MO: - Hello there ReBBL, specially REL 4B. A new season starts and with that a new series of articles, trying to bring light to another division and another group of Coaches and their teams. As you know, this should not be taken to seriously, my opinions have no value or arguments to sustain them; and with this in mind, lets start.

Nightmare on Elf Street(Dark Elves) - Coach: Sunhawk

TV: 1900(24-16-46)

MO: - One of the Dark Elves in the division, Coach Sunhawk has a long history with this team, almost 90 matches with them. For starts I have to assume that Sunhawk knows the ins and outs of this team, and the team looks gorgeous.Having 4 agility 5 elves sounds like a dream, this team has every tool necessary to win 13 matches, I suppose the only problem this coach might face is that he has way too many great players to protect, and as we all know, elves get removed sooner or later.

Prediction: Top 5.

The Bifrost Guardians(Norse) - Coach: UrWolf

TV: 1510(19-7-24)

MO: - Well this team probably had better days.The team consist of 10 players, lacks the Yethee and development on key positionals. On the good side, they have 2 nice pieces and a star on the rise, Gutspear. I suppose this season is going to be a rough season for this team, but if Gutspear can carry them and AV 7 becomes adamantium, well who knows.

Prediction: Bottom Half.

The Darkness Rises(Dark Elves) - Coach: EllyBee

TV 1900(9-7-5)

MO: - I'm surprised with this team, the development is impressive considering how young this team is. I hear Elly casting a lot of matches and seems to know the game and how to win. The team has a pomber, a str 4 witch and an agi 5. What a would like, try to feed the agi 5 and the pomber, other than that, this team is ready for playoffs.

Prediction: Top 3.

MO: - Gladly we had the chance to talk to EllyBee and she was kind enough to answer a few questions.

EllyBee: - I absolutely love my team. They finished first in my div in Minors, even with a rough closing, and I like their skill set. They're still missing a couple of things to be really "complete", but I have a str 4 witch and a POMB blitzer, so assuming I don't play like a fool and can keep most of them alive, I think they'll serve me well.

There're some scary folks in this div. Those other dark elves are terrifying, the nurgle are dangerous, and Finnie has his stupid natty one turner, so this should be a very competitive and exciting div. I would like to get a Challenger's Cup ticket.

Leapin' Lizards(Skaven) - Coach: Gahzgkull

TV 1330(10-7-16)

MO: - Another team that I have to assume suffered heavy casualties, but it has all it needs, 4 gutters 2 well developed and a killer clawpomber vermin. Can we rule out a Skaven team as long as it's alive, no we can't; even if we liked too. I think in this division developing rats might be rough and if the calendar is not kind to them, I can see them explode early in the season.

Prediction: Bottom Half.

Primal Concrete Sledge(Chaos) - Coach: Incesticide

TV 2010(10-9-14)

MO: - Well, once again we found this team, last season was mediocre as I predicted. This time I have to say, the rumor is that the owner will kick the coach if he does not end top 3. I don't think Incesticide is good enough to deliver, for sure the team is better than him.

Prediction: Bottom Half.

Valparaiso Bulls(Chaos Dwarves) - Coach: Bryan506

TV 1420(6-6-5)

MO: - Well this team seems a bit undercooked, I heard he suffered a bit by the end of last season, but has 2 nice bulls 2 nice blockers.For this reporter is hard to talk good about Chorves, but trying to be professional I have to say, if he can weather the first half of the season, the second half will become a lot better for this team. Seems like a development season for this team.

Prediction : Bottom Half.

Top Tent Circus(Kislev) - Coach: Adorryable

TV 1630(9-5-9)

MO: - I'm not sure what should I think about this team, or of Kislev in general. Seems they needs as much TV as possible, but on the other hand the style of play demands them a lot of basing, and that almost always end in a bunch of dead leapers. The team has killer and an agi 4, besides that looks a bit undercooked. Once again I think this team might get better if the calendar is gentle to them. Another team I consider they are in a developing season.

Prediction: Bottom Half.

MO: - Gladly we had the chance to talk to Adorryable and he was kind enough to answer a few questions.

