MO: - Hello ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell bringing you the sixth episode of this series of interviews, today we have Urse's Lizards (9-2-1 +8) and Breidr's Norse (2-5-5 -4). Both teams with a tendency to pack a punch and both with the tendency to take it too.The lizard enjoyed a full season in the first positions with its only loss being to the Champion, on the other hand Breidr's Norse had a rocky season that allow him to firmly hold low mid table results.

MO: Lets jump into it with the words of Urse. When did you start playing Blood Bowl and when did you join ReBBL?

Urse: - Hey so I started playing blood bowl about a year ago. I went to a tabletop tournament with a friend and had a blast chucking some dice. After getting home I happened to check if there was a computer game version of blood bowl and that led down the path to joining college in ReBBRL. This is my first season in ReBBL proper with that same college team.

MO: - Why did you choose to play Lizards?

Urse: - I picked lizards because they were the team I had played in that tabletop tourney. My friend had let me borrow his beautifully painted GW lizardman team and I had grown to like the dichotomy of the players.

MO: - What do you think of your season?

Urse: - The season has gone really well for the Long Tongues. I’m enjoying fighting for a spot in the Challenger Cup. This division has been really competitive and so many of my games have been really close and could easily have gone the other way.

MO: - What can you tell us about your experience in ReBBL, the other coaches and the community in general?

Urse: - I’ve been very impressed with ReBBL and ReBBRL. It has been a great atmosphere to learn the game and a very fun place to play. It has led down many paths to playing side leagues like clan and lineman and even playing in some other smaller discord leagues like WCW. All in all, it probably has me playing way too much blood bowl.

One of my favorite things about ReBBL is Between the amazing web integration with the teams and standings and various articles like this one, it really helps pull the community together. I’m very appreciative of all the work people do to make it more fun and enjoyable.

MO: - For the very last coach of the division, here we have Breidr. When did you start playing Blood Bowl and when did you join ReBBL?

Breidr: - I started playing Blood Bowl in 2002 when I when I was in Middle School. I cut my teeth on 40K, but soon drifted to less cumbersome specialist games. I liked the seasonal style of play and team progression. I joined ReBBL with an Undead team in season 2.

MO: - Why did you choose to play Norse?

Breidr: - It's simple really. I have a soft spot for Vikings and my ancestors were Norwegian. I picked them based on aesthetic and the fact that they are pretty much Warhammer Fantasy Vikings.

MO: - What do you think of your season?

Breidr: - Despite my record, I'm actually pretty happy with my season. This has been my most successful AV 7 team. They usually explode on impact in their first season and don't see a second. Just asked those Pro Elves I played that one time, or the Skaven. You get the point.

MO: - What can you tell us about your experience in ReBBL, the other coaches and the community in general?

Breidr: - I found it to be a great community. The extra fluff, streams, and articles born from ReBBL make it even greater. With the size also comes better matchmaking. I find myself in divisions with coaches around my skill level, making seasons more enjoyable. With the smaller leagues I never really got that. You would often find the coaches playing multiple teams. One in the high TV bracket, and one on the low. I would find myself playing champions of the league with my low TV teams and getting utterly outplayed as a result.

While I've probably gone up against more seasoned and more skillful coaches in ReBBL, I can't say I've dreaded it nearly as much, or even noticed it. This league is just great and has a nice down to earth feel in the lower divisions that I've played in. I'll see what it's like up top if I ever get to Division 1.

MO: - Well ReBBL, with this ends this season's articles, I hope you enjoyed them and we may see again next season. PLAYOFFS HYPE for now.

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This is Michael Orwell saying good night.

- Incesticide

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