MO: - Hello everybody, this is Michael Orwell from Mazdamundi Dome, the extremely hot home of Big Maz Blitzers. In a match defined by the hot weather and the speed of those little lizards we ended in a pale tie, this reporter doesn't know if anybody got the best of this result.

MO: - Gypsy, the match was fast paced and full of entertaining situations. The lizards started in the offense and rapidly cover 3/4 of the field and were ready to score. Chaos displayed a strong defense that until the last second didn't allow a clear path to the first TD of the match, that occurred early in the first half. Then Chaos with the ball tried to score to tie things out finishing the first half, but a failed long pass by Hairspray Queen closed the half with a 1-0 advantage for the lizards.

MO: - The second half started with a high pressure for the lizards that forced the chaos team to constrict itself to a small corner of the pitch, a few foul plays occurred at the begging, removing 3 players from the pitch, with that and the smoldering heat taking the toll on those chaos players, the half became a struggle to push forward. Several big hits of Endless Nameless open the defense and allow Hairspray Queen to run free into the endzone. With only a few minutes to score, the lizards tried a desperate attempt to score, but the small lizards fail to the deliver at the end.

MO: - We are going to try to talk with Incesticide before he leaves the stadium... coach, coach can you answer a few questions?

Incesticide: - I'm sorry Michael, I can barely think and I also think that Hairspray Queen was the Hero of today, please talk to him...

MO: - Hairspray, hello, how the match felt to you, you think you are the hero today?

Hairspray Queen: - Hello there Michael, well, the game was hard, the weather is unbearable and I'm happy to say with go home with a point from this hellish hole...

MO: - The weather was a huge problem for you guys, you think the team would had need to come here earlier to get used to the heat and humidity...

Hairspray Queen: - I think the Management and the Coach did what was best for the team, coming to here is painful, and the league should review if this stadiums on Lustria are safe for the players, this weather isn't fair for us, hot blooded players.

MO: - going to your last match, do you guys still think that can make it to the playins?

Hairspray Queen: - We are again going to play outside home, far away from the artifact and against that disgusting bunch of midgets and half animal players... I just hope we can collect so bounties and give ourself the best shot into the playins.

MO: - But Hairspray, you are almost an animal yourself...

Hairspray Queen: - Transmuted elf ain't the same as a midget and a horse having a child Michael...

MO: - Well Gypsy, I think that after the last week disastrous match, this team is happy that they at least played the match on equal footing and didn't got trample over but the lizards.

MO: - Now we are going to hear the press conference from Jerzima...

MO: - Hello coach Jerzima, gonna start asking, what do you think of the result, you feel your guys didn't do enough to stop their offense?

Jerzima: - I was proud of the way my team played they really stuck it out besides the unforgiving heat. It may have been the hot weather that caused them to lose focus of the ball and try to smash their way through.

MO: - What was your game plan coming to the match?

Jerzima: - Really wanted to try and protect the Sauri from Endless Nameless, turns out he is pretty shifty and packs a wallop. I feel that he got to many free shot at the Sauri and ended up smacking our new kroxigor out of next week's game so we didn't really execute on that plan, but we were able to score and had a shot at the win.

MO: - Talking about Bishop injuries, your team had a lots of issues with your Kroxs this season, you have any though on that? some fans ask them self if you know how to handle them correctly

Jerzima: - Well unfortunately this was prophesied by a slann mage priest eons ago that this team would have terrible luck controlling their kroxigors and that the injuries and blood will flow. I am planning a sacrifice to Sotek possibly some high elves in an attempt to reverse the misfortune.

MO: - About the next match, and considering the swiss internal playoffs are comings, what are your plan for the rest of the season, you have a preferred opponent to face, is the management asking for a playins spot?

Jerzima: - You know I am hoping to finish this season with some experienced Sauri and some cash in the bank for some possible trades or free agents (kroxigor but don't tell bishop) if we make the playins great if not hopefully the team ends up with some extra cash.
Oh I would like to play some of the squishier teams again to really fatten up my sauri

MO: - Finally coach, I know there are still matches to play, but wanna do a brief resume of your experience so far this season of ReBBL?

Jerzima: - Well it's been an interesting season no doubt, my first season as a coach in ReBBL and overall green coach in general it has been blast and I am looking forward to developing the Big Maz Blitzers into a powerhouse....if I don't they will sacrifice me to Sotek....
The Blitzers played a couple of matches in the greenhorn, were we didn't start with a krox they ended up getting rolled into one of the most interesting rookie divisions and through wins many ties and a loss went through two kroxs....would like to turn more of those ties into wins going forward

MO: - There you have it Gypsy, both team came to the match with the hope of breaking away from the mid of the table, neither got it, Endless Nameless after an awful display the last match showed once again why he is the star of this division and even tho the weather was inhuman, the match was entertaining and exiting until the end.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying Good Night.

- Incesticide

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