MO: - Hello there ReBBL, here we are once again with the start of a new series. This season we will focus on REL 4B, a division with a lot of interesting teams, lots of coaches that come from minors, different teams and play styles and overall a nice and diverse division. The objective as usual is to give you some entertainment and the chance for everybody to know a bit more about their fellow coaches.

MO: - Today I have the pleasure to give you Sunhawk, Coach of Nightmare on Elf Street(Dark Elves).

MO: - Hello Sunhawk, tell us a little about yourself and your Blood Bowl history.

Sunhawk: - I’ve been in ReBBL for about 3 years now. Always the same Dark Elf team. I like them too much to change, although lately they haven’t liked me.

I can go back to TT 3rd edition, so mid 90’s I started playing.

MO: - What can you tell us about your team?

Sunhawk: - Gregor Clegane, Michael Myers, and the Illusive man are the only original players left. Rest have all been replaced. I’d really like to get the Illusive man to level 7, never actually gotten a player to that level.

My best season I ended in 4th place, I was in first for about half the season and then fell off right at the end. Would love to make playoffs with these guys.

MO: - Talking about playoffs, how do you see your chances to make it this season?

Sunhawk: - I think I have a shot, but most likely will fall short. Probably be top 5, I think anything less would be a disappointment.

Would have liked to have tied my first match, but oh well.

MO: - Your team is one of the stronger, maybe even the strongest in the division. What make you think you will fall short?

Sunhawk: -I tend to play well, give a headache for my opponent but usually make one crucial mistake that costs me.

Or nuffle just hates me and I roll nothing but 1’s.

MO: - If you wanted anything for your team, what would be?

Sunhawk: - Hm... Well I wanna get one of my stars to level 7. That and playoffs are probably my two biggest goals. Being greedy I would love a line elf or two to get guard. I think that would really help me.

MO: - And what do you think of the division you landed?

Sunhawk: - This is my first time with these coaches, other than one match with Ellye in clan so it’ll be interesting.

I think the Skaven and other Dark Elf team are probably the favorites, and I think Primal Concrete Sledge can make noise also.

MO: - And finally, any thoughts about your next opponent, The Bifrost Guardians?

Sunhawk: - No disrespect to him but looking at the roster it think it’s a match up I have to win if I want to have a successful season.

So I should lose 2-0 and get 3 deaths lol.

MO: - There you have it, Sunhawk and his imposing Dark Elves. Hope you guys enjoy reading this as I enjoy interviewing the Coaches and writing this articles. Next time, Nexus with his Nurgle, The Fashion Police.


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This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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