Rodder Stewart has been around the block a fair bit. REBBL's Chief Scout is more figurehead than hands-on stats guru these days, having quite sensibly employed more efficient ways of working as the league grew to a preposterous size. This used to be the work of one man, you know!

That doesn't mean ol' Rodder isn't fond of a bit of a history lesson every now and then - and this time he's come up with a corker. While sat in his now utterly lavish home - tattered tartan slippers in front of the fire, glass of red wine swirling around the glass in his somewhat unsteady right hand - Rodder reminisced on some of the great REBBL teams of seasons past. The swashbuckling White Line, the murderous Khornago Kharnagers and the sheer power of The Astrorkz all provoking fond memories of the momentous showdowns of yesteryear.

"It'd be a shame," Rodder mused, "to lose track of teams like this after their retirement. Something must be done to preserve their legacy..."

And at that moment, Rodder hatched a plan...

A plan of great importance.

A plan that only one man could really tackle.

A plan that, unfortunately, would mean the end of his retirement.

"What must be, must be."

Welcome, REBBL coaches, to a new Rodder Stewart series!

Rodder's Record Books will look back over the history of this fine league and attempt to immortalise some of our coaches' finest achievements.

We begin with an area that has taken a fair bit of work from our Chief Scout to nail down - win streaks. Difficult to develop, lost on the roll of a single dice, definitely worth celebrating.

This opening report will look at the greatest ever* regular season winning streak for every race. Will you be able to best the current record with your team?

You might have noticed an asterisk there. Here are the rules:

  • Records begin at the opening of Season 7. This was the first REBBL season to feature all currently available races and furthermore, was fully trackable. Many of our records from Season 5 and earlier have been lost to the decay of time (or Nurgle's Rot, assuming records are prone to that)
  • A win streak requires successive wins - note that this is different from an undefeated streak which would also allow ties. Win streaks are considerably more difficult.
  • The win streaks featured are regular season only. Playoffs and Greenhorn Cup/Open Invitational are discounted. The difficulty and nature of playoffs make it an environment unfriendly to win streaks (barring one team) and there was no way I was going through Rodder was tracking through Greenhorn/OI sheets.
  • Bye weeks count. A win is a win, as the old adage goes, but furthermore a concede win due to unavailability would also count. It felt unfair to stop a win streak because a coach had no opponent.
  • Win streaks can continue across seasons and will ignore post season games. Won the last three games of the season, moved up then won the first three? That's a six-game win streak, coach!

While Rodder has done his best to get this right, there may be a team he's overlooked somewhere! If you think you've already topped any of these HAVING CHECKED THE RULES ABOVE then let me know.

Enough talk. Let's get down to business.

Amazons - Snicker-Snack

Coach: Sentorian

Win Streak: 6

When: Season 7, Week 1 - Season 7, Week 6

Division(s): REL 5E

Rodder Reckons: In the beginning, Amazons were overpowered - or so the populace screamed. Snicker-Snack took full advantage, winning their first six REBBL games before the rest of the division produced enough Tackle to stop them in their tracks. Nobody has bettered that opening since.

Bretonnian - Battle Brothers / Knights Saying Ni

Coach: Khalerick / Sandland

Win Streak: 6

When: Season 9, Week 9 - Season 10, Week 1 (Battle Brothers)

Season 9, Week 8 - Season 9, Week 13 (Knights Saying Ni)

Division(s): REL 8, REL 2 (Battle Brothers) - GMAN 8B (Knights Saying Ni)

Rodder Reckons: Bretonnian teams have been down in the doldrums for some time in REBBL, but recently two teams have taken on the challenge of restoring glory to the Lady. Incredibly, both streaks were just a week apart! The nature of Bretonnian teams means it's more likely that a fresh roster will be able to beat this record, but for now it's shared.

Chaos - The Farm Animals

Coach: Chabxxu

Win Streak: 6

When: Season 7, Week 12 - Season 8, Week 4

Division(s): REL 5G, REL 6

Rodder Reckons: One of the most popular races in REBBL but very difficult to avoid the occasional draw with a Chaos team. Chabxxu currently hold the record with six straight wins, peaking just at the end of the team's rookie season. Seven wins seems achievable to claim this record.

Chaos Dwarf: Play on the Music

Coach: TheDrNick

Win Streak: 12

When: Season 9, Week 6 - Season 10, Week 4

Division(s): GMAN 8G, GMAN 5

Rodder Reckons: Play on the Music made a fairly unremarkable start to GMAN life and were mid-table in Division 8G. Suddenly, it all clicked. Twelve straight wins followed, and a bonus Round of 16 Playoff appearance, before a 0-0 draw against Fly Lord Servants brought an end to a brilliant run.

Dark Elf: We Chillin'

Coach: C_Arnoud

Win Streak: 9

When: Season 7, Week 4 - Season 7, Week 12

Division(s): REL 5G

Rodder Reckons: An elf team in their debut season taking advantage of a lack of killing power on their opponents to rack up a winning sequence. What's new? We Chillin' swept aside all challengers in their debut season to secure a playoff berth, before aptly rewarding themselves with Season 8 off!

