Rodder Stewart has seen it all now.

"These teams are INSANE and some of them, frankly, are stupidly overpowered. I love it!"

The hard sell begins. But the hard sell becomes much easier when you have a week's worth of knockout Blood Bowl action to draw upon and we've seen one hell of an opening to the Imperium Cup.

Not all of the matches have been played yet, but Rodder is busy over the next couple of evenings so he's been forced to release this article slightly early. Nothing to worry about, there's still plenty for him to get his teeth into.

Rodder has trawled through the stats to find the biggest shocks, the most violent teams and the high flyers from the first round - just so you know who to target with those Special Play cards should you make the Round of 16!

I'll let him get on with it...


Top 5 Shock Results

The five biggest Deck Value differences won by the Underdog...

5. juvesak (116, CGS) defeats DJH18286 (171, AOG) 2-1 - DV difference of 55

4. WalvisVis (129, SBR) defeats Ewthn (186, AOG) 4-2 - DV difference of 57

3. Atomex (128, AFS) defeats Epical-One (186, FEA) 2-1 - DV difference of 58

2. TomasT (116, CPP) defeats Lord Owl (179, CPP) 2-1 - DV difference of 63

1. Ricky (111, FEA) defeats rexlongbone (180, FEA) 1-0 - DV difference of 69

Rodder Reckons: Some excellent showings from teams around the 110 to 130 Deck Value mark, proving that well designed decks at this level can be more than a match for some of the more higher powered machines. Ricky and TomasT's victories both overcame a deck value difference of more than three absolute top value REBBL Legends, and there's also encouraging signs for the less popular mixed teams like Human League and Chaos Gods Selection - with the right builds, they can cause some surprises!


Top 5 Goliath Beatdowns

Congratulations, you beat up someone half your size...

5. Tommo (144, AOG) defeats YodaZong (80, AOG) 2-0 - DV difference of 64

4. Khornight (215, SBR) defeats deadman78 (150, CPP) 2-1 - DV difference of 65

3. PapaNasty (199, CPP) defeats Debtmonkey (133, HL) 2-1 - DV difference of 66

2. Missuh (191, AOG) defeats germanator (124, FEA) 2-0 - DV difference of 67

1. Gaudi (220, CPP) defeats ThePimpImp (139, FEA) 5-0 - DV difference of 81

Rodder Reckons: Did that feel good, Gaudi? That's merciless, man. All of our top five Deck Value teams are comfortably through to the Round of 32 and four of them make up the top four on this list, with Tommo rounding out the top five after beating YodaZong - who was competing in his first ever Imperium match. We'll consider this the warmup round...


Top 5 Touchdown Machines

Blissfully unaware that there's no SPP in this format...

5. Serj (174, FEA) - 3 touchdowns

4. Rinn Lanael (155, EGC) - 3 touchdowns

3. XS (144, EGC) - 3 touchdowns

2. WalvisVis (129, SBR) - 4 touchdowns

1. Gaudi (220, CPP) - 5 touchdowns

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: A list that's in it's infancy but interesting to look at nonetheless, as you try to best use those Round of 16 Special Play cards. Gaudi's demolition of ThePimpImp sees him out in front but WalvisVis is impressively out on his own in second place, and without a natural one-turner to boost his chances! Arthur Pendragon is the man with the plan...


Top 5 Crowd Pleasers

The crowd are pleased when they get to punch your players...

5. TomasT (116, CPP) - 2 crowd surfs

4. Harringzord (107, AU) - 2 crowd surfs

3. Tommo (144, AOG) - 3 crowd surfs

2. Randomaxomus (113, CPP) - 3 crowd surfs

1. Supra (105, CPP) - 3 crowd surfs

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: When you're low on Deck Value and lack the skills to do the damage yourself, why not get the crowd to help out? That was clearly the tactic adopted by these five, all below 145 Deck Value but all topping this list. A great idea that spectacularly didn't work for three of them as they were dumped straight out...


Top 5 Swingers

They're swinging their arms at things... what did you think I meant?

