MO: Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Pit Stadium home of Primal Concrete Sledge, in what used to be the beautiful port town of River Plate. We enjoyed a bloody mess from two teams that reflect the differences on this division, we saw a match that started with a blitz that changed the landscape and gave the WRU Slann FC fans hope that this match could be different. But soon chaos take control and did what they do best, passing scoring and KILLING.

MO: We even saw a pass that touched the ground and then was catched... the ref said nothing, but again, he was on a hostile environment and the Chaos Players were already annoyed with him for the glare defense invasion on the first kick that he let go...

MO: - Gypsy, we are here with the team owner, he watched the match right next to his coach, and we are glad to have the opportunity to talk with him...

MO: - Good Afternoon Excel, you are here, right next to your coach and your team, and we saw this painful match, any words?

Excel: - Hi there, I'm extremely disappointed in my team's performance and their unwillingness to stay alive during the match.  Very unprofessional, but it's what I've come to expect from my team this season.

MO:  - and what do you think about the match?, and mostly the ref performance, in the first half we saw that the ball touched the floor, but he allowed the reception, giving the chaos team an undeserved advantage.

Excel: - The ref did a fine job.  It's my players I'm worried about.  They constantly under perform.  I do think the ref could have done a better job and made sure that the Chaos players didn't punch too hard.

MO: - we heard a rumor on the league's booth, that you were playing to ask the league if they allow you to change your whole roster, since this guys were done, is this true?

Excel: - In typical Kislev fashion, I've decided to burn down this circus and  rebuild.  I've run out of bear handlers back home that we can move into the team as catchers,  and a team of lineman trying to leap everywhere by themselves?  That's not a show I'd pay for.

MO: - the fans understand, we know they are very disappointed with the player's performance... we heard a rumor that the Owner of Primal Concrete Sledge offer you his extra transmuted elfs for you to form your own Dimebag's Breed Chaos team, can you say anything about this?

Excel: - I have no official comment about Dimebag. He has a known reputation for a number of reasons but I have to say that transmuted elfs are worth every penny!

MO: - Gypsy, now were are going to catch the press conference from the winner...

Incesticide: - so as you can see, we entertained the fans, the ones that come for the passes and the TDs and the Dimebag's devotees that come for the blood and death... a bit of everything...

MO: - Coach Incesticide, what can you tell of the brillant performance of your captain, and with this can we bury the rumors of team dissent?

Incestice: - Hello Michael, as I told you before, team dissent was a rumor, an awful rumor. The team is stronger than ever and is leaded by the best player on the Division, he kills, he pass, he recives and he maims... what more can you ask for, the team follows his lead.

MO: - And coach, do you have any words about the rumors that the Team Owner offer Excel your sparrings to form his own Dimebag's Chaos Team?

Incestice: - I cannot comment over rumors, nor I can know what the owners talk between themselves, but I can say that if its in Dimebag's name, is a great idea and helps the whole world... ALL HAIL DIMEBAG!!!

MO: - Coach Incesticide, and what about the ref performance?

Incestice: - This conference is over, see you all next week, WE WILL WIN IN DIMEBAG'S NAME! ALL HAIL DIMEBAG!

MO: - Well Gypsy, that is all from here, death was present, controversy was present, and the dark tide of CHAOS is in the rise...

for RNN

Michael Orwell saying good night.

- Incesticide

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