MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Pit Stadium home of Primal Concrete Sledge, in what used to be the beautiful port town of River Plate. We enjoyed a bloody mess from two teams that not avoid confrontation, an interesting first half where both touch downs where made, and a second half that was mostly a bloodbath.

MO: Gypsy, we also were witnesses of a great success of politics, the inclusion of Zara in the human team, following the managment press conference when their new PR team declared that inclusion was an important policicy for The Thompsons, and quotas would be imposed on the coach.

MO: Gypsy, gonna try to catch turd_ferguson...

O: - we are here with turd_ferguson, tells us coach, what did you told the guys after that awful first half? they seemed rather pumped up, and they show a great display of character and violence on the second half...

TF: - you know, I just told them to have fun out there. We've been through bashy teams before, just like the High Elves in the first game, we can persevere. I think Maya Normusbutt really took that to heart and played one hell of a second half. He deserved that MVP. He's looking forward to learning a new skill. Also, put a bounty on the claw goat. That was a goal for us to work towards

MO: - for your sake coach, I hope you are good on your word... there were rumors that the team managment was pushing for a diversity quota and thats why Zara showed up today, any comments on that?

TF: - well, she threatened to cut us with big knife of hers, and well, she's just part of the team now

MO: - we sure are happy to see diversity and inclusion on the blood bowl pitch, and we surely hope this starts a trend.
lastly coach, the fans are rather dissapointed with the team performance this season so far, we know the managment supports you 100%, but to the fans, do you have something to say?

TF: - Just know fans, we're training hard to get into shape to compete with the rest of them. Some unfortunate first minutes have caused some problems, but I believe that we can get a victory this season.

MO: - We are going to hear the press conference from Incesticide...

In: - ...And we are glad to show the fans, the League and the managment that all rumors about dissent in the locker rooms were false, and the team once again showed violence and gave the fans what they wanted, BLOOD AND VICTORY!

MO: - Coach Incesticide, are you saying that what Endless Nameless said last match was miss interpreted by us?

In: - Hello Michael, no Im not saying that you miss interpreted, Im saying that after a match hearts beat fast, and bloodlust makes everything go out of propotion... the Team is united, the players are together and with only 1 goal, to qualify to the play ins and get to division 9 as soon as posible.

MO: - One more thing Coach, any thoughs on the diversity quota that The Thompsons managment imposed on their coach?

In: - Im not willing to talk about other team decisions, but I will say this, as an Elf myself, I find dificult to diferentiate humans anyways, never notice a female was in the pitch.

Mo: - So Gypsy, with this we end the transmition from The Pit, Chaos prevaled, blood was spilled, touchdowns were scored and as the fans say on this lands... ALL HAIL DIMEBAG!


Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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