MO: - Hi ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell bringing you all the Season 10 Playoffs action, this time, round of 16, full of Drama, last second TDs and well, some dicing here and there... but mostly great games!


Seven Circles(Zsinj) vs Nurgle's FTDs(Highlord Salt/Sauce)

(Casters Krusader & XS)

MO: - The game starts with a blitz favoring Chaos, in the other hand Nurgle got a Wizard, a bribe and a babe to compensate. Sweltering heat will make the game interesting. The Nurgle drive starts with good block dices, even getting 1 KO. By 2 turn Chaos was 3 players down, and the apo gone. Chaos even started to injury themselves. By Chao's turn 3 they hitted back and removed a Rotter, but they were already 5 down, but Nurgle was too confident and even with the diminish numbers the Chaos team had an easy blitz on the ball, and they took it, ball on the ground pretty easy. After that Nurgle pushed for an early score, giving Chaos 3 turns to equalize after the early TD. With the Sun playing his roll, the drives starts 8 Chaos vs 9 Nurgle. After a fast remove 8 vs 8 became perfect for the Chaos team, but a blitz rerolled into a dub skull stopped them before they picked the ball, and everything became a lot harder. A pass at turn 7, a dodge and several GFIs gave them a chance but the instant wizard stop them flat in the feet, there was still a gleam of hope, but a fail dodge ended the half.

The Second half starts with 9 Chaos players vs 11 Nurgle, the Sun did not messed with nobody. A perfect D on a really short kick makes the half look grimm for the Chaos. they were allowed to retrieve the ball, but most their players were in base contact.The constant fails of Unf made the whole match really hard for the Chaos. By turn 11, the Chaos run a potato trying to equalize the match and beating on the Sun saving them. After a blitz that took down the ball carrier and a PO, the armor did not brake, and Chaos has his chance to score 1-1 by turn 12. And now they need to defend for 6 turns. 6 Chaos vs 9 Nurgle for the dream, another blitz  and again nothing comes from it. Unf died this turn. Chaos found himself with another shot at the ball, cause Nurgle was just sloppy, but the lack of players on the Chaos side made impossible to punish the play style. At the end 2-1 for Nurgle.

TEAM FANTASTIC (JimmyFantastic) vs Interdeadmensional BS (Toastguy7)

(Casters Krusader & Gerbear)

MO: - The Chaos team starts on offense, the Undead decide to set up really far down their own field. The match start with a quick snap on a really short kick, 3 out of 3 LOS hits for Chaos(2KOs and 1 regen injury), but with how far Undead setted, they resigned the blitz and just went for the ball. Being 3 players down forced the Undead to close down to try to reduce the room for maneuvering Chaos had. One mummy fell in turn 2, but regen saved the dead on him, and by this point the drive felt completely over. We finally we see Undead hitting back, dead +STR goat into an instant apo that save him. From this point forward Chaos just decided to clear the pitch while stalling with the ball. The Chaos greed got punished when Necro found a hit on the Ball, ball on the ground and blodge guard Wight on the ball, Chaos recover the ball, but still, half their team is locked in a brawl and the ball is still open. Seemed like the shot on the ball woke up Chaos, that started to remove players once more. At turn 8 Chaos scored, but all the KO's basically came back, game is on.

The second half starts with 11 vs 11 and the ball on the Undead, 1-0 for Chaos. With a full compliment, the Undead started the foul game since turn 1. The Chaos returned the favor by removing another Ghoul and the brawl started. A few turns later the Chaos team were able to corner most of the Undead team towards a sideline, and the necessity of removals became imperative for the Undead By turn 12 the Undead were forced to run back, the lack of players and mostly space to move forced their hand. Out of RRs and outnumbered, the Chaos team just demolish the team and took the ball. 2-0 for Chaos.

