MO: - Hello ReBBL, Michael Orwell here bringing you the best and nastiest of REL for your enjoyment. This time, we sit with Coach, Admin and Recapper Finz and his nasty MV10 Gutter Runner Anthony Martial.

MO: - Ratt Utd is a fairly common Skaven team, they have a few key pieces and a bunch of fodder. A pretty damn nice Sacker, 1 ball retriever, a killer and Anthony Martial. Nothing more, nothing less; but Skaven don't need anything else. Coach Finz uses this 4 pieces(when he has them all available) with great effect and success. Until all of them are retired, this team is perfectly capable of winning games and inflicting the pain.

MO: - Hello Finz, let's start talking a little about yourself and your experience in Blood Bowl.

Finz: - So I started playing 2 ReBBL seasons ago in college. I had learned the game to that point mostly on Skaven, I decided I wanted to go in with something that died a bit less so went with Necro. I also started an upstart Skaven team which I just had WAY more success and fun with so I took that team to minors and now it’s here in the main league! I’ve also played a ton of other leagues with various races and had a blast streaming all my games, meeting new people and making new friends.

MO: - Watching the Bounty board, seems your Skaven(Anthony Martial) made a lot of friends in their career, want to give us a bit of info on that?

Finz: - It's mostly just everyone hates a natural one turner! Especially and AG5 one! It also might have something to do with Elle and I recapping minors so i got to brag about him on stream every week. I don't think he's actually score that many oneturns!

MO: - Going into the season, what are your objectives for it?

Finz: - Well there is a ton of tough teams to beat and good coaches but we are still aiming to Skaven with a wizard our way to a challengers cup spot!

MO: - Any thoughts on the division, other teams and coaches?

Finz: - So I know Elle and Dorry from minors, they are both great coaches, Elle's team is nuts and Dorry's Kislev just keep coming back. GoblinMarine is a good dude I know from other leagues and I LOVE his UW team. There is also this mental 2k kill chaos team that everyone is scared of running around I hear that guys alright!

MO: - And finally, what do you think about your next opponent and how the match will go for you?

Finz: - So next up is Ghazgkull, who is currently top with his Skaven team, we are both a bit beat up but he is missing his star bighand gutter. I'm hoping Anthony Martial can make the difference for me! In the end though it could come down to who rolls snakes at the wrong time.

MO: - And there you have it, Coach Finz; a good coach and a great contributor to the community. Hope you guys enjoy it, next week we will have some tea with GoblinMarine and I hope I can make him tell me some histories from the Guadalcanal landings.


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This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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