MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Pit Stadium home of Primal Concrete Sledge, in what used to be the beautiful port town of River Plate. In a really turn of events, in the last match of the regular season in the beautiful field, we watched a complete outplay, outbash and outelfed Chaos team. The beginning of the match started promising for Primal Concrete Sledge, with a removal, but sooner rather than later, the team found itself outbashed and surrounded by the elves and they procede to just hit the crap out of them.

MO: - The first half ended when the elves stole the ball and scored. After that, the sensation on the stadium was of a finished match. The second half started with the ball on the Puffin's hands, they easily scored the second touchdown, knowing they could just stop chaos before the midfield and score again. A diminished (both numerically and mentally) chaos team tried to push forward, but at the end, the elves sacked the ball carrier once again for an easy 3-0 end result.

MO: - Gypsy, we are here the proud coach of The Thunderous Puffins, Voyager I...

MO: -  Coming into the match, Primal Concrete Sledge was the favorite, was this a factor in your pre-match pep talk?

Voyager I: -  We noted a pretty good spread of development on the Chaos team with no obvious weaknesses to exploit, and an even TV meant it was going to come down to an honest game of Blood bowl from both teams.

MO: - Your team don't seem to mind punching, ain't this a weird feature on an elf team, was your plan from the start or your players made you change your strategy?

Voyager I: -  Strength 3 across the board and decent armor means High Elves can do a good job of standing their ground if the screen is pressed without enough weight.  If you want to move the cage forward, we're gonna make you work for it.

MO: - you feel this Chaos team was not up to the test, seemed a little to easy for you guys out there.

Voyager I: -  The Elves did a good job of turning the hits they got into removals, which put Chaos on the back foot from the beginning.  It's really hard to push through Elves when they have a man advantage and you have to protect the ball from cage dives.

MO: - what are your goals for this season, and words for the fans that are cheering your name on the streets?

Voyager I: -  The first season for a team is expected to be mostly about player development, but I'd be lying if I said we weren't trying to win every time we hit the field.

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, an exultant coach smelling the playoff chance. Now we are going to hear the press conference from Primal Concrete Sledge...

MO: - Coach Incesticide, this match was a complete disaster, we know that people want your head, and we wanna know, does the team still believes in you?

Incesticide: - Hello there Michael, the defeat was indeed horrendous, I understand the fans, that was an awful display, and is all on me, I let my desire to destroy this petulant elves get the best of me, the game plan was awful and I am personally ashamed, I know the whole team is... and they want revenge.

MO: - I see a Resist right next to you, why him, why not Endless Nameless, your captain...

Resist: - I will answer that, I'm Resist, twin brother of Refuse, and I'm here to tell the fans that my brother is fine, but needs some time to recover his hand... and also to blame the town blacksmith for the poor armor he gave us, twice this season my brother suffer because of it, I SAY NO MORE, DIMEBAG SAYS NO MORE... KILL HIM, BURN HIS FORGE TO THE GROUND... DIMEBAG COMMANDS IT, ALL HAIL DIMEBAG!!!

MO: - Well Gypsy, I think I better leave this place while I can, we leave with questions in our heads, are this elves really that great, or this chaos team was just lucky until now... Next week will decide a lot, and without a bounce back, I don't see a future for Incesticide and this franchise...

for RNN

Michael Orwell saying good night.

- Incesticide

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