Dwarf - Cowboy Dorfs

Coach: Kyle Myr

Win Streak: 9

When: Season 7, Week 2 - Season 7, Week 10

Division(s): REL 5B

Rodder Reckons: A proud Dwarf will never be knowingly outdone by an Elf of any kind, so it'll be important for the Cowboy Dorfs to let you know their nine-game hot streak started two weeks before the Dark Elves above. Again in a fresh division and definitely before mass prevalence of Claw in their opponents, this remarkable winning run wasn't even enough to see the Dorfs qualify for the playoffs - finishing third in REL 5B.

Elven Union - Pro-in a Party

Coach: SoulOfDragnFire

Win Streak: 7

When: Season 7, Week 4 - Season 7, Week 10

Division(s): REL 5C

Rodder Reckons: So the REL fresh divisions were clearly a great place for developing teams in Season 7 and Pro-in a Party invited themselves. Seven straight wins in the middle part of the season was enough to secure a playoff position, with the early part of the run seeing SoulOfDragnFire averaging four touchdowns per game! That'll normally lead to wins...

Goblin - Here goes Nothing!

Coach: Atomex

Win Streak: 4

When: Season 8, Week 7 - Season 8, Week 10

Division(s): REL 9D

Rodder Reckons: Four wins in a row for Goblins! This might actually prove to be one of the harder records to break. Atomex did benefit from a bye week during the run but was able to beat Chaos and Lizardman teams along the way. No easy feat!

Halfling - Ménage à Trees

Coach: Larkstar

Win Streak: 4

When: Season 9, Week 1 - Season 9, Week 4

Division(s): REL 10E

Rodder Reckons: No bye weeks required for Larkstar, who raced into a division lead in REL 10E that he was able to hold onto by the end of the season. Four straight wins out of the box for a Halfling team is, again, a record that'll be extremely difficult to match. Orcs, Halflings, Skaven and Nurgle were all dispatched.

High Elf - Bloodthirsty Sea Guard

Coach: Tyladrhas

Win Streak: 5

When: Season 7, Week 4 - Season 7, Week 8

Division(s): GMAN 4A

Rodder Reckons: Now very much holding their own in Division 1, Bloodthirsty Sea Guard made an excellent start to life in REBBL. Five wins in a row being the best I could find for a High Elf team suggests they have plenty to do to catch up to their Elven brethren.

Human - Cash Crew Part Deux

Coach: J.J. Cash

Win Streak: 6

When: Season 7, Week 2 - Season 7, Week 7

Division(s): REL 4

Rodder Reckons:  A rare sight so far - a team achieving a record win streak in a developed division! Cash Crew Part Deux proved far too strong for the rest of REL Division 4 and ended Season 7 undefeated. With Humans generally struggling for form in recent seasons, this record could stand for a while yet.

Khemri - United Scarab Khemirates / Khemri do it? Yes we can!

Coach: Harringzord / McMacky

Win Streak: 7

When: Season 8, Week 13 - Season 9, Week 6 (United Scarab Khemirates)

Season 7, Week 1 - Season 7, Week 7 (Khemri do it? Yes we can!)

Division(s): GMAN 6C, GMAN 5 (United Scarab Khemirates)

REL 5C (Khemri do it? Yes we can!)

Rodder Reckons: McMacky's Khemri side actually tasted their first EVER regular season defeat this week so it's no surprise at all to see them claim at least one half of this record. Meanwhile, United Scarab Khemirates went on a tear during the first half of Season 9, winning their first six games before Hudd's Clawtimore Rams ended the streak.

Kislev Circus - Royaltons Circus

Coach: Sir Willis III

Win Streak: 6

When: Season 8, Week 9 - Season 9, Week 1

Division(s): REL 9D, REL 9

Rodder Reckons: When you rely so heavily on the 3+ it can be difficult to churn out consistent results. Royaltons Circus managed exactly that at the end of Season 8 with five straight victories to end their rookie campaign. Despite the best efforts of leaping madmen everywhere, that is yet to be bettered.

Lizardman - Charlestown Chiefs

Coach: Steer

Win Streak: 11

When: Season 9, Week 3 - Season 9, Week 13

Division(s): REL 9

Rodder Reckons:  Royaltons Circus winning run was ended in a 2-2 draw with Charlestown Chiefs and this was clearly enough for the Lizardmen to steal whatever magic the Kislev had been using. Steer's team then won every subsequent game - an incredible eleven game sequence that quite rightly saw them into the playoffs.

Necromantic - Skyriders CBB

Coach: Muppetillo

Win Streak: 8

When: Season 9, Week 5 - Season 9, Week 12

Division(s): GMAN 4

Rodder Reckons: With so many Necromantic teams knocking around, this one took a while to lock down! Muppetillo deserves massive credit for putting together an eight game winning streak in this particular GMAN Division 4 - widely regarded as one of the most competitive divisions the conference has ever seen. Skyriders were in magnificent form and ended up running away at the top of the leaderboard.

