MO: - Hello ReBBL, this Michael Orwell bringing you the second episode of this series of interviews, trying to get some spotlight in the obscurest of the REL divisions... 4C. Today we have the other two Elf teams on the division, Randall_Clark's High Elves (4-0-4 +1) and GunnerTwoThree's Pro Elves (0-3-5 -6)

MO: - Two sides of the spectrum, both passing teams, but with a huge difference, AV; and seems that AV is doing work for Randall so far. Both team's season so far are quite weird, Pelves unable to win and Helves going all in, getting equal amount of victories than defeats.

MO: - Hi there GunnerTwoThree, lets start by telling us when did you start playing Blood Bowl and when did you join ReBBL?

GunnerTwoThree: - I started playing tabletop about a year ago and started playing Blood Bowl 2 around the same time. I had played a little bit of BB1 way back when, but primarily against the AI. I joined ReBBL week 4 of Season 10 after 2 games in RAMPUP.(I learned about ReBBL watching AndyDavo on Twitch, I believe.)

I had played a season or two in another league that was largely Euro-based and I think I was asking around about a N.A time zone league, for easier scheduling.

Maybe closer to a year and a half that I’ve been playing Blood Bowl.

MO: - What made you choose Pelves for your first season on ReBBL?

GunnerTwoThree: - Ignorance? :laughing: Haha, no—I really liked the catchers and Blitzers, and I knew I wanted to try a AG4 team. Thought about Wood Elves, but decided I wanted more of a challenge. Which, as my record indicates, I have gotten this season... :grin:

MO: - Talking about challenges, what do you think about the season so far? I imagine you thought it would go better for your team, how about the rest of the division?

GunnerTwoThree: - Well, I definitely think it is the season of the AGI teams in my division (4C) other than me. The top five spots are occupied by “dodgy” teams and I’m the only non-bash team in the bottom 5. This season has been an interesting (and frustrating) mix of poor decision-making and really untimely bad dice. I also decided after the first couple of games that I wanted to focus more on developing players than winning this season. For instance, in one game, I went for a 3-1 win knowing that I was leaving my opponent a shot at the 2-2 tie (which he managed to secure).

MO: - And finally, what can you tells us about your experience in ReBBL, the other coaches and the community in general?

GunnerTwoThree: - I think the other folks in the league have been great. I enjoy being part of the community. So far, I don’t seem to have offended anyone with my sarcastic sense of humor or dad jokes. Importantly, I am aware that I have a fairly hectic schedule and it’s really hard for me to set a firm time to play my games, but everyone has been really accommodating so far and willing to make it work.

“Pro Elf Best Elf” :grin:

MO: - And now the other side of the coin, not only in fluff, but in the table also. Hi there Randall, when did you started to play Blood Bowl and when did you join ReBBL?

Randall_Clark: - Started playing Blood Bowl a few months before Season 10 and joined ReBBL for season 10, and I think I found ReBBL when I was on r/bloodbowl and it was part of the FAQ page or maybe I saw it in a thread.

MO: - Why did you choose to play High Elves?

Randall_Clark: - I watched a decent amount of blood bowl before I started playing but I usually watched bash games so I wanted to try something else and the Dark Elf midriffs look dumb.

MO: - And what can you tells us about your season and the division in general?

Randall_Clark: - I haven't played very well this season. I do like the variety of teams and the greater amount of skills in second season teams. I'm surprised Reedbull is doing so well but I suppose that's Skaven. Otherwise nothing too surprising though I'm curious if Raaraar will go undefeated.

MO: - And finally, what can you tell us of your experience in ReBBL so far?

Randall_Clark: - I've enjoyed it quite a bit and have gotten better at the game at least a little.

MO: - And there you have it ReBBL, the other two Elf coaches in REL 4C, I hope I can bring you the Chaotic ones next installment.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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