MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from Mazdamundi Dome, home of Big Maz Blitzers, this time around the weather was bearable and with this little change both teams allowed themselves to go full in, the result, a bloody mess.

MO: - Gypsy both the analyst and the fans expected a bloodless timid match, and this couldn't been further from the truth, as soon as the ball moved both teams started to spill blood on the field, first Endless Nameless then Garconquasor, and the fans, woke from they slumber. Seeing they camarade being taken out infuriated the Chaos players that rapidly removed the Kroxs and KO the offender. Must say that both apothecaries worked really well, but the lizards one, even allowed the Kroxs to get back in the game.

MO: - After this explosive start the match entered in a plateau of nothingness, Chaos Warriors hitting lizards in the middle of the field, some sporadic ramming goat, but crossing the half way of the half, Endless again removed a player, this time a Skink, and with that the Chaos team started to move forward, and the Lizards just let them. Hairspray Queen run in for a TD just before the end of the half. With only the kick of return to play for, the Lizard preferred just to stomp on a goat, the result, a big injury on Mexican Seafood and Otz of Despair expel.

MO: - The second half started somewhat slower, the Lizards could not move forward and the Chaos team felt comfortable just defending. Suddenly the Lizards attack shifted and left most of their Sauri stuck on the other side of the pitch. Aero Zeppelin took his chance and surfed Garconquasor out of the pitch and soon after injured another skink, but this was not enough to stop the remaining skinks from just pick up the ball from the feet of half Chaos team, run around them in circle and finally scoring, with only seconds to go, Refuse decided that Garconquasor should leave the pitch for the third time, and with that the match ended.

MO: - Gypsy, we are going to try to catch Coach Incesticide...

MO: - Coach Incesticide, one second, please... Tell us a little about the match, everybody though this would be a bloodless match, what happened?

Incesticide: - Well Michael, this are two strong and aggressive teams, and you cannot tell your players to not play their game, was a bloody match, a shame it cost us 2 players for the Swiss, Mexican Seafood needs to go to revision, he might even end put down.

MO: - This season seems to have no end, this is going to be the second Swiss that your team has to enter, after the finalization of regular season, any thoughts on that?

Incesticide: - Not knowing who is going to be your opponent in advance, makes the week training kind of unhelpful, we focused on generic moves and abilities, but having a settled calendar works better for Coaches.

MO: - You are saying you cant prepare your team as you would like?

Incesticide: - We would like to schedule the whole season in advance, but we do as we need, and I think we ended in a good spot. We were seeded in the Swiss A, the more competitive one, and now we will have to face strong opposition for 2 more matches. I hope I'm up to the task, I know the boys are ready and committed to prove everybody why they are destined to glory in the arms of Dimebag...

MO: - Coach... Well Gypsy, he just left, seems he is getting reports on some of the opposition for the next 2 matches, lots of work to do, so little time. And now we are going to the press conference with Jerzima.

MO: - Coach Jerzima, before the match the annalist speculated that both team were going to protect their players more than anything else, but we saw a bloody match, was your first idea to keep your players alive with next season as your goal?

Jerzima: - Yes you bet that was the plan, but its always a difficult time trying to keep your players unbloodied from a excellent chaos team, once the blood started flying there was no stopping it.

MO: - Yet again we saw quite an spectacle from your Skinks, dodging around, catching the ball, stomping on people, tell us Coach, what are your sauri lacking in order to perform as expected and see this team as the power house the fans expect?

Jerzima: - The skinks have totally been the ball hogs this season which has some of the Sauri rather miffed. They ev lodged a formal complaint against the offensive coordinator in that they stuffed him in the dug out after the game.

MO: - Talking about the season that just finished, was what you expected? The fans seem rather happy with the performance.

Jerzima: - At the start of the season analysts predicted the Blitzers would end up 4th in the div. There were some missteps on defense throughout the season and obviously we didn't end up quite that high, but all in all it has been a good season. I am looking forward to improving the team and my coaching skills going forward.

MO: - Finally Coach, do you have any ideas where you are going to land next season, are you staying with this team, do you prefer any place to set up and start growing?

Jerzima: - I plan to return with the Blitzers next season, they still have a lot of room to grow and the fans enjoy what shenanigans Oats of Despair will get into each match.

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, both coaches seem content with their seasons so far, both think their teams needs more practice and field experience and both teams love blood...

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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