself in the position of wanting to give back to the REBBL community that gives so much.  The best way to get started is to just start. Hopefully, along the way I create better and better content.


*Note*  All stories and interviews were conducted by Commentator Jim Johnson.  Any falsehoods portrayed do not reflect the views of this network.


While the season rages on a few players have carried their teams.  The cream will rise as they say. As the season and these players develop lets take a look at the 10A Futures AllStar Team.



Honest ta Gob coached by Ass Sucker

Earfart is no slobbering dummy.  In 11 matches he has 7 Casualties, 1 MVP, and 1 Touchdown!  If a coach can’t succeed with Earfart well maybe the Troll isn’t the one who is .


Common Nightmares coached by Hairy Coo

If anyone thinks a Smashed Hand is gonna slow down Being Chased they have got another thing coming.  This star can do it all. In 12 matches this jack of all trades has 1 pass, 2 TDs, 3 Casualties, and most importantly 1 kill.


Horn Stars MMXVIII coached by Mynimo1

Every team needs a grinder and I doubt you can find a better one than Will Pounder.  2 TDs show his offensive skill set, but Will shines on defense.  As someone who doesn’t take no for an answer his 51 Blocks and 2 Crowdsurfs show his presence on the field.  Will Pounder used to play Mutant League Hockey, but funding got low and the league shutdown.


Bouner Boys coached by ProZocK

Khemri can score too!  Custard Slinger is a consistent threat with 7 TDs in only 12 matches.  Custard Slinger is a team player and holds his own on the defensive end. 1 kill and 1 Crowdsurf registered to his name so far this season.  I wouldn’t sleep on a skeleton. I doubt they get much rest.


Sugar n’ Spikes coached by WeeknightWizard

Get in too much of a rush on the field and this star will show you what Thyme it is.  You better get a calculator… ok I’ll do it for you. With 109 Blocks this Blitzer has 53 Injuries inflicted.  That is a staggering 48.6% injury rate.

When Thyme was asked what we can expect from him for the rest of the season his response was to pull his thumb across his throat.  I don’t speak Orc, but I think we can expect more mayhem from this tenacious player.


Jonestown Journeymen coached by rental747

If you ever wanted to see Muhammed Ali play football this is as close as it gets.  So far this season Breg has float and sting. Breg floats through secondaries with 3 TDs on 3 Catches.  If you get the ball in this playmakers hands he is as good as gone.  Breg backs up his flash with some savagery. He has already tallied 4 Casualties and 1 Kill in only 11 matches.


Serpent Lords coached by Koloski

Shira is an athlete among athletes.  With a real focus on the basics this blitzer should see many Allstar games in his long career to come.  What? Curses? No, its ok blodge always holds up *fingers crossed*


Bambino’s Rebellion coached by Arbre

Lil’ Cheese plays has what some psychologists call the Napoleon Complex.  He has always been smaller than most and thus acts like the toughest guy on the field.  Now that he has finally grown his claws he can finally get make all those big bullies pay.


Elves Behaving Badly coached by Queen Elizabeth

I’ve seen a star player before, but nothing quite like this.  Galdosteal is a certifiable 1 woman army. This Witch Elf has 8 TDs and 2 kills in only 11 matches.  When playing her you can only hope that you have some fodder to throw in front of her.

When asked about her lonely 1 Crowdsurf on the year she replied, “They keep dying before I can get them there.”  Well there you have it. Expect more Kills out of Galdosteal in the near future.


Greenskin Brawlers coached by Professor Chaos

Sorruk is a philanthropist of some great renown.  Off the field Sorruk is a self sacrificing philanthropist.  His charity No Orc Left Behind has saved and education thousands of orc children.

No one really knows how he “flips the switch”, but on the field this bloodthirsty killer has Inflicted 2 deaths and 31 injuries.  Forget about the ball, this Blitzer plans on dropping Elbows all game long.


With a REBBL Yell coached by JaspersaurusRex

Nathan Explosion is the kind of Mummy that keeps on giving and giving.  Santa is here and he has pain for everyone. This Pile On Slow Poke (POSP) figures if he can’t run he mine as well smash.  With the season just over the halfway point Nasty Nate already has 8 Casualties.  Nathan Explosion gives any team a rock steady rocker.


Hierarchy coached by Locus Cosecant

Lord Vawn is a Leader who uses action to lead his team to victory.  The son of Sir Cumference, Lord Vawn decided to forge a path outside his families famous pi business. This Lord decided to use his wealth and influence to learn how to smash enemies to dust on the pitch.  His hardwork has paid off with 3 TDs and 3 Casualties.    


The Bashin’ Lizzies coached by Glowmar

This skink may be the smartest player in division 10A.  Oatluaxsor (say that 10 times fast or even once!) has Sustained only 5 blocks on the year.  This dimunuitive lizard darts around the field with intelligence and positioning.  While all the “big stoopids” go for each other this ball hawk is focused on the Rock.  This skink can score with 4 TDs on the year.  


The Klub Scouts coached by Joel

Scooby is gonna give you some trouble and I don’t mean the kind you scrape off your shoe.  

Rumors have circulated recently that Scooby “sold his soul to the wolf.”  A recent publication from The Rookie Insider has an interview with an ex-girlfriend of Scooby’s claiming that Scooby isn’t his real name after all.  Allegedly, his name was Chubb Pearson and he was last pick in his Office Softball League. After feeling the shame of being the worst of the worst Chubb took matters into his own hands (paws?).  

- Atomex

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