MO: - Hello ReBBL, this Michael Orwell bringing you the fourth episode of this series of interviews, this time 3 of the REL 4C Chaos coaches. Grandviewking with his Chorves (5-2-3 +1), Buzzard295 with his beautiful Nurgle (2-2-6 -5) and Kiwibird44 with Straight Up CHAOS team (1-3-6 -6). I know there is a fourth Chaotic team in the division, but the coach is nowhere to be found and the rumor says he is already training a different team.

MO: - Let's start with the lovely Chorves(a fun favorite for sure), Hello Grandviewking and thank you. When did you start playing Blood Bowl and when did you join ReBBL?

Grandviewking: - I discovered BB in November 2017 when a YouTuber I am a fan of decided to add BB2 to his repertoire. He and a couple other YouTubers started a small league so when I got the game I joined up. The Sage also happened to stumble into the league and through his videos and generous advice I found my way to Rebbrl.

I was playing in Rebbrl spin league and waiting for the next College season to start, but when it came time for sign ups I was in a bit of a gray area: I had played quite a few hours more than the average college coach it seems but still was new to the game. I was asked if I wanted to go Rookie College route or go straight to ReBBL. I tend to be a bit on the gung ho side and said why not go straight to ReBBL. It did not go well, but honestly could have been much worse and I think I am likely better off for the decision to go straight to ReBBL.

MO: - Now the Big Question here, WHY CHORVES?

Grandviewking: - Um it is Chorfs thank you very much.. none of that fancy Dorf nonsense with the “Vs” and all.

But aside from the fact they are objectively the best race out there with every tool available to them. I had this vision of ReBBL being wall to wall Claw-Pomb and nastiness. I wanted something strong that could take a beating and keep coming back for more.

I actually had never played Chaos Dwarfs until shortly before my first ReBBL game. Necro and Dark Elves are the first two teams I really felt a connection to.

MO: - What can you tell us about your season so far; and your predictions, is the division going as you expected?

Grandviewking: - Honestly, I am mostly happy with my season. I SHOULD be thrilled as I am having my best season yet at 3-2-2 but both of my ties I kinda feel like should have been wins and one of my losses could have easily been a tie, but if I’m honest I can say that about my wins too.

I’m currently stuck wondering if blanket Guard-MB and an AGI 4 Bull are carrying me or if I have gotten better, so I am about 60-40 leaning towards rerolling. I also long to see what a good coach can do with that bull.

I have set my personal goal as top 3 or reroll, and it seems nearly impossible for me to crack the top 3 at this point. I already have a team named and ready for the reroll;)

MO: - And lastly, what can you tells us about your experience in ReBBL, the other coaches and the community in general?

Grandviewking: - Wow, I could go on for pages about ReBBL. I’m older (43) and never really got into the gaming scene, so this is my first real community I have been around like this so I could be a bit naive but to say that this group is spectacular and welcoming and helpful and funny would all be vast understatements.

I mean it literally has everything you could want from you guys doing news stories, to side leagues and events, TV show... so many unique personalities and styles..

I guess it is ok...;)

MO: - And now let's go to the Chaos representative of the division, Kiwibird44, Hi there. When did you start playing Blood Bowl, and when you joined ReBBL?

Kiwibird44: - I started playing in 2016... about the same time I joined ReBBL, It was the season right before rookie league started up and I remember thinking I should’ve joined there because I had no idea what I was doing

MO: - What made you choose Chaos?

Kiwibird44: - Chaos was the first team I played with and I just have an absolutely stacked chaos team from playing the computer so many times. I haven’t really figured out how to play actual people with chaos yet.

MO: - What do you think about your season, is the division looking as you expected?

Kiwibird44: - I expected to have a down year considering I was put in a division with some pretty good teams and I had a decent first half against a bunch of teams including Night Elf Brohawk, but I haven’t been able to close them out

MO: - And finally, how is your experience in ReBBL and the coaches in here?

Kiwibird44: - It’s kinda cool to see a community like this especially for a game that may not have had huge commercial success. I think that if it weren’t for the league and all the people in it, this game might be collecting dust in my steam library. There are lots of great people here I just kinda wish there was a little more familiarity within divs... I like the idea of rivalries and the like but there was a season I almost made the playoffs and lost on a last second OT elf play and I haven’t seen that coach or the coach ahead of him again so that’s one thing I’d like to see a bit more of (familiar opponents).

MO: - And finally, our Nurgle Coach friend, Buzzard295. Let's start with the basics, when did you start playing Blood Bowl and when did you join ReBBL?

Buzzard295: - I started playing Blood Bowl in 2009, when the first Cyanide-developed Blood Bowl game came out. I was on a private forum at the time (you  know, before Reddit subsumed everything), and one of my friends started a league. I started to play, got really into it, played both on that and  FUMBBL. I even joined the NAF, but I had no idea that people were still actually playing the game outside of the computer version.

It wasn't  until 2014 that I saw people playing it in-person. I asked them if they were doing a one-off game, and they said there was a league. Started  playing in-person that very same month. At first, I only went to the league games, but eventually I started going to tournaments as well. I ended  up meeting IsenMike at his very first tournament, and I ended up joining ReBBL a little bit later (Season 7).

MO: - What made you choose Nurgle?

Buzzard295: -  I really wanted a team that you could develop. It's been a few years since I played in a long-form tabletop league, so I wanted to try  something different.

First ReBBL team was an Underworld team that I finally shelved after a season (or maybe it was one season after) in which I lost 8 skilled players in a row even with the apo. By in a row, I mean I kept having players get killed/SIed and each time I used the Apo on them they rerolled to Dead/SI. Great fun. Block Troll wasn't enough to keep me around for that. I'm having a much better time with Nurgle, although I did just two MB players fail to regen. I'm sure this won't turn out the same way. They also just seemed more interesting to play with then a Chaos team.

MO: - What do you think of your season so far? And is the division developing as you expected?

Buzzard295: - Eh. I should be playing smarter and better. With nearly all of the warriors having two skills, I should not be losing as many games as I have been. I need to play more cautious and just remember to play for the tie if need be.

In terms of things I couldn't do anything about: I lost a  MB/Claw/Block Pestigor shortly after it finally got block, and I just lost my Movement Up/Block/MB Pestigor, so kind of back leveling guys again.  I also almost lost my strength-up Pestigor to a rock, but luckily he regenned. I'm not going to give up on this team just yet, though. The division seems very good, mostly evenly matched.

MO: - What can you tells us about your experience in ReBBL, the other coaches and the community in general?

Buzzard295: - ReBBL has been pretty great! To be honest, I originally did not want to sign up. I always had a very poor view of Reddit. I really prefer to post on smaller boards or whatever. IsenMike convinced me to (I met him early on at his first tournament, where he beat my Khemri with Lizards). All the talk about how much lore and background stuff you guys do convinced me. I gotta say, I am impressed with a lot of the lore and writing people do for this league. It reminds me of why I love the game so much. I've only had a poor experience with a coach once, and that was in the beginning. That said, I don't think I'll be venturing outside of ReBBL Reddit except to post in other GW-related subs, to be honest. Just not my thing.

MO: - And we finally got our Chaotic coaches points of view. Next one is going to bring us the Cold Hearted Norse and the Cold Blooded Lizards.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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