MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Butcher's Den Stadium, the frankly quite smelly home of Meat Squad, this midget team that started bad but as the season progressed positioned themselves in a great spot. We came here to appreciate a nice violent match, and the midgets didn't disappoint. Fielding a mad chainsaw goblin, they just slash through the first half, sadly after numerous protest, the ref finally expelled him.

MO: - The Second half started frantic for the midgets, with a clear defense violation that allow the chaos team to pressure early, but the speed of those bulls made up for this and faster than we could finish buying our meat, the midgets were 1 - 0. Chaos started a desperate attempt to tie the match, but with yet again another disappointing match of Endless Nameless, all ended in a solitary attempt to reach the end zone. Quite a boring half if you ask me.

MO: - Gypsy, I will try to talk to Endless before he left the field...

MO: - Endless one second, please Endless...

MO: - Well Gypsy, we are here with The Captain of Primal Concrete Sledge, Endless Nameless... Your thoughts on the match?

Endless Nameless: - Well Michael you see, this nasty midgets brought forbidden weapons to the field, that took us by surprise, and we couldn't manage to play around them, also the smell of meat in the field itself distracted several of our players, foul play all over the place.

MO: - So you are saying, you weren't prepared for the match?

Endless Nameless: - To be honest Michael, I think the New Year festivities right after a crushing defeat destroyed the team moral, many tried to forgot that match in parties, and some may have forgot more than just one game, like how to play the bloody game... And I don't wanna separate myself from this, my performance is disappointing, and I gonna work hard to improve and be as good as I CAN BE, FOR DIMEBAG, ALL HAIL DIMEBAG!!

MO: - So, the swiss finishing sprint is coming, and your chances to reach the play ins are thin...

Endless Nameless: - It is true, but there is still a chance and FOR DIMEBAG, ALL HAIL DIMEBAG, we are going to do our best to reach the play ins, this team, our fans and DIMEBAG, ALL HAIL DIMEBAG!!! deserve it... we are the best.
Excuse me Michael, but I need to be with my team now...

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, a self critic Endless, promising a better look next match, and now to the press conference with Rnuns.

MO: - Hello coach Rnuns, after this great victory what can you tells about the team coming to the match?, you had a rough start but you bounce up and ended in a great spot for the swiss.

Rnuns: - Yes we have some awful luck to start the season, hela's Norse killed Hambone I the bull centaur. RIP. But it's been a good season ever since then, managed to get some really great skills on our bulls and just been throwing 2die blocks ever since. Extra meat meals for the bulls after this week.  They are basically centaur cannibals.  So they will enjoy eating some cows this week.

MO: - Nice, thank you for that info, really necessary. Going back to your team, there is a lot of hostily towards your kind in the league, with bounties placed over all of you, how your guys deal with it? you think is deserved, after today's spectacle with a chainsaw, some might say it is.

Rnuns: - Well I hate playing against Chorfs and Dwarfs too.People can hate all they want , I also try to protect the blockers as much as possible
They are really tough anyways though so even if people want to gang up on them. Still tough sledding, but I have yet to give up any bounties myself, however we have also had 2 hobgobs die this season

MO: - With the regular season coming to and end, you think you can give us your impression of the league, and your objectives for the future?

Rnuns: - This was my first season in REL and I found it to be a great community that fosters a very sporting environment to play in. I may fresh roll after this season into something with more AG and try to hone my ball handling skills. Also playing Chorfs gets a little monotonous sometimes with the pacing and playing for the 2-1 or 1-0 feels limiting .
Personally I just want to improve my play against seasoned opponents and make fewer obvious mistakes.

MO: - Thank you coach, any comments for your opponent, that team feel like falling apart quickly

Rnuns: - Yeah Primal Concrete Sledge put up a really tough fight. I was living in fear of that claw the whole game.  The chainsaw madness of the first half was a real shot in the arm and made the rest of the team play better as their bloodthirsty grew
They threw a lot of punches but we were able to stand up to them . I hate the Beastman that has wrestle. The rain didn't help either, I was lucky they didn't have anyone with an unusual agility. Every turn was tough really, and I just tried to counter methodically and not over pursue.

MO: - And that's it from here, a with an entertaining first half and thanks to the ref, quite boring second, we end the regular season with one team going upwards and the other, well falling apart.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying Goodnight.

- Incesticide

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