Rodder Stewart is actually a little out of breath.

"I'd just got a handle on all of this and they went and changed what the teams look like! What gives?!"

The Round of 16 saw the beginning of the second Special Play phase and as such, the team you'd gotten used to in the first two rounds had a good chance to look ever so slightly different. Especially if you're near Khorne Fakes...

Another round of high TV, high drama Blood Bowl is over and we've lost some more of the heavy hitters! Just eight teams remain and our Chief Scout's task is now trying to establish which of them will claim the crown.

Here's the latest...

(Note: a coach in italics has been eliminated from the Imperium Cup but remains on the leaderboards)


The Underdogs

The remaining teams who've progressed at an overall Deck Value deficit...

4. Zsinj (165, EGC) defeated Khornight, Oni_Goku and BigEasyTP - total DV deficit of 20

3. Cynergy (124, AU) defeated juvesak, Sardaor and Kaosubaloo - total DV deficit of 56

2. TomasT (116, CPP) defeated ElSod, Qazcdewsx and Wrinkles (Lord Owl) - total DV deficit of 133

1. Ricky (111, FEA) defeated Missuh, XS and rexlongbone - total DV deficit of 182

Rodder Reckons: Ricky continues to make a mockery of the idea of needing Deck Value, dumping out Missuh's 191 value team in the Round of 16 - while 780 TV down! TomasT and Cynergy are also going strong - with the latter confirming his place in the semi-final today by defeating the top dog Gaudi by three touchdowns to two! Zsinj has generally been an overdog but his heartstopping win over Khornight leaves him at a slight deck value deficit overall. He'll be one to watch!


The Goliaths

Continuing to beat up teams half their size...

4. Harlmorl (172, AOG) defeated RumbleBee, Rinn Lanael and Swampmist - total DV advantage of 24

3. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) defeated Isaire, Serj and A_Velociraptor - total DV advantage of 70

2. Ay (204, SBR) defeated Tommo, KleptoKnight516 and Toawesome - total DV advantage of 210

1. Gaudi (220, CPP) defeated Masterful, Shadorra and ThePimpImp - total DV advantage of 223

Rodder Reckons: Gaudi tops this list but as of today... he's out! His quarter final against Cynergy has already been played with the Afterlife side coming back from 2-0 down to produce one of the shocks of the tournament! That probably leaves Ay as the favourite to take the crown, based on Deck Value alone, but keep an eye on both Stallions and Harlmorl who've been very quietly going about keeping themselves in the fight.


Top 5 Touchdown Machines

Blissfully unaware that there's no SPP in this format...

5. Harlmorl (172, AOG) - 6 touchdowns

4. TomasT (116, CPP) - 6 touchdowns

3. Ay (204, SBR) - 8 touchdowns

2. Zsinj (165, EGC) - 8 touchdowns

1. Gaudi (220, CPP) - 11 touchdowns (after Round of 16)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: No surprise to see this list comprised entirely of teams to reach the Round of 8 because, as it turns out, touchdowns win you Blood Bowl matches. Gaudi's touchdown machine will motor no further than the quarters but it remains to be seen whether anyone can catch him up!


Top 5 Crowd Pleasers

The crowd are pleased when they get to punch your players...

5. Ricky (111, FEA) - 2 crowd surfs

4. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 3 crowd surfs

3. Tommo (144, CPP) - 4 crowd surfs

2. Cynergy (124, AU) - 4 crowd surfs

1. TomasT (116, CPP) - 5 crowd surfs

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: TomasT is now in control of the crowd pleasing and having the fans onside can make all the difference. He may just have the one Frenzy piece, but it is an Agility 5 Witch Elf Leaper. Pretty good for surfin'!


Top 5 Swingers

They're swinging their arms at things... what did you think I meant?

5. Missuh (191, AOG) - 160 blocks thrown

4. Harlmorl (172, AOG) - 160 blocks thrown

3. Tommo (144, AOG) - 167 blocks thrown

2. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 175 blocks thrown

1. Khornight (215, SBR) - 203 blocks thrown

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: I know what you're thinking. "Khornight wasn't even on this list after the Round of 32." But that's before an unbelievable quarter final against Zsinj's Elves in which he threw an astounding 107 blocks in a single (overtime affected) game! It wasn't even enough to win, as the Elves held firm against the onslaught to knock out one of the pre-tournament favourites.


