With just two weeks of the regular season left, REBBL Chief Scout Rodder Stewart has been crunching the numbers to find out who could potentially secure their playoff positions in Week 12, and how they'd go about doing so.

Lettered divisions are not included here, as play-in information is available elsewhere.

Division 1

Points required to guarantee qualification: 23

Morka secured his place in the REBBL playoffs despite failing to beat Lazy Lounge Lizards UTD in Week 11.

Elsewhere, there are now realistically five teams contesting four places. Sandune and JamusMcGamuS both need a single point to ensure qualification. Currently, it's certain that one of them will make it but not that they both will. Tommo secured a huge victory over School of Dance in Week 12 that leaves his destiny in his own hands.

Lyskaris meets PapaNasty this week and victory for Warc Machine III would not only secure his own place in the playoffs, but the place of everyone currently in the top five.


Division 2

Points required to guarantee qualification: 25

JamesTyphoon stole a last-minute tie against Sassy Soviets to retain charge of Division 2 and deal a crushing blow to Swagtusk's chances. Victory this week will guarantee The One True Path's first return to the playoffs since Season 7.

Elsewhere, Serj has played himself into contention to qualify this week. He faces JamesTyphoon this week and would secure his own qualification with a victory, combined with Darkness failing to win against Bulldoserz.

AnteaterReborn's defeat to The Carroburg Comets means third place cannot be determined this week. 


Division 3

Points required to guarantee qualification: 27

Suddenly, things have opened up for Alpaca Rider in Division 3 and a first-ever qualification can be secured with victory in Week 12, regardless of other results. A draw would be enough if neither of Winged Centaurs or The Way of the Leaf are victorious and defeat could still be good enough if AussieViking and Chubberson also lose.


Division 4

Points required to guarantee qualification: 30

Chaos from Laos have put themselves in the driver's seat in Division 4 and qualification is possible for rsVordoca this week. Nothing less than victory will do for the Chaos and if that's combined with defeat for Varksen's Wood Elves, their ticket is booked.

- Harringzord

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