MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from Terror Lake Stadium, home of The Thompsons, in here, Nuffle itself showed in the last second to give the Humans an spectacular last second knockdown, followed by a long pass that was received heavily covered and with that Rory Bellows tied the match, and instantly became the local hero.

MO: - Gypsy, the match started with Chaos in the offense, a couple of punches later and the humans removed their first player of the field, and we remembered week 3, when Chaos just started to pile the corpses. But this time the humans punched back, and even tho they took some risky hits on the warriors, at the end the first half ended 1-0 for Chaos, but Humans winning in the casualty department.

MO: - The second half started exactly as the first half ended, with a brawl in the center of the pitch, this time without the need of protecting the ball, the Chaos players founded easier to pin and hit Humans, but the hummies did not shy from this, this time not as effective as in the first half. Midway through the half the Humans were pinned and surrounded in the center of the pitch, Jacques Strap decided to run by himself through a small gap, leaving his team behind. Just a second later, Endless Nameless took him down and with that we imagine that Chaos closed the match. Some punches and Hairspray Queen had the ball.

MO: - Then in a play that fans in the stadium called "touched by Nuffle", Oliver Klozoff dodge away, run more that he usually can and injured Hairspray Queen, Guy Incognito pushed Downer away to allow Max Power II to reach the ball, in the second try Max made the long pass to Rory Bellows, tightly mark by Aero Zeppelin, Jacques Strap took a risky hit on him to move him away and in a long sprint Rory got the TD.

MO: - Gypsy we are going to try to get a few words from Coach Incesticide before he leaves the stadium.

MO: - Coach, coach, one minute please.

Incesticide: - Sure Michael, good evening people.

MO: - Thank you coach, tell us, what can be said about this last second glorious play.

Incesticide: - Well, I can't say anything about that play, was touched by Nuffle, nobody can argue with that. But I have to say, Hairspray Queen took a bad decision, He explained it to me, wanted to give the ball to Refuse, but cost us the game.

MO: - with this tie, your team is out of the play ins, how the team feels about this.

Incesticide: - Michael, to be honest, after that shameful defeat against the elitist elves, we had a long discussion with the owners and decided that the objective of the season was to develop team chemistry and abilities, and with that, our season results suffered. Is all for the future.

MO: - So you are telling the fans, that this matches for your team were more a training exercise than a competition?

Incesticide: - I'm not saying, we are not trying to win, only that we prioritize different aspects, winning is not the most important thing for us now.

MO: - You think the fans...

Incesticide: - I'm sorry Michael, I have to go, will see you next week.

MO: - Well Gypsy, there you have it, a Coach that accepts his team is no longer playing for anything, I just hope the fans don't take it on them on their way home for breaking their dreams of championship.

MO: - And now to the press conference of Turd Ferguson...

MO: - Well Coach can you tell us about that last second play? We saw an entertaining match, but that play, you must be thrilling

Turd Ferguson: - Yes, I think everything that could go right went right there. Even though there was definitely a mistake when Max Power picked up and threw that ball before  the blitzer blocked down the beastman. It worked out in the end. Exciting way for the match to end. These boys have been working hard, it is just great to see results.

MO: - Yes, you have an rough start of the season, but your boys kept giving it all match after match, and Rory's catch seem like a reward to that effort. Can you tells us a little about your season?

Turd Ferguson: - It's been rough. We've lost a lot of good men out there. First play of the first match really set the team back, two injuries including a death made things rough. The team has worked hard, with a lot of help from some journeymen. The effort paid off with a Win a few weeks ago, and now another good result today. Proud of this team.

MO: - Some people had said that this league is way to harsh on new coaches, as a New Coach yourself, you have any thoughts on that?

Turd Ferguson: - Definitely a learning curve. It has been about 3 years since I've been coaching in competitive matches. Trial by fire. It's a great learning experience. I feel that it has been great experience to play against all these great coaches.

MO: - and with only 3 matches left on the season, what are your goals for this team?

Turd Ferguson: - Keep working, get stronger, field a full roster.

MO: - Well Gypsy, there you have it, in a match where Nuffle was present, all we have to say is, %0.294 works every time.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell, saying Goodnight.

- Incesticide

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