MO: - Hello and good evening ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell from 2017 Stadium, home field of New Year Norse. I'm here to bring you an exciting match between Ornan's Norse and Ficction's Necros.

MO: - The first half starts with Necros on the offense and a plethora of illegal weapons on the field, we are used to see this Norse bend the rules as much as possible and this game will not be an exception. Things did not start well for the Norse with a couple of KO's after a few turns, but soon after Hack decided to remove Ficction's only guard from the match. After that Ficction's hand was forced and he scored quickly, 2 turns later. Sadly for the Norse their KO's did not come back and a shallow kick gave them more than one headache to protect the ball and try to score. After several removals from both sides, the only Norse chance was to long pass and potato it. Flasher wanted none of that, and easily KO the ballcarrier and recovered the ball, a Power Apo kept the player on the field for what would be a hard fought second half.

MO: - The second half starts with 10 Necro players versus the Norse 9, a riot reduced the turns, and with that the Norse drive for the equalizer started. 666 just decided to sit back and let the team battle the field for him, the turns passed, the removals started to pile and by turn 13 Necro felt they needed to pressure the ball, the field was almost empty and the back and forth beating was not kind to them. Now we finally see 666 move forward and pass the ball, with the Necro's backfield empty was not hard to stall until turn 16.

MO: - And we reached overtime, 8 vs 8, and the Norse with the ball, a pitch invasion cleared the left field for the Norse, but instead of going for the 2 turn TD, they decided to battle it up. This turned the match into a concert of hits and dodges, with the ball being passed, fumbled and recovered several times. The match was taking its toll not only on the players but also the Coaches, but at the end after an uphill failed hit, the Norse finally scored. 2-1 for them, in a taxing match that marks the end of Gloom and Zoom as ReBBL team.

MO: - Gypsy, we are going to catch a few word with Coach Ficction before he leaves the pitch...

MO: - We are here with Coach Ficction, hello there Coach, I know this is a heartbreaking defeat, but can you tell us a little about your impressions on the match?

Ficction: - Impressions are it was a hard fought match, but the crowd was against us. We were very closely matched, but when it came down to the clutch moments his team just performed better.

MO: - In the first half we saw that their illegal weapons forced you to score early, but after a lot of sitting deep of his QB you were close to score yet again, you think is a fair assessment of the half?

Ficction: - It wasn't the weapons that forced me to score so much as the superior positioning he had for the first quarter. we saw and opening and we kinda just had to take it.

MO: - And the second half, yet again we saw a non end brawl while his QB kept it deep, but this time the brawl clearly favored the Norse, with several key removals at crucial moments, did you boys failed you in the punching game, after all, you mostly got KO's that sooner or later came back.

Ficction: - If all of those KO's had been injuries I think you'd be talking to the winner right now. But the whole match was kind of invalidated by OT in my opinion. It all came down to Flasher dying and the crowd invading the pitch.

MO: - They committed to the brawl sure, but it was more they got to pick where the brawl was going to take place. Which in turn set up a path for them to push forward whenever they felt like it.

Ficction: - they committed to the brawl sure, but it was more they got to pick where the brawl was going to take place. which in turn set up a path for them to push forward whenever they felt like it.

MO: - And finally Coach, this was your last match as the head of Gloom and Zoom, you have any final thoughts about your run with them and the team?

Ficction: - It was a true contest, and I feel it was worthy of their status. I hear tell of a great competition taking place where they can raise old dead players and bring them back onto the pitch. I may take the team that way.

Speedo will go down as a Legend among legends. I don't think we'll find his equal in this or the next life. But apparently he came with a cost. Every other werewolf I've hired has died or limped into retirement. He was the heart and soul of the team.

MO: - And now to the press conference with the winners...

MO: - Well Gypsy we are here we Coach Ornan; Coach Ornan, once again we see your team fielding goblins, and specialist and fans alike think your main goals is to disrupt your opponent game plan with them, what can you tell us about them and what they offer to the team?

Ornan: - Well after season 7 my team was just bleeding players left and right, and I spent season 8 and 9 trying to build my team back up to what it once was. However, it soon became clear that I wasn't going to be able to develop any more ulfs or yhetis at the rate that I was losing positional. So at first I started taking boomer for fun. Around the end of season 9 I started to figure out that if I was going to have any real edge over the other teams I'd probably have to rely more heavily on inducements.

I'd been fooling around with goblins and underworld in practice games and I found out that nuffles altar is really useful for netting you a few extra bodies for incredibly cheap. Helmut doesn't particularly appear that often on the team since he usually eats into expenses pretty heavily, and until these playoffs I've avoided him in favor of a yheti or a pomber.

Even in these playoffs he's only managed to take down one person as a foul action, as useful as it was. He's great for scaring the opposition and acting as a safety against one problem I've had for a very long time. Often other players would just throw out their high strength or blodge pieces and keep my tackle guys tied down, so I started keeping him in the back to try and deter my opponent from blocking certain opponents or approaching in a certain direction. That's his use, to scare the opposing coach.

Boomer on the other hand is in my opinion the best star player a Norse coach could induce. Boomer has numerous uses you can opt to try at the beginning of every match. He's far superior to his av7 stunty counterpart. Being able to throw bombs without the fear of immediately removing himself allows you to just keep chucking bombs with little regard to his safety, and those bombs can do so many things.They can remove opposing players, even if they're being protected. Simply downing players can stall a drive for a turn or more and downing players also allows you to base them without fear of being blocked back, immediately putting you in an advantaged position. Last but not least he's av9 thick skull, which allows you to simply use him as someone to take hits for the rest of your squishy team.

MO: - Are we correct to assume that your plan was to bait the Necro's to score early by fielding both stars at the same time, and if that's the case, how was your game plan affected by being unable to equalize the score by the end of the first half?

Ornan: - That or at least let them take blitzes so I can slow down attrition. I opted to slow down my score on the first drive to try and get some more attrition going in my favor but then a lot of my players disappeared. Everything kind of fell apart in that drive and I was fortunate that he didn't end up scoring.

I felt that if I tried to score quickly in return he would've just two turned me and we'd be 2-1.

MO: - Talking about attrition, what you can tell us about that? Your guys seemed rather reluctant to enter the pitch, some even never came back, how your plans changed to cope with that, and how much this has to do with your decision of leaving the team?

Ornan: - I briefly thought that I might've wanted to take a babe instead of helmut but then I remember he removed the only guard piece on my opponent's team and didn't worry about it further. There's been plenty of games where Norse just gets pitched cleared so its really nothing new. When it comes to rerolling I tend to enjoy it more when both teams are getting whittled down desperately trying to outpace the other. The challenge in overcoming teams like necro, nurgle, and chorfs is very satisfying. The only factor that my current team has in rerolling is that the ulfs and yheti are too risky to develop in this environment.

My decision to reroll is more wanting to play something new while I wait for khorne to come out, and if they never come out I'll probably return to Norse eventually.

MO: - and finally, you are going to face Bleedinhippy's Chorves, what can you tell us about your plans to face them?

Ornan: - I'm going to throw bombs at them!

MO: - There you have it ReBBL, in an exciting and taxing match with 2 great coaches, we got everything and until the last second nothing was settled. And with this defeat of Gloom and Zoom, ends my covering of this team, was much fun and an honor to follow this team and it's brilliant coach.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell, saying goodnight.

(Thank you Jimmy Fantastic for your help editing)

- Incesticide

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