MO: - Well ReBBL, here they are, your eight quarterfinalist, great games, nice positioning and well, some teams just don't fail rolls...

(Thank you very much Jimmy Fantastic for your reviewing and editing)

NURGLE'S FTDs (Highlord Salt/Sauce) vs TEAM FANTASTIC(Jimmy Fantastic)

(Casters Krusader & Holes)

MO: - Nurgle start on offense with a Babe and some extra Rotters. The first Chaos hit was a KO, and with this, the slow grind starts with 1 blitz per turn. Turn 3, and we see the first injury for the Nurgle, CWarriors down; Chaos replied with the death of one of the NWarriors(but regened) and a fast KO on the Beast. Turn 4, Nurgle finds 2 KOs and the pitch starts to look empty. Most Nurgle find themselves based and the ball exposed. By Turn 5 Chaos had total control of the pitch and the removals kept coming, but regen kept them alive. Turn 7 Nurgle instant score, and leave the Chaos team 2 turns to score. 3 out of 4 KOs return, and the 2 turn attempt ain't that mutch of a stretch with 2 RRs. A deep cornered kick made the 2 Turn really hard, and finally a failed long pass ended the turn.

The Second half starts with 10 Chaos vs 11 Nurgle, the KO never returned; Nurgle set just 1 square from the line, tempting the quick snap. 2 removals on the LOS, and Chaos start their drive. Nurgle decided to go balls in and basically base with all his team and got punished. The removals did not stop, from both sides, the ball safely in the back and both teams punching left and right in the middle. A RR blitz into a dub skull gave the Nurgle all the punches and an easy blitz on the ball, 2 injuries, a KO and the ball basically on Nurgle hands cost him the game. Chaos passed turns after that. 2-0 for Nurgle.

Snow White & the 6 Chorfs(Bleedinghippy) vs New Year Norse(Ornan)

(Casters Krusader, Michaels & XS)

MO: - Norse start with Boomer, Chaney, 2 Babes and a Bribe and the ball in their hands, and well, the Chorves get a Blitz... a beautiful pass from 666 cleared the situation, and after several blocks, the PO get the Norse the first blood on a Midget Blocker. The Midgets replied fast, but a power apo saved the player for later. Turn 2, the Norse get another Dub skull, and it seems that Nuffle wants the Midgets to win. On turn 3 the Norse are forced by the dices to score. The bribe failed and Boomer was out, the first Midget turn bring 1 Norse down, but only 1 armor break, the Norse presented a screen and the slow grind starts. Turn 4 of the Midgets gets them the chance to foul 1995, and they get him. The Norse decided to be aggressive and base everything, including the ball, this cost them 2 injuries. From there we just see the Chorves dominating and causing more casualties, as the whole playoff run of them.

The second half starts with 8 Norse vs 11 Midgets, and a rock stun one of the Norse, and the meat grinding drive starts. Even the Ref removes Norse at this point, and I don't have much else to say. We kept seeing fail rolls on the Norse, the first roll that the Midgets failed was in12 in an attempt to catch on a Blocker, that should tell you the flow of this match, 2-1 for the Midgets.

Bar Room Blusterers(Varksen) Vs [REBBL] Brutalia(Docmarc)

(Casters Metal, Harringzord & Gerbear)

MO: - The Elves picked 1 Wizard and 2 Babes to go into this match. The Dwarves start in the offense, with a really short kick, and the first punch from the Dwarves delivers a dead Elf. After that, the Elves set a screen and the Dwarves tried to start removing them before pushing for the TD. At turn 5 an awful blitz from the elves and a snake on the first dodge gave the Dwarves a lot of punches, bunch of Elves on the floor, but no removals other than the first turn kill on the loner. At the turn 6 of the Elves the Dancer FINALLY did not fail a blitz and with it injured the Diving Tackle Dwarf which got instantly apoed. We see the third Elf injury just before the Dwarven TD in turn 8. The one turn worked, and the half ended 1-1.

The second half starts with the ball on the Elven hands. The Dwarves started the pressure really early and pinned the Elves into a corner of the pitch. The Elves felt the pressure and rapidly opened a small gap and pushed forward hard, but a failed 1d Blitz left the ball completely exposed.  The Dwarves got it into the floor, but the Vampire failed a dodge and gave the Elves another chance to score, but the Wardancer tried soo hard to made the Elves fail their drive. Turn 12 the bolt showed up and with the ball on the floor, the Dancer finally decided to play and after a pass, the ball is kinda of secure for the Elves. After an awful turn by the Dwarves, the Elves decided to try to stall 1 more turn.By turn 14 the Elves score, 2-1 for them, and left the Dwarves with 3 turns to equalize. Another failed blitz from the Dancer gave the Dwarves a free ride to the equalizer.

And now to Over Time, and the Wood Elves get the ball. After a small gap 2 Elves sneak forward but the rest were stranded behind, basing Dwarves, the Dwarves based the scoring threats and removed 2 Elves and not comes to just 1 long pass and score without re-rolls to win the match, and well, a Troll Slayer Intercepted the pass, and with that the game was over. 3-2 for the Dwarves.

Arkangell's Will(Arkangell7) vs The Grody Greens(LazarusDigz)

(Casters Harringzord, Metal & Steakmittens)

MO: - Nurgle start with the ball in their hands and a Bribe in their pocket. The match start with a free surf on a guard catcher, it was set up that way. The Elves answered the courtesy with a KO on the Ballsacker. With the ball in the back and Nurgle split in half we see the Elves start to put pressure on the ball, constraining the amount of field Nurgle had to play with. Turn 3 and the Elves went for the cage dive but a bad scatter and the RR expended on the leap made it really hard to recover. The Elves pushed anyways, and got punished; Dancer injured(instant apo) and agi 5 Catcher surfed. From this point forward the Nurgle grind down field became easier and even with some kind of pressure happening here and there, it was a successful drive from Nurgle. The lack of casualties made the one turn easy, and the second half really hard for them. A full compliment of Elves and a quick snap made the one turn easy, 1-1 going into the second half.

The second half starts with the Elves pushing for a fast score. Nurgle decided to start basing all Elves they could; a foul finally removed 1 Elf permantly, costing the bribe, but it was worth it. A 1 dice blitz dub skull removed one of his Dancers, and left most of his team based. A turn 11, the Elves feeling the pressure, decided to send all of them forward and run for the TD. With the Beast tentacles not working at all, the Elves just escaped and the TD was easy. Even tho the Nurgle Killer Goat was a dodge away from him, the killer failed miserably the whole match, and that was not the exception, so the Elves just picked up the ball and scored in turn 12. 11 vs 9, the Nurgle start their 5 turns drive to tie the match, a deep kick and the grind starts. At turn 15 a cage dive was stopped because the Dancer forgot to declare a blitz, so he leaped in then dodged out, and with that the Nurgle's equalizer was sealed. 2-2 and Over Time.

The Elves win the toss, 7 Elves vs 11 Nurgle, and the Elves just push for a fast 2 turner, practically impossible for the Nurgle to stop it, and with that 3-2 for the Elves.



This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight.

- Incesticide

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