Rodder Stewart has had his head buried in match reports all week.

REBBL's Chief Scout is enjoying his new assignment and the variety of options on any given field. Something about it speaks to him. More ways for more things to get hurt!

Following on from the Round of 64 report, there have been some slight modifications to some of the categories as Rodder wanted to track progress across the whole competition, rather than in individual rounds. He'd have nothing to write about by the semi-final!

The last sixteen awaits and another Special Play phase is sure to shake things up! With that in mind, here's Rodder's latest statistical scouting report...

(Note: a coach in italics has been eliminated from the Imperium Cup but remains on the leaderboards)


Top 5 Underdogs

The five largest combined Deck Value deficits won by the underdog...

5. Cynergy (124, AU) defeated Sardaor and Kaosubaloo - total DV deficit of 64

4. TomasT (116, CPP) defeated Qazcdewsx and Lord Owl - total DV deficit of 77

3. Isaire (127, HL) defeated Cullen and Tobi - total DV deficit of 83

2. Ricky (111, FEA) defeated XS and rexlongbone - total DV deficit of 102

1. juvesak (116, CGS) defeated PapaNasty and DJH18286 - total DV deficit of 138

Rodder Reckons: These five are proving that Deck Value doesn't matter and have overcome the odds in both rounds to reach the Round of 16. Juvesak pulled off arguably the biggest shock of the whole competition with a narrow 1-0 victory over the heavily-backed PapaNasty and will face Cynergy in the Round of 8 - meaning one of these guys will be going even further!


Top 5 Goliaths

Congratulations, you beat up someone half your size...

5. ElSod (172, CPP) defeated Dreamifi and Murlo - total DV advantage of 99

4. Rumblebee (177, AOG) defeated cheeseex and Baoabandini - total DV advantage of 102

3. Ay (204, SBR) defeated KleptoKnight516 and Toawesome - total DV advantage of 150

2. Khornight (215, SBR) defeated bobbybintang and deadman78 - total DV advantage of 151

1. Gaudi (220, CPP) defeated Shadorra and ThePimpImp - total DV advantage of 156

Rodder Reckons: PapaNasty's defeat opens up a chance for some less expected names to make this list - with the top three fairly likely - with RumbleBee and ElSod answering the call. RumbleBee has a narrow Round of 16 ahead of him but with ElSod due to face the low Deck Value of TomasT, there's a chance for him to move up this list. Elsewhere, there seems to be no answer to either of Gaudi or Khornight's decks...


Top 5 Touchdown Machines

Blissfully unaware that there's no SPP in this format...

5. RumbleBee (177, AOG) - 5 touchdowns

4. Tommo (144, AOG) - 5 touchdowns

3. WalvisVis (129, SBR) - 5 touchdowns

2. TomasT (116, CPP) - 5 touchdowns

1. Gaudi (220, CPP) - 9 touchdowns

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Gaudi is beginning to run away with this one after another four touchdown haul against Shadorra, with two rapid Gutter Runners proving difficult to answer. TomasT's appearance here is impressive, while the Arthur Pendragon inspired WalvisVis will be climbing no higher after defeat to fourth placed Tommo. RumbleBee rounds out the top 5 with Human Legend Wilfred proving too much for the competition so far.


Top 5 Crowd Pleasers

The crowd are pleased when they get to punch your players...

5. Harringzord (107, AU) - 2 crowd surfs

4. Cynergy (124, AU) - 3 crowd surfs

3. TomasT (116, CPP) - 3 crowd surfs

2. Randomaxomus (113, CPP) - 3 crowd surfs

1. Tommo (144, AOG) - 4 crowd surfs

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Tommo takes command of this one with another crowd surf giving him a clear lead. There were no standout performers for this category in the Round of 32, with no team managing more than one.


Top 5 Swingers

They're swinging their arms at things... what did you think I meant?

