With three weeks to go, REBBL Chief Scout Rodder Stewart has been crunching the numbers to find out who could potentially secure their playoff positions in Week 11, and how they'd go about doing so.

Lettered divisions are not included here, as play-in information is available elsewhere.

Division 1

Points required to guarantee qualification: 25

With a number of Week 11 matches already played, up to three coaches could potentially earn their ticket this week.

Morka will qualify for the playoffs if The Arcana fail to beat the Old Hobart Honeybadgers this week and WesC's Wolves fail to beat Muten Roshi's Bear School.

Furthermore, if Tommo's Elven Union side lose to the High Elves, Sandune and JamusMcGamuS will also secure a playoff position - again if WesC's Wolves fail to beat Muten Roshi's Bear School.


Division 2

Points required to guarantee qualification: 26

Only one coach can potentially secure a playoff ticket this week.

JamesTyphoon can guarantee his place if he beats Swagtusk's Sassy Soviets and Yabby69 fails to beat Serj in their match.

A draw between The One True Path and Sassy Soviets would not be good enough for qualification this week.


Division 3

Points required to guarantee qualification: 30

No Division 3 coach can secure their place this week, as the three-horse race between Bright Moon Poets, Winged Centaurs and The Way of the Leaf continues apace.


Division 4

Points required to guarantee qualification: 30

Similarly, no Division 4 coach can secure their place this week either. Varksen's Bar Room Blusterer's currently lead the table but the second-placed Chaos from Laos have a game in hand. 30 points is a technically unachievable total for either coach at this stage, so the position will likely be decided when they face each other in Week 13 (assuming the fixture list is accurate - this is a confusingly structured division!)

- Harringzord

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