MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from the home of Hausdorff's Homewreckers Chaos Dwarves. This team as all of their breed, persecuted by a monstrous millionaire that will not stop until he sees all chorves and their centaurs dead(or retired), may find a little bit of tranquility in this beautiful stadium, sanctuary for all, open without discrimination.

MO: - Gypsy we spectated a very tactical match, with two opponents, like boxers, measuring each other for the first minutes of the encounter, a couple of KO's was the result of this deadly dance. Half way through the first half, when the lizards started to put pressure, the chorves gather all their chaotic strength and draw the first blood of the match. And even tho the chorves try desperately to stop the lizards pressure, by the end of the half, Frog Jefferson stole the ball, and with that the chances that our poor fellows could score.

MO: - The second half started with a death player, we hoped for a nice bloodbath, but ended in a grindy punching fest that left the fans disappointed when Frog Fergusson slide to the end zone. A costly victory for the lizards, but a victory that position them really well looking at the playoffs.

MO: - I will try to catch up with Coach Notniloc before he left the pitch...

MO: - So tell us coach, this was a great victory thinking towards the play off, but it was costly, what's your analysis?

Notniloc: - Honestly, going into this game the goal was to survive. My team is solid, but this is the exact team built to ruin us.  I think it wasn't nearly as costly as we expected.

MO: - in the first half we saw a high pressure defense, that even tho allowed you to stop them cost you a lot, anything to say about it, some consider this was because of the bounties on the chorves, and that you may be putting your monetary gains before the welfare of your players...

Notniloc: - Loqyolt threw a few sketchy fouls out there in the first half.  That may have been due to the  bounties, but the guy getting fouled was also their meanest player, so you could say we were acting in our players best interest had that been successful. All in all, the refs didn't notice and all our players survived.

MO: - about the fouling, don't you think the ref was too lenient? there was a lot of foul play today...

Notniloc: - Yes, and we were on the receiving end of it a lot.  But dirty play is expected of Chorfs.  The ref probably should have taken the blindfold off though...

MO: - finally coach, after this wonderful victory, can the team get momentum going and reach the playoffs? any words to the fans that expect a lot of your team

Notniloc: - This was likely one of our toughest matchups this season.  With a victory today our team will go into the next week knowing that they can do anything.  We will continue to give our fans a real show.

MO: - we are going to try to talk with Penrose, star of Hausdorff's Homewreckers

MO: - so tell us Penrose, how you guys feel after this match, you seem to had gave it all but wasn't enough...

Penrose: - Yeah, we've been told to beat up lizards before but these guys were huge

MO: - evidently hurting them wasn't enough, you think the outside pressure its getting into your thick heads?

Penrose: - Outside pressure? What pressure? We play for the joy of the sport: murder.

MO: - so, you are telling me that the bounty on your heads, and all the world trying to kill you guys doesn't affect you at all?

Penrose: - Lemme let you in on a secret: We love the chorf-wide bounty. It encourages the other players to stay close enough for us to hit!

MO: - fair enough Penrose,  what do you think are your chances to reach playoffs this season?

Penrose: - We're certainly hopeful. The new additions from the off season have plugged the holes left from last season's deaths.
The lack of other claw in the division has us really excited.

MO: - you think the fans went home happy after this spectacle? and you have any words for them and in home?

Penrose: - It was only some minor violence today. Hopefully the fans aren't too disappointed in the thin layer of blood. We'll do better next time!

MO: - and finally, you guys are going to face another thought opponent next week, how do you see the match?

Penrose: - I love the smell of orc blood.

MO: - so there you go Gypsy, stoic as usual, I really hope the poor fellas don't have a rough time going outside their home field, that bounty is getting people bloodthirsty. We witness an entertaining match that lacked on the ball handling skill but had more than enough blood to make up for it. From the eternally nice home of Hausdorff's Homewreckers I end this report saying, shame on you bounty collectors, shame on you...

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Michael Orwell saying good night.



- Incesticide

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