MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from The Market Stadium, home of Fruity Kisses, where we watched the classical clash between orc and elf... the match started poorly for the emo elves, with Raspberry Beret being removed on the first punch. Soon after that the orcs tried to stomp Cherry Crush, Fruity Kisses, the ref was keen to send him off. After that the half transcurred as expected, the orcs caging and removing, and the elves trying to screen and get a chance to steal the ball. A mistake by Guyere half way the half gave the elves that chance, but Macedonia wasted it. With pressure in them the orcs tried to secure the ball, but Lilly didn't waste the second chance, got the ball lose.

MO: - after watching the orcs trying to pick up the ball, a wizard decide to punish them with a fireball that injured one and stun a few others... the ball lose, and the elves close to all important defensive score. After the ball jumped back and forth for most of the half, sadly the score was 0-0 going to the lockerooms.

MO: - With the advantage of a successful defense, the elves started the second half waiting and letting the clock run...this tactic was taken to the extreme, and failed move allowed the orcs to surround the ball, in a desperate attempt to pass, the ball went off field  and again, the ball started his journey in the grass... picking, losing, throwing, and losing again. Finally by the end of the half Swiss IV decided to end this charade, pick the ball and run straight for the endzone. and with that this clowny match ended 1-0 for the orcs.

MO: - Gypsy, I'm here with winning Coach Strategiccheese

MO: - Hi Strategiccheese, we just witness a weird spectacle on the field, whats your thoughts on that, did you expected this kind of match?

Strategiccheese: - I'm not sure what to make of the match to be honest. i think the boys were just tired of this particular elf team and didn't really care about the ball. i kinda expected something like this but i thought that my ball handlers would pay more attention to the ball then they did.

MO: - talking about ball handlers coach, at the first half a mistake by your star Guyere, gave the elves a clear shot to the ball, followed by a wizard strike that completely stopped your progress, you were worried after all this?

Strategiccheese: - i was worried at first but after i saw the positioning i felt fairly secure that we could pin the attacking elves to the sideline and toss them out. unfortunately they somehow managed to avoid going off the field. after the half i was a bit concerned that we hadn't scored or done any actual damage however.

MO: - as you said, the second half looked bright for the elves, equal footing on casualties and a 0 on your board, you were a little surprise when they left the ball carrier so open? they seemed rather happy with just running around your players and ignoring the ball completely.

Strategiccheese: - I understood the plan of hide in the back field and just throw the ball when we committed to hitting the carrier,typical pointy eared coward strategy, however I was surprised that they didn’t seem to care when we pressured them it was like the didn’t think they could fail underestimating da boyz I think.

MO: - and finally coach, entering the last sprint of the regular season, your thoughts on the season in general and your chance to made it to the play offs?

Strategiccheese: - It’s been an interesting season a lot of variety of play styles now that da boyz have warmed up after the off-season I think we can do it
It’ll be close and the opponents claws are sharp, but we hit harder.

MO: - And now Gypsy, let's hear what Coach Ledeas has to say about the match...

MO: - Hello Coach Ledeas. Can you tell us a little about your game plan coming to this match, you feel the team reflected it?

Ledeas: - I was trying to survive. That is always plan A. So we did that. Plan B was to try and draw Orcs into making mistakes that could be exploited. We were able to do that. Yet we could not capitalize on those moments. Just want to thank Eldril Sidewinder.
He did a lot for the team and we would hire him again.
MO: - In the first half we saw your team being really aggressive at the first sign of weakness from the orcs, and you did got the ball lose, but after that, well the ball became elusive for your guys, you feel the festivities took a toll on your team? some looked rather clunky for elves.

Ledeas: - Well the age and injuries of the team have taken a toll here and there. We tried several things and really I feel if any one of them had worked the orcs would have been burned.

MO: - indeed coach, after the first half your team seems in control of the match, but you lose the ball in a rather awkward situation, can you comment on that?

Ledeas: - So after some drinking... I am not sure. There was a moment that a surprise failed dodge put me in a rough spot.
I often try to arrange a trick or two, but this time they did not bring any success. The fireball was fun though.

MO: - after that, again we saw both teams trying to pick up the ball,  besides the fireball, was any other magical trickery on the pitch?

Ledeas: - Just the magic trick where the orcs punched the elves and they took instant naps. Honestly it was a tough match up and Cheese was able to capitalize.
So he deserves his W. But he did need all 16 rounds to get that one point.

MO: - and finally coach, coming the final sprint of the regular season, what is your objective, is the play offs a real possibility?

Ledeas: - Play offs have never been a goal for me. Who went to the round 16 games in season 7? No one remembers. But players names live on. Daisy was a star. Fig helped people realize all the things an assassin could do. The Kiwi Kid well be remembered as a magnificent thrower.
Fruity Kisses will be remembered as a team that was better than the coach and passing. I can live with that

MO: - coach, I have to ask, it sounds as you're saying goodbye to the team, is this the final season with you in front of this team?

Ledeas: - Unless something shows me a reason to change my mind. Yes. Fruity Kisses created the first Dark Elf Legend in Cherry Crush. Our players have gone out to other teams and honestly it is time for the survivors to retire. Maybe they will find new home out there or coaching jobs of their own.

MO: - Well Gypsy, there you have it, a Coach stating that he will leave at the end of the season a match that had everything but ball playing, elves dancing around the greenskins and surprisely greenskins trying to move the ball forward. Great fun for everybody, mostly people fan of odd things.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying Goodnight.

- Incesticide

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