MO - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from Lincoln Park , home of The Shockers!, in a match full of surprises the only conclusion we can reach is, all elves no matter if he has 5 seasons experience of they get randomly pick from the public can play ball.

MO: - Gypsy, the match started really weird when we saw entering the pitch a bunch of unknown players following Chad, Guy and Chaz; the public was confused, the opponents were confused, but it seemed that Wedge22 guys knew exactly what to do. They easily scored just past the first third of the match, what can we say about this, that was not said before, Primal Concrete Sledge struggles with fast agile teams.

MO: - With two thirds of the first half still to play the ball was kicked to the Chaos side, a deep deep kick that reduced the Chaos chances of scoring, when they finally reached midfield, a well placed fireball gave the elves a chance, sadly Guy wasted the opportunity, and with that Hairspray Queen started a desperate run forward in order to equalize the match before the half time break. Needless to say this did not occur, the Elves promptly regrouped and screened, and this Chaos team yet again proved they cannot deal with this.

MO: - The Second half started with the ball on Chaos hands again, this time with all the time in the world and no fear of another wizard attack, the team pushed steadily towards the endzone. In a weird move, with the field completely controlled ,  Hairspray Queen handed the ball to Slaughtered and with a long sprint he scored.

MO: - With a lot of time in their hands, the Elves would receive the ball yet again. The Chaos team put enormous pressure in order to get the ball back, but without a sweat, Chad passed the ball to Guy and he easily scored. and with that the game was over... a couple of minutes left in the clock only allowed the Chaos team some punches.

MO: - Well Gypsy, we are gonna try to catch with Hairspray Queen...

MO: - Tell us, why the early score, the tie was almost clinched, you guys had full field control.

Hairspray Queen: - Well, we wanted to WIN! We had an awful season against this kind of team, and we wanted to show our fans our commitment to victory and destruction.

MO: - But it was not enough, and at the end, you suffer another defeat...

Hairspray Queen: - I think the team showed improvement, a better defense overall and the WILL TO WIN FOR DIMEBAG!. I'm sure coming the next season no team will have an easy victory against us.

MO: - Talking about next season, what you guys think about your calendar, so many different teams, so many phases of the tournament...

Hairspray Queen: - This is not my place to talk, all I have to say is that the Team do not care against who we play, we always try to kill 'em all... FOR DIMEBAG! I have to go Michael, seeya next week.

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, a team trying to prove something, and they failed, I'm not sure how happy Coach Incesticide is about this...

MO: - Now Gypsy we are going to the press conference of Wedge22...

MO: - Coach Wedge22, what was that? What happened, did your players started a strike?

Wedge22: - As the Coach of these douchebags I told them at the start of the Season, if you don't pull your weight you're fired, a lot of them were lazy bastards.

MO: - What was your game plan coming to the match?, We recall that in Greenhorn you faced Primal Concrete Sledge, and was 1-1, but we also recall that your "douchebags" kicked their asses.

Wedge22: - My initial game plan after firing all my players with less than 2 level ups was to foul a lot and often, that went to shit when the bloody ref caught my player on turn 1 of the match and the greedy git demanded a bribe immediately.

MO: - Well, whatever you envisioned did worked at the end, we saw 2 passes and ended in 2 TDs, and your rookies did their jobs, can you tell us a little about your next match?

Wedge22: - I am not sure of my opponent for the next match, all I know for sure is, I have two players to field and a bunch of eager Loners, ready to take the hits, and foul a lot.

If I have the funds to hire a Wizard, Star Player and a bribe I will be happy...

MO: - We have to assume that this team is done, or the future of this franchise will still have you as their head coach?

Wedge22: - No screw these assholes, I am moving on to a new franchise next for next Season

The pay is lousy and the players attitudes even worse, always whining about lack of team mates and some such nonsense.

MO: - And to let you go, since the fans are a little upset about what you are saying right now, did you started talks with another team, can we say anything about your next team?

Wedge22: - I am in talks right now with a promising Brettonian team, I am not ready to disclose anything else at this time, as for the fans you can always follow another Pro Elf team, just don't expect me to be coaching them!

MO: - Well Gypsy, is not weird at this moment of the season, to start hearing rumors of new teams, and coaches changing places looking for a better season, but cutting almost the full roster before match, that's new to me, we will see if the Owner of The Shockers! will take some action against him... time will tell


for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight!

- Incesticide

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