Common Nightmares(Hairy Coo) vs Bar Room Blusterers(Varksen)

(Casters Krusader & Michaels)

MO: - The Welves start in defend with a wizard on their pocket and a Babe on the sideline. A Rock knocked 1 Ghoul but a touchback put the ball right on the other Ghoul hands. A weird positioning from the Necro's allowed the Elves to just flood the backfield and pressure the ball since turn 1, and even worst, the wizard knocked the ball down. The first foul removed the fouler and 1 of the 2 the guards on the Elves(also the apo). The Elves kept pushing hard for the ball, putting themselves in the line to score on the Necro's drive, and everything went south when the Wardancer died going for the lose ball, the field showing their teeth. After that the Necro were able to cage up, but the Elves continue to base up and put pressure. The game became a nasty brawl with removals from both sides. By turn 6 of the Elves all the effort finally gave them the ball, not a safe ball, but the ball and after a failed blitz, the Elves scored, 1-0 for the Elves at turn 7. The Necro setted themselves for a 1 turn attempt, but a perfect D ruined the thing for them, and with that the half ended.

The Second half starts with the ball on the Elves hands. The Tree takes root at his first action and from there the Elves offense starts.The Elves decided to go for the 2 turn, but with a weird screen, giving the Necros a more than fair chance to surf the ballcarrier. But the dices decided that the Necro will not get any chance at all. And well, 2-0 and the Necro get the ball back. A deep kick made things difficult for the Necro, since they stacked the other side of the pitch looking for an fast score. A pass that failed put the ball on the field and gave the Elves the chance to pick it and seal the game, but they failed the first dodge and gave the Necro another chance to score. 2-1 for the Elves that receive the ball, Necro has 4 turns to steal the ball and score to go to OT. A high kick did not made anything better for Necro that with a fast score from the Elves would be out of the game. The Elves decided to keep exposing themselves to stall the match, the Necro had the ball down but it landed on the Apoed Elf and now the Elves had it on the bag. 2-1 for the Elves.

Warc Machine III(Lyskaris/XS) vs The Grody Greens(LazarusDigs)

(Casters Cynergy, Saace & Tommo)

MO: - The Orcs decide to receive against a Nurgle team with a Wizard. The first Orc hit resulted in a dead Rotter, then the Orcs decided to exchange blitzes even though, the Orcs outguarded them. Turn 3, NWarrior dead... The Nurgle responded with a nasty hit on a Black Orc(-STR), a third removal on the Nurgle side, but regen kept him alive, but the match starts to be too bloody for both teams. The field got flooded by blood way too fast. At turn 6, the Orcs finally decided to push forward, the Bolt came and failed. After several other punches, the Orcs scored 1-0 going to the second half.

The second half starts 10 vs 10. The match continues as bloody as the first half, with a turn 1 Black Orc removal. The game became a crawling brawl after the first turns from both teams, and the slow grind started. This really slow half ended with 1-1 and 1 RR for the Orcs for OT.

The OT starts with 9 Orcs(1RR) vs 10 Nurgle(0RR), the coin flip was won by Nurgle and chose to receive. And the slow Nurgle grind started once again. The removals started hard by turn 19, and the field started to feel empty. The cage dive came turn 20 from the Orc but a skull into a skull ended that attempt and with that Nurgle was clear to push forward and with that the matched ended 2-1 for Nurgle, a costly match for both.

[REBBL] Brutalia(Docmarc) vs Deadly Nightshade(Andy Davo)

(Casters Shadorra, JJCash & Steakmittens)

MO: - The Dwarves decided to pick 2 Mercs with guard and a Wizards and the Delves decided to defend. By turn 1 we saw 2 fouls, the Delves one using the +STR AGI MB blitzer. Next Delves fouls is don't by the AGI 5 leap jugger. By turn 3, the Ref finally notice the fouls going on and expelled the player, the bribe did not work. Turn 5 is when the Dwarves finally got their chance, the Delves committed too much, and the block dices did not help them and the Dwarves finally got their chance to hit a lot of them, but they got nothing out of it and then is the Delves turn to punch them all. That neither accomplish anything, and the match devolved to a brawl in the middle of the field.  By turn 6, the Delves finally decided to ste up a screen and offer the Dwarves a side line, always dangerous against Witches. At turn 7 we finally see a cage dive, on red dices, gets pushes, enough to break the cage and fully base the ballcarrier. By turn 8, the Midget Vamp get it done. 1-0 for the Dwarves. The one turn attempt failed and with that the half ended.