Adorryable: - Honestly I'm here mostly for the lulz, was told I'd have a chance to be in a div with a couple of friends so kept the team instead of rerolling. I think there's some REALLY tough coaches here, it's gonna be a lot of fun. And despite them coming from Minors, Finz and Ellybee are super talented coaches and I hope no one takes them lightly cause they'll be sorry.

My objective is to survive? Lol, my team has had the nasty tendency of completely imploding and there's a lot of damage that can be done by the races in the div. I'm hopeful of just stealing away a game or two as I just get more experience before the inevitable reroll.

Boogie Miners(Underworld) - Coach: GoblinMarine

TV 1480(5-6-19)

MO: - The first of the 2 random teams on the division, Underworld brings violence and chaos, some games they just destroy you, other they die. A fun team to watch and a favorite of this reporter. Sadly numbers have no heart, and the numbers tell me that is easier for them to die than to kill. The roster looks good, with a nice clawpomber and 2 agi 4 gobbos. Trying to appeal to my "professionality" I have to say, the high TV teams on this division will be hard to overcome for this team, but lets hope Nuffle smile on them the whole season.

Prediction: Bottom Half

Ratt Utd(Skaven) - Coach: Finz

TV 1400(14-2-3)

MO: - Well, a Skaven team with a MV10 alive, he played 18 matches, and that alone could explain the results of this team. The team might look barren but as long as that gutter is alive this team will win. This reporter would love for that rat to die, but I have to assume that was tried for 18 matches, it might be not possible. This team runs on the back of that gutter, and well, that seems enough.

Prediction: Top 3 (if the gutter dies early in the season, bottom half).

Danny's Devito(Goblins) - Coach: CoachBlimey

TV 1280-90(3-2-12)

MO: - The other chaotic, random team in the division. You know you will have a good times when gobbos enter the field, are they gonna win, prolly not... WHO CARES!? Gobbos bring all Blood Bowl spirit to the pitch each game, is not about winning, is about making your opponent cry. Being serious, it has 2 amazing trolls and one amazing gobbo, is that enough, I don't think so, but I'm sure I will be rooting for this team.

Prediction: Bottom Half.

The Fashion Police(Nurgle) - Coach: Sinister

TV 1560(6-3-8)

MO: - And we land in the smelly Nurgle team, this team looks quite good for being only a 1 season team, has a core of good developed positionals(as far as a Nurgle team can ask for). I also know the coach enough to say that this team will be played to it's full potential. If Tom Ford can carry them the first half of the season by the second half this team will be a force to be recon with. What this reporter would like, a Frenzy Pesti, I think that should be the next piece to develop.

Prediction: Top 5.

The Horn of Gor'thanc(Chaos) - Coach: Ishootblanks

TV 1600(9-4-4)

MO: - Another slow burner, this quite fresh Chaos team rocks a solid foundation to build from. Its has a nice core of Warriors and a couple of wanna be killers. This team as the last one will need some more matches to actually become a murder machine, if the calendar is kind to them we might see them in the top half, not having a ballcarrier, a full fleshed murder and a sacker will be harsh on them if his season starts against elves and skaven.

Prediction: 6(I think Nuffle will smile to them as give them a nice calendar).

Talk Show Terror(Necromantic) - Coach: OurNameIsLegion

TV 1590(6-6-1)

MO: - I think this team will suffer a bit the lack of skills, it has a lot of "to be great" pieces, but not quite there yet. Necro teams are always strong teams and I think they will grow in potency every match. Some levels on the fresh fleshy and some doubles or stats in the wolves and all of the sudden this team has TOP 3 potential. But as the team looks now, I see them one of the best of the bottom half.

Prediction: Bottom Half.



MO: -

Prediction: -

(sadly the 14th team didn't join by the time this was publish)

MO: And this is all for now, as usual weekly I will try to interview a different coach to give the division the chance to know their opponents. I also know I I left out 1 spot for top 5; well there is always a Dark Horse, for me Underworld and I hope you have your own team as yours.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.


PD: - This meant to fun and does not try to imply any fact or reality in it. This can be completely wrong and I hope nobody takes it personally.

- Incesticide

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