MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Pit Stadium home of Primal Concrete Sledge, in what used to be the beautiful port town of River Plate. After a streak of matches away from home, we finally were able to come to this beautiful stadium again to watch some carnage.

MO: - The game was as one-sided as expected, from the moment the league added 3 fresh teams to this division, we knew that the difference in player skills and synergy was too much, the brave Necromantic team took the challenge with stoic determination, and well, when Hack did not help and the wizard did not deliver, the Wraith Reavers felt out of tools to deal with this Chaos team.

MO: - On the other hand, Primal Concrete Sledge had A LOT to prove in front of their fans, fans that just last week attacked and injured some of them. And what to say about the fans, the extra security that the league forced the team to install in The Pit to declare a safe stadium to play was indeed needed, but not to preserve the opponents life, but to stop the angry fans from invading the pitch to kill their team. Before the match talking to some fans we knew that even if they won, they WANT the coach and some player’s heads.

MO: - Gypsy, we are going to try to get a word from Coach Laguna Calahad...

Laguna Calahad: - ‘nods’

MO: - Hello there Coach, I know this is a delicate time for you and your guys, this was another hard to swallow defeat, but do you have any thoughts you wanna share?

Laguna Calahad: - Well, fair play to the Reaver lads for coming here today and giving it their best, especially after the short lived season end for the new Wolf Nanaki who unfortunately passed away last week at his first match. This hit the boys hard and morale was starting to drop. It now looks like more funerals to come and I don’t think there’s much chance of recovering from this one Michael.

MO: - Hack and the wizard were really disappointing, would you ever consider dealing with them again?

Laguna Calahad: - Well I’d sent a few scouts to a few matches at the weekend where Hack made swift work of an orc team and thought he’d be a great addition to an underdog team…unfortunately that wasn’t the case and my last 3 experiences using him have ended in disaster…I’m afraid I won’t be considering using him again. The wizard was a rookie straight out of the Colleges of Magic so I wasn’t expecting much anyways.

MO: - Your team felt a little underdeveloped to join this swiss, did you consider the Owner decision to set up this for your guys was a rush decision?

Laguna Calahad: - The coaching staff and myself weren’t too happy about the decision but we tried our best soldier on the best we could. Unfortunately we have paid a heavy price.

MO: - Finally Coach, since you are starting your career in the sport, and seeing what this management has done to the team, do you consider moving forward to a team where the Owner gives you full control of the team?

Laguna Calahad: - I believe my time as Head Coach at the Reavers has now come to an end and the board want me out by the end of the season, however I look forward to coming back next season with a new squad, eager to please the fans. Thanks Michael.

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, stoic words from a Coach that find himself in hard spot, and knew pretty well that his next team will be his real chance.

MO: - And now we are going to the press conference from Coach Incesticide.

MO: - Hello there Coach, even tho this victory was important, you think is too little to late, the fans are really against you and some of the players, and it seems that they will not stop until they get your head.

Incesticide: - Good evening Michael, yes I know the fans are disappointed, but I want them to remember that at the begging of the season we were an elf team, the artifact transmuted them and now we are something else. The players are still getting used to their new bodies, and somethings are still creating problems to them.

MO: - But Coach, with the strong start, the fans expect a lot more, even the Owner invested in another enhancement in the stadium when your guys went to the away from home part of the season, and now it seems it worked against you.

Incesticide:- I'm glad that we enhanced the stadium, we are going to need League ready for next season, because our objective is to get to the play offs, and the old stadium wasn't ready to host such a big event.

MO: - The fans again tried to attack your team, this time, thanks to the extra security couldn't, you think they are going to continue?

Incesticide: - I hope tomorrow, when they think about the season so far, feel less inclined to kill their players, the guys are doing their best. And I wanna take a moment to send a pray to Dimebag for the poor souls that die stopping the riots of the half time.

MO: - Coach, what about the last match of the regular season...

Incesticide: - You know as well as the public we don't know who is going to be, I don't have more information than you. That is all, good night everybody.

MO: - Well Gypsy there you have it, there was not a lot to say about this match, more than, maybe both Owners made mistakes, one accepting the Swiss invitation with a new team and the other Upgrading the stadium, adding more fans for the riots they wanna provoke.

for RNN

Michael Orwell saying Goodnight.

- Incesticide

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