5. juvesak (116, CGS) - 110 blocks thrown

4. Tommo (144, AOG) - 111 blocks thrown

3. Ay (204, SBR) - 118 blocks thrown

2. Sardaor (178, AOG) - 119 blocks thrown

1. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 120 blocks thrown

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: A very close run thing here but no real surprises of the types of teams comprising the top five. Interestingly, four of the five are through to the Round of 16 - suggesting that maximising blocks is an effective Blood Bowl strategy. Who knew?!


Top 5 Discount Armour Emporium Customers

Terry's gonna geeeeeetttt ya!

5. bobbybintang (129, EGC) - 31 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

4. Serj (174, FEA) - 32 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

3. cheeseex (137, CPP) - 33 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

2. Tobi (187, EGC) - 36 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

1. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 44 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Things that are not surprising: two of these teams being Elves, four of these five teams being eliminated from the tournament. Things that are surprising: the leader is still in it! As previously stated, regen is a hell of a drug...


Top 5 Fight Night Fans

We're gonna need more Thick Skull...

5. RumbleBee (177, AOG) - 11 KOs inflicted

4. Isaire (127, HL) - 11 KOs inflicted

3. Sardaor (178, AOG) - 12 KOs inflicted

2. Masterful (153, FEA) - 12 KOs inflicted

1. Tommo (144, AOG) - 12 KOs inflicted

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Tommo led before and just about holds that lead, but Masterful has leaped up the leaderboard with eight knockouts in the Round of 32! Isaire's Human League team impressively make this list too.


Top 5 Cash Inc. Investors

Two for a casualty, five for a kill...

5. Serj (174, FEA) - 20 gold earned: 5 cas, 2 kills

4. A_Velociraptor (118, FEA) - 23 gold earned: 9 cas, 1 kill

3. Ricky (111, FEA) - 25 gold earned: 5 cas, 3 kills

2. Khornight (215, SBR) - 26 gold earned: 8 cas, 2 kills

1. juvesak (116, CGS) - 28 gold earned: 4 cas, 4 kills

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: gold not actually earned unless you've played the card

Rodder Reckons: The number of low value decks featured here is actually remarkable, with juvesak so far winning the prize for Best Understanding of this Card by just killing everything in his path. Khornight's monster deck is beginning to flex it's muscles just behind...


Top 5 Fashion Followers

Your armour is sooo nice! I'll make sure I don't break it...

5. juvesak (116, CGS) - 22.4% armour break rate (23 breaks, 110 blocks)

4. Rinn Lanael (155, EGC) - 22.3% armour break rate (11 breaks, 47 blocks)

3. Dreamifi (109, HL) - 21.7% armour break rate (23 breaks, 108 blocks)

2. Tommo (144, AOG) - 21.5% armour break rate (24 breaks, 111 blocks)

1. Cynergy (124, AU) - 15.0% armour break rate (15 breaks, 101 blocks)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: minimum 32 blocks thrown (1 per turn over two games)

Rodder Reckons: The two Big O boys leading the way in a category their teams probably don't want to be leading, but the big surprise here is juvesak again - when he does eventually get through your armour, chances are you're going to die horribly!


Top 5 Landscape Gardeners

This field would look like a work of art if there was a little less clutter...

5. Masterful (153, FEA) - 17.1% removal rate (104 blocks, 18 removals)

4. Ricky (111, FEA) - 17.6% removal rate (75 blocks, 13 removals)

3. Harlmorl (172, AOG) - 19.4% removal rate (93 blocks, 17 removals)

2. RumbleBee (177, AOG) - 20.5% removal rate (86 blocks, 17 removals)

1. Isaire (127, HL) - 23.4% removal rate (102 blocks, 19 removals)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: removal defined as a KO, casualty or kill

Rodder Reckons: So I had to do some digging to find out exactly how a Human League team were topping the charts for most consistent removals. I got as far as the first slot in the deck and came across Erik the Red, which explains everything...


Aaaand that's your lot for another week! Rodder will be back next week to update these facts and figures after the Round of 16.

- Harringzord

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