With three weeks to go, REBBL Chief Scout Rodder Stewart has been crunching the numbers to find out who could potentially secure their playoff positions in Week 11, and how they'd go about doing so.

Lettered divisions are not included here, as play-in information is available elsewhere.

Division 1

Points required to guarantee qualification: 25

Bleedinghippy is looking to make it three playoff qualifications in a row and could secure his playoff berth this week. Victory for Snow White & the 6 Chorfs, combined with both Tyladrhas and Barmution failing to win their matches, would be enough to ensure a top 5 finish.

Zsinj could also do it, but would require a win for his Chaos side combined with defeats for Barmution, Kummostern and the Sage, as well as a draw between Bloodsuckers Inc and Bloodthirsty Sea Guard.


Division 2

Points required to guarantee qualification: 28

There is a scenario where the Division 2 playoff race could be settled this week.

Huztler has the best chance. A win for his Dwarfs would see him qualify this week if Drop Dead Gore Juice fail to beat Cold One Cannibals, but one win and one draw will guarantee his place regardless of other results.

Barserk and Harringzord could also qualify if they both win their own fixtures and:

  • Drop Dead Gore Juice lose
  • Nurgle Murgle Ourgle fail to win
  • Warpstone Sneaky Servants and Rockomotive Gitstompers tie their match


Division 3

Points required to guarantee qualification: 26

With 26 points already on the board, Hoyleyboy has qualified for the Season 10 playoffs and has become the first coach to do so.

BlissfulFire will join him if he wins against Revenge of Power UP! this week - victory would take them to 26 points.

Third place cannot be decided this week.


Division 4

Points required to guarantee qualification: 28

JimmyFantastic took a huge step towards a first REBBL playoff qualification with victory over M.A.D. Commando today. He is one win short of guaranteeing his own place, but will qualify this week if Scytalen loses to the Orcs of Badlands Fairies.

If that were to occur, GemeneRick can also confirm qualification in his debut REBBL season with victory over The Imperishable Four.


Division 5

Points required to guarantee qualification: 31

A close three-horse race here between Interdeadmensional BS, Play on the Music and the Pempelfort Parakeets. None of them can qualify this week.


Division 6

Points required to guarantee qualification: 28

Docmarc will secure a first-ever REBBL playoff qualification if he is victorious against Hell's Doofuses and Chaos Dwarf side Edgy Stunties fail to beat Villeynich's Dark Elves. Victory for the Dwarfs will likely be enough anyway thanks to their vastly superior touchdown difference, but it wouldn't be mathematically confirmed if Triago also manages to win.


Division 7

Points required to guarantee qualification: 33

Only one place up for grabs here and it's neck-and-neck to the line between Ladykilljoy's Dark Elves and Ken's Nurgle. With only one point between them, this cannot be settled in Week 11. Slipups for both teams could allow Intellectual's Chaos to steal in.


Division 8

Points required to guarantee qualification: 32

A similar story in Division 8 where as many as five teams have a realistic argument for being in the race. Watchtower's Amazons and Al Bundy's Wood Elves are separated only by touchdown difference for first place, with Vikingkop three points behind in third. Raneklint and Karl Yaeger are the outsiders looking to cause an upset.


Division 9

Points required to guarantee qualification: 34

This looks like a straight shootout between The Big Cups and Sabretooth Vag 3.0, with Grufff's Undead the only other potential challenger at this late stage. Neither the Dwarfs nor the Wood Elves can secure it this week and they are set to clash on the pitch in Week 12 - a match that could well decide the destiny of the playoff place.

- Harringzord

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