Top 5 Discount Armour Emporium Customers

Terry's gonna geeeeeetttt ya!

5. Masterful (153, FEA) - 38 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

4. Zsinj (165, EGC) - 40 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

3. Matt E (Randall Clark) (132, SBR) - 40 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

2. Isaire (127, HL) - 44 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

1. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 59 armour breaks inflicted by opponents

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Stallions continues to ride the regeneration train hard but remains standing in the competition! We'll soon see if the wheels will fall off but if they do, it'll be spectacular. Zsinj almost makes this list by default, because surviving 107 blocks to win the game is about as un-Discount Armour Emporium as it gets!


Top 5 Fight Night Fans

We're gonna need more Thick Skull...

5. Missuh (191, AOG) - 14 KOs inflicted

4. Stallions McPanther (163, AU) - 14 KOs inflicted

3. Masterful (153, FEA) - 14 KOs inflicted

2. Isaire (127, HL) - 15 KOs inflicted

1. Gaudi (220, CPP) - 17 KOs inflicted (after Round of 16)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Gaudi's Claw access begins to show but the list isn't really dominated by teams with an abundance of Claw at their disposal. Mighty Blow, though... That'll often do the trick! With three of these teams now eliminated, they'll be left to rue what might have been if only they'd have hit a little harder...


Top 5 Cash Inc. Investors

Two for a casualty, five for a kill...

5. Ay (204, SBR) - 29 gold earned: 7 cas, 3 kills

4. Ricky (111, FEA) - 31 gold earned: 8 cas, 3 kills

3. Khornight (215, SBR) - 32 gold earned: 11 cas, 2 kills

2. juvesak (116, CGS) - 34 gold earned: 7 cas, 4 kills

1. Harlmorl (172, AOG) - 36 gold earned: 13 cas, 2 kills

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: gold not actually earned unless you've played the card

Rodder Reckons: A violent six casualty haul for Harlmorl sees him take the lead in the Cash Inc. stakes but it remains a close run thing. Again, we have a mix of high and low value decks proving it's not about how much Mighty Blow you have, it's how you use it.


Top 5 Fashion Followers

Your armour is sooo nice! I'll make sure I don't break it...

5. juvesak (116, CGS) - 23.1% armour break rate (33 breaks, 151 blocks)

4. Tommo (144, AOG) - 22.1% armour break rate (37 breaks, 167 blocks)

3. RumbleBee (177, AOG) - 20.5% armour break rate (26 breaks, 121 blocks)

2. Zsinj (165, EGC) - 17.2% armour break rate (21 breaks, 121 blocks)

1. Cynergy (124, AU) - 15.3% armour break rate (23 breaks, 152 blocks)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Rodder Reckons: Cynergy continues to progress despite throwing a whole load of blocks for very little reward. Considering he's running a Mighty Blow Werewolf and a Strength 6 Mummy, he can feel a little hard done by to not be finding removals as regularly as his opponents. Still, it's hardly holding him back!


Top 5 Landscape Gardeners

This field would look like a work of art if there was a little less clutter...

5. Masterful (153, FEA) - 16.9% removal rate (140 blocks, 24 removals)

4. Missuh (191, AOG) - 17.7% removal rate (160 blocks, 26 removals)

3. Harlmorl (172, AOG) - 17.7% removal rate (160 blocks, 26 removals)

2. Gaudi (220, CPP) - 19.1% removal rate (120 blocks, 24 removals)

1. Isaire (127, HL) - 22.5% removal rate (136 blocks, 26 removals)

(Ties split by lower Deck Value)

Note: removal defined as a KO, casualty or kill

Rodder Reckons: Erik the Red's one man show is over but he's still posted an impressive innings - if we define innings as "number of opponents he's maimed." Which we do. Obviously.


Remaining REBBL Legends

Eight teams left, but which Legends have carried them to the quarter-finals...

Alawë Undoos - Ay

Batman (Duh) - Ay

Dirty Claws - Gaudi

Eek-A-Mouse - Ay

Eino Leino - Stallions McPanther

Gloranlana - Gaudi, Zsinj

Huge Jackedman - Harlmorl

"Leftie" Leroy III - Ricky

Rod Longstaff - Stallions McPanther

Sunfire - Gaudi

Super Dragon 6000 - Ay

The Tower Reversed - Zsinj


So there you have it. Just three rounds and seven six games to go until we crown a champion!

- Harringzord

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