MO: - Hello everybody, I'm Michael Orwell, reporting from Rathaus Stadium, home of The Exsqueakables. We witness a one side match, with The Exsqueakables just doing whatever they wanted and a Chaos team disconcerted, disoriented and frankly painfully outmatched.

MO: - Gypsy, the match started with the ball on the rats paws, fast we saw Negative Creep being removed from the pitch, a few seconds later, The Exsqueakables were 1-0. The fans screaming in rage; Gypsy, surprisingly enough, most fans were Chaos fans, but with raging fury against their own team. A deep kick forced Chaos to split to recover the ball, at this point Primal Concrete Sledge took an opportunity and took a rat out, fast the Rats responded removing Endless Nameless from the pitch. The Rats swarmed the ball and with a well placed Fireball, 1 goat got removed, one KO, and 2 stunned, and with that the Rats were 2.

MO: - Another kick from the rats, and the public showed their discontent by throwing a rock to Shredding, removing him too, at this point, we saw the Chaos Coach screaming to their players to protect one another and try to practice some passes. The kick was against deep, Chaos no longer had the players to protect it, the Rats recover it and scored for the 3rd time.

MO: - The Second Half started again with the ball on Chaos side, this time, the Goats just grabbed the ball and passes 1 to the other, the Rats just felt happy smashing chaotic players. Slowly, with lots of passes between themselves, Aero Zeppelin scored, the rats, not even near him. The Rats had one more chance for an easy score, a quick snap made it even easier, but they choose just to keep smashing Chaos players.

MO: - Well Gypsy, we are going to catch a word with Coach Incesticide...

MO: - Coach Incesticide, a word please... Tell us, any thoughts on what happened here today, you think this is all on you?

Incesticide: - Hello Michael, hello ReBBL, of course is all on me, we cannot figure out how to protect ourself against fast and nimble teams, and it showed the whole season.

MO: - And what about the fans, are you surprised that they came all the way here just to cheer against your team?

Incesticide: - We knew there was going to be a lot of Primal Concrete Sledge fans on the stadium, we never imagined they were going to attack our players.

MO: - Did you ask your team to just protect themselves from the rats and practice their passes, aint that just too weak for a Chaos team, Dimebag must be disapointed

Incesticide: - We needed to adapt, the rats removed way to many players way to fast, the wizard and the fans didn't helped either, and we were 3-0, not much we could had done at that point.

MO: - And about Negative Creep, how is it, the Apothecary Azazel look was rather grim...

Incesticide: - He was put down, at least we got ourselves a feats on the way back, we do hope we play in our field again soon, and the fans do understand the situation and support the team more than ever, this are bleak times for this team. Have a good day Michael, we have to go, before the fans swarm the pitch and kills us all...

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, a Coach centered in the future, but sailing an horrendous present, lets hope the administration and the fans give him a chance, this might not be the case.

MO: - And now with the press conference from the winners...

MO: - Well Gypsy, we are here with Coach Haroshia, good afternoon coach. Powerful gameplay from your team today, we saw them running in circles around a Chaos team that was more concerned with the public than the rats kicking their asses. This is how you envisioned the game?

Haroshia: - I honestly couldn't brielieve it! We've come a long way from our early days of struggling just to earn some cheddar. I knew the game would be bloody, as all games against Chaos are, but scoring 3 touchdowns in the first half felt pretty damn gouda.

MO: - We witness a full stadium, with Chaos fans being the majority, you were suprised with them cheering for you rats, even attacking their own team?

Haroshia: - I think it was just an issue of aim! When you have a little baby swiss next to a big ole wheel of Parmessan like a Chaos Warrior, of course the wheel is gonna get devoured.

MO: - Going to the match itself, your guys were really aggressive in the first half, the second saw them tired, do they need to get more training during the week, so we can witness full match with the same performance from them?

Haroshia: - Tired?! Far from it! They were looking at the ball like it was covered in nuts and made of cream cheese! I told them to hang back and focus on staying safe since our lead was so commanding. It didn't make sense for them to be hyper aggressive and get mascarpowned

MO: - Well coach, that was not what seemed from the outside, anyways... in the last seconds of the match there was a clear opportunity to score one more TD, what stopped your guys, this same command, you call for that TD to not be scored?

Haroshia: - I blame bloodlust honestly, and take responsibility as a coach. My fast boys have always been scared about taking those last few dangerous steps, and I'm pretty sure even though my apothicary was there he had eaten the magic sponge after mistaking it for a a block of Swiss. On the other hand, my strong boys had gotten a taste of goat blood, and it made them act like some kind of muensters. I was too focused on letting them get another taste.

MO: - and finally coach, with only two matches left in the regular season, care to share with us your impressions of this, your first season in ReBBL?

Haroshia: - I think we're off to a good start, but as a Skaven coach I know we're always one game away from disaster. We nearly had that game against Spacelion where we got pitched cleared and totally roque'd. I hope we don't face him again in our next few games but that's up to the mysteries of the swiss! At least our next match we'll be at full strength, since this match my injured boys spent their time sitting around the Wizard encouraging him to perform better than the last time we faced Primal Concrete Sledge.
Speaking of, they're looking at us with those same eyes now, so I think it's time for some celebratory fondue. Watch us next game fans!

MO: - Well Gypsy, there you have it, a Rat team that started undefeated, then hitted a bump, and now they are again on the race for the Play ins; and on the Chaos side what can be said, the players are great, the roster is well balance but the Coach abilities are in question.



This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight.



- Incesticide

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