Norse - Overpowered, Underdressed

Coach: DRB25

Win Streak: 6

When: Season 9, Week 5 - Season 9, Week 10

Division(s): GMAN 8A

Rodder Reckons: The glass cannon nature of Norse means their results tend to be a mixed bag. Six games is therefore the best winning sequence I was able to find, with DRB25's run finally ended at the hands of a Lizardman team packing a chainsaw. Six KOs and five casualties later, the streak was done.

Nurgle - Rotting Snatchs

Coach: tommytootall

Win Streak: 9

When: Season 9, Week 5 - Season 9, Week 13

Division(s): REL 7

Rodder Reckons:  Unlike most of the others, it's no surprise to see the best Nurgle sequence coming in a developed division. Rotting Snatchs hit their stride in Season 9 and from Week 5 of the season won every remaining game to sail into the playoffs. Unfortunately, the team got too used to winning and when playoff defeat came to the powerful Gloom & Zoom, the team folded.

Ogre - Snot Battery / Maximum Ogrekill

Coach: Cpt J Yossarian / Randomaxomus

Win Streak: 3

When: Season 9, Week 8 - Season 9, Week 10 (Snot Battery)

Season 8, Week 8 - Season 8, Week 10 (Maximum Ogrekill)

Division(s): GMAN 3 (Snot Battery) REL 6 (Maximum Ogrekill)

Rodder Reckons: There are two lessons to be learned as we analyse the race with the worst win streak of all. The first is that Ogres are completely hopeless but the second is that you should definitely watch out for them between Weeks 8 and 10 of any given season...

Orc - Maybe orc will work

Coach: Gerbear

Win Streak: 9

When: Season 7, Week 12 - Season 8, Week 7

Division(s): GMAN 1

Rodder Reckons: Coaches, allow me to present the only team to rack up a record winning streak in a top division. It's generally been a struggle for Gerbear to continue to encourage performances out of his team but the stars aligned in Season 8, and the Orcs delivered. Nine straight wins in total saw Maybe orc will work dominate the top tier and reach the quarter-finals.

Skaven - Primetime Nibblers / All Rats must DIE

Coach: SeanManTV / Scytalen

Win Streak: 8

When: Season 8, Week 5 - Season 8, Week 12 (Primetime Nibblers)

Season 9, Week 2 - Season 9, Week 9 (All Rats must DIE)

Division(s): GMAN 3 (Primetime Nibblers) GMAN 8C (All Rats must DIE)

Rodder Reckons: GMAN Division 3 in Season 8 was another ludicrously competitive tier and just like Muppetillo, SeanManTV deserves a lot of credit for winning eight straight games in the mid-to-late part of the season. Not to be outdone, Scytalen matched the feat in Season 9 and managed to reach the playoff quarter-finals for good measure!

Undead - Crematorium Crew

Coach: BufordTJustice

Win Streak: 12

When: Season 8, Week 1 - Season 8, Week 12

Division(s): GMAN 6D

Rodder Reckons: As close as anyone has come to a perfect 13-0-0 REBBL season. Crematorium Crew absolutely destroyed the competition in GMAN 6D and were on the verge on perfection, only to be denied in the final week after a 1-1 draw with... Hudd's Clawtimore Rams. The streak killers themselves.

Underworld Denizens - Mutants in Human Clothing

Coach: Spoonybard

Win Streak: 11

When: Season 7, Week 13 - Season 8, Week 10

Division(s): REL 5A, REL 6

Rodder Reckons: By far and away the most difficult record to beat here will be this one. Season 8 was a very special one for Mutants in Human Clothing as they finished with a 12-1-0 record - the perfect season denied by league founder Gamba in Week 11. The streak did benefit from three bye weeks but let's not disguise the fact that Spoonybard won ELEVEN straight Blood Bowl matches with an Underworld team.

Vampires - Bloodsuckers Inc.

Coach: Randomboy987

Win Streak: 8

When: Season 8, Week 13 - Season 9, Week 7

Division(s): GMAN 3, GMAN 2

Rodder Reckons: We're onto Vampires, which invariably means we're about to talk about Randomboy987 and Bloodsuckers Inc. REBBL's best Vampire coach (and you'd really struggle to produce a stat that says otherwise!) racked up an impressive eight straight victories - including seven in seven to begin his Division 2 campaign. And yes, they are currently sat in the GMAN 1 playoff places.

Wood Elf - School of Dance

Coach: Morka

Win Streak: 7

When: Season 8, Week 12 - Season 9, Week 5

Division(s): Big O 4A, Big O 3

Rodder Reckons: Just when it looked like we were going to get through every race without mentioning the Big O, Morka arrives to save the day. And it wouldn't be a Wood Elf chat without discussing the great man. Since their inception, School of Dance have been breaking records left, right and centre and it's no different here, with their high touchdown rate proving too strong for their opponents.

- Harringzord

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