5. Missuh (191, AOG) - 60 blocks thrown

4. Serj (174, FEA) - 62 blocks thrown

3. ThePimpImp (139, FEA) - 62 blocks thrown

2. Sardaor (178, AOG) - 63 blocks thrown

1. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 69 blocks thrown

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: King Louis may well have declared himself the King of the Swingers, but he didn't mention the bit where his game went to kicks and he got an extra eight turns to block things. Never buy what those movies are selling!


Top 5 Discount Armour Emporium Customers

Terry's gonna geeeeeetttt ya!

5. bobbybintang (129, EGC) - 18 armour breaks inflicted by opponent

4. A_Velociraptor (118, FEA) - 18 armour breaks inflicted by opponent

3. Keith (155, CPP) - 19 armour breaks inflicted by opponent

2. Spacelion (133, SBR) - 20 armour breaks inflicted by opponent

1. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 36 armour breaks inflicted by opponent

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: And never buy what Terry Tennent is sel... wait, THIRTY SIX ARMOUR BREAKS?! And they won! Regeneration is one hell of a drug...


Top 5 Fight Night Fans

We're gonna need more Thick Skull...

5. Baoabandini (115, SBR) - 6 KOs inflicted

4. Sardaor (178, AOG) - 7 KOs inflicted

3. cheeseex (137, CPP) - 7 KOs inflicted

2. Missuh (191, AOG) - 8 KOs inflicted

1. Tommo (144, AOG) - 9 KOs inflicted

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Prepare the smelling salts if you come up against these guys, because they love a knockout punch! Interesting to see that this isn't just a selection of high Deck Value Claw teams, which bodes well considering how many of them are knocking around...


Top 5 Cash Inc. Investors

Two for a casualty, five for a kill...

5. juvesak (116, CGS) - 14 gold earned: 2 cas, 2 kills

4. Harringzord (107, AU) - 14 gold earned: 2 cas, 2 kills

3. Ewthn (186, AOG) - 16 gold earned: 3 cas, 2 kills

2. Serj (174, FEA) - 18 gold earned: 4 cas, 2 kills

1. A_Velociraptor (118, FEA) - 23 gold earned: 9 cas, 1 kill

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: gold not actually earned unless you've played the card

Rodder Reckons: Sweet mother of Nuffle, how do you produce nine casualties and fail to progress?! Oh, regen. Some phenomenal scores posted here from just one game and it's therefore a crying shame that none of them have the Cash Incorporated card in play.


Top 5 Fashion Followers

Your armour is sooo nice! I'll make sure I don't break it...

5. Swampmist (160, AFS) - 16.7% armour break rate (6 breaks, 36 blocks)

4. Cynergy (124, AU) - 13.8% armour break rate (8 breaks, 58 blocks)

3. BigEasyTP (182, AOG) - 9.3% armour break rate (4 breaks, 43 blocks)

2. YodaZong (80, AOG) - 5.3% armour break rate (1 break, 19 blocks)

1. Murlo (136, AOG) - 2.5% armour break rate (1 break, 40 blocks)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: minimum 16 blocks thrown (1 per turn)

Rodder Reckons: Murlo's task is to find some Mighty Blow cards in Season 2...


Top 5 Landscape Gardeners

This field would look like a work of art if there was a little less clutter...

5. Wrinkles (Lord Owl) (179, CPP) - 20.0% removal rate (35 blocks, 7 removals)

4. Tommo (144, AOG) - 21.1% removal rate (57 blocks, 12 removals)

3. cheeseex (137, CPP) - 21.1% removal rate (38 blocks, 8 removals)

2. A_Velociraptor (118, FEA) - 22.4% removal rate (58 blocks, 13 removals)

1. bobbybintang (129, EGC) - 25.0% removal rate (20 blocks, 5 removals)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: removal defined as a KO, casualty or kill

Rodder Reckons: It's easier to win if your opponent has less players than you and these coaches all know that well. Weirdly, the team that knew best were an Elf team though that comes with the caveat that all five of them were KOs. Still, every little helps...


Aaaand that's your lot! Rodder will be back next week to update these facts and figures after the Round of 32.

- Harringzord

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