MO: - Hello ReBBL, this Michael Orwell bringing you the third episode of this series of interviews, bringing you all the coaches from REL 4C. Today we have the 2 Vermin coaches of the Division, Reedbull's Skaven(4-4-1 +5) and MedicinalCarrot's Underworld(4-2-3 +1).

MO: - As usual this kind of teams bring to the table fast gameplay, nasty 2+ that brings any defense out of balance and most of all, the crazy randomness that makes Blood Bowl so appealing to most and a really headache to those who see it as some kind of chess.

MO: - We are here with Reedbull, coach of Dumpin' out the roof; tell us coach, when did you start playing Blood Bowl and when you joined ReBBL?.

Reedbull: - December of 2016, when the new GW refresh came out. My buddy brought over the set and showed me the game. I quickly got addicted and a few friends started a league in 2017. I was addicted more so than my buddies and needed an online league to quench my thirst for more.

Joined ReBBL in late 2018 halfway through last season. Was called up from ramp up after 1 game, it was awesome.

MO: - What made you choose Skaven, is the team you play in table top?

Reedbull: - Yep! First game I played was with the dirty rat bastards and I loved how stupid they were, could get murdered but there was always a chance at winning even if I died. Loved that.

MO: - The season is looking pretty good for your team, was it what you expected? Did the division shape up as you imagine?

Reedbull: - I got into the playoffs last season by being at the top of ramp up, and while it was exciting, I was quickly humbled. Lost to end my season, pitch cleared in my playoff match by chorfs, nearly pitch cleared by zons in the losers bracket then game 1 of the season I was basically pitch cleared by chorfs again

I had given up. Wanted to reroll.

But then my apathy resulted in a different perspective in game and I started winning, it was wild. Helped me play a lot better and learn about how much better you can play if you don’t give in to tilt.

There was a guide online about 1k losses, that kind of mentality was helpful to deal with losing, and viewing it as an opportunity. I think it was on fummbl.

MO: - And finally, what can you tell us about your experience in ReBBL so far and how different is from your Table Top league?

Reedbull: - The community is awesome, I like the write ups and weekly game recaps, really helps show what players to think about before you have to play them, see the storylines of each team, and really makes you feel a part of the group.

Tabletop league didn’t have the recaps, and most of the players were new so of course there are some hard feelings after some players lose because they don’t quite understand the rules, etc. it is very different to have it all automated vs having to help people in a rookie match understand guard.

That fuckin ag4 bull is still alive. Before I played in ReBBL I thought war dancers were the most filthy creatures in bb.

MO: - And now the Weirdstones friends, Underworld and it's coach MedicinalCarrot. When did you start playing Blood Bowl and when you joined ReBBL?

MedicinalCarrot: - I started playing on Blood Bowl 1, just me vs the computer. I played really dumb with Chorfs the whole time. Picked up BB2 when Legendary edition dropped and started playing against actual people in CCL.

I joined ReBBL after watching a fair number of Sage's videos and streams where he brought up the league. I could never really dedicate enough time to grind in the CCL, and wanted some competitiveness I couldn't really get in COL. I think I technically started season 9 and got in the last 2 RAMPUP games of that go round. My real start was the Greenhorn for Season 10.

MO: - What made you choose underworld?

MedicinalCarrot: - I picked Underworld because I wanted something different from the Chorfs, and I couldn't really get the hang of the AGI teams. The goofiness, oddball shenanigans they can get up to, and normal access to all the skills kinda resonated with me. If it wasn't them, I'd probably have rolled Kislev for similar reasons.

MO: - What can you tell us about your season, was what you expected?

MedicinalCarrot: - This season the 2nd Tuffest got off to a rocky start. I was hoping to do better vs the Elfy teams since I'd kinda built to take on tommytootall's Woodies last season, but that wasn't to be. I also learned not experiment with alternate defensive lineups against good Elf coaches, lol. It's turned out kinda the opposite. I've done better against the bashy teams I expected to give me a hard time, and worse against the teams I expected to stand a better chance at, but it's been a fun ride all the same.

MO: - And finally, what can you tell us about your experience in ReBBL so far?

MedicinalCarrot: - My overall experience with ReBBL has been a blast. Lots of great coaches with great attitudes have really been the reason for that. I like the friendly competitiveness, the articles like yours, and the recaps all bringing it together. I came into my first season expecting to get thrashed, but dice, luck, and Nuffle's general sense of humor showed through instead. I really enjoy the league style, I've learned a lot in my first couple of seasons, and I hope to stick around for many seasons to come.

MO: - And there you have it folks, I know I promised the Chaos coaches for this installment, but it will have to wait until this weekend.

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This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.

- Incesticide

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