The second half starts 11vs11 and the Dwarves with the wizard. The Elves decided to stall and brawl with the Dwarves in the midfield while kept the ball really deep on their side.  By turn 11, the Dwarves base defense started to give him results, and the vanity passes from the Nightshades meant that they were not advancing at all. After that the Delves decided to send 3 scoring threats and splitted the Dwarves in several packs. At turn 13 the Delves decided to move forward, the instant response from the Dwarves came, and with the Midget Vamp basing the BC the bolt come. A first action snake on a dodge opened the match wide for the Dwarvers, 1 turn later the Dwarves score, and left the Delves with 1 turn to score 2 TDs to dream of overtime.

Khemri do it? Yes we can(McMacky) vs. Snow White and the 6 Chorfs(Bleedinghippy)

(Caster Metal, Michaels & RustySeabutter)

MO: - Khemri took Setekh, 2 Babes and a Bribe. The won the toss and decided to attack. And after some disappointing LOS hits they decided not to blitz and keep their position. The Chorves well, they did what Chorve do, and based a lot. By turn 3, both teams were just clumped in a small square, with players from both teams mixed. This brawl clearly favored the Midgets with claws...In turn 6, Khemri pulled some magic and found a gap to move forward and left most of the Midgets out of the play. But you know what, the Midgets come with some Bulls, and those are quite mobile. And with that the first half ended 0-0.

The Second half starts with 1 TG failing the KO roll, and with that, the Midgets have their drive a lot of easier. In true Midget fashion, they just lined everybody on the line and started to move forward, no second thought required.

New Year Norse(Ornan) vs Gloom and Zoom(Ficction)

(Caster Tself & Cheeseex)

MO: - (for the full report with interviews go here)Norse start with both Boomer and Hack and conceding the ball to the Necros. After a lot of Star players shenanigans, the Necro scored early. and Now the Norse get 5 turns to equalize before the end of the half. 10 Norse vs 11 Necro the ball flights again. After a weird positioning the ball was based, a pass and potato was needed and the ball was recovered by the Necro, so 1-0 for the Necro at the end.

The second half half starts 9 Norse vs 10 Necro, the KO's rolls for the Norse were horrendous the whole match.  A riot reduced the amount of turns, and soon the removals started to show from both sides. After a grindy half 1-1. and OT

OT, 8 vs 8, the Norse win the toss, and now everything lies on Speedo to stop the offense. A pitch invasion made things really easy for the Norse. After a great recovery from the Necro team, the game ended with a lot of 1d and pick ups, Norse 2-1 for a great match ending. I would like to say more, but slowly but surely the Chorves pinned all Khemri players in one side and kept the ball on the other side, exposed ball yes, but well, you know how Midgets work. 1-0 for the Chorves.

Jinny's Sugardaddies(Ladykilljoy) vs Arkangell's Will(Arkangell7)

(Casters Krusader, Chubstep & Harringzord)

MO: - The match start with the Welves in Defense, what is prolly to be a shout out. A perfect D makes the Delves plans to avoid the Tree fruitless. The Delves decided to carry on their STR4 Witch and hold it in the back field. Fast enough the Welves setted a screen, and from there we go to a long long turns match. Really slowly the Delves moved up field, the Welves held their screen. By turn 6 the Delves felt with no other option but score and well, the Welves have 3 turn to score 11 vs 11. We finally see damage on the field, with a KO and injury from the LOS blocks. A failed dodge against DT gave the Delves a clear chance to reposition, but at the end the Welves scored the equalizer, 1-1 at the end of the half.

The second half starts 9 Delves vs 11 Welves. This time, the Delves setted the screen and the Welves slowly tried to move forward. By turn 12 the Welves decided to go back and the brawl continued. The Welves built a cage but decided to kept the ball on the backfield. At turn 14, we see the Delves setting a chevron like anti pass screen, leaving basically all Welves free to catch. At turn 15, a lot of crazy screens later, the Delves punched the ball onto the floor. At turn 16, and a weird block allowed the Delves to scatter, and now needed a leap into a pass into 3 tackle zones/interception chances. But even tho, Elves bull works and they score. And now the Delves only have the 1 turn option to take the match to overtime, 12 minutes later, the first dodge failed and with that the game ended. 2-1 for the Welves.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight

(Thanks to Jimmy Fantastic for his review pre release)

- Incesticide

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