MO: - Hi ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell bringing you all the Season 10 Playoffs action, this time, round of 32, full of drama, potatoes and clownfiesta for all to enjoy.

(Special Thanks to Jimmy Fantastic and VulpesInculta for all the help getting this together)


The Ball Pinchers (Gdaynick) vs Common Nightmares (Hairy Coo)

(Casters Michaels & Rusty Seabutter)

MO: - The match started with casualties from both sides, the Elves formed a screen and the Necros started the slowly grind down field, switching sides trying to find a gap to exploit. The Elves held out for a while, but in the end the whole defense collapsed and with that the first half ended 1-0 for the Necros.

The second half did not start well for the Elves, things did not improve, slowly the Necros strangled the Elves, and between dice and lack of players, the Elves ended with no options. The match became 2-0 and the deseperate attempt of the Elves to equalized started. It was a valiant effort that rewarded them with 1TD and a chance at turn 16 to equalize the match, but the day was not an Elf day and the final score was 2-1.

Bash Buddies (Bärserk) vs TEAM FANTASTIC (Jimmy Fantastic)

(Casters Krusader & Swagtuk)

MO: - The Necros started in the offense, and well, this nasty Chaos team decided to set a straight line of chaos covering most of the pitch. The match turned itself into a 1 Blitz per turn per side, and barely anything else. Chaos practically allowed the Necros to score early, just looking for damage. The TD came really early and then the long defense started for the Necro team, 13 turns of Defense. In a costly drive the Chaos team managed to tied up the match going to the second half.

The second half started with a diminished Chaos team, but the fist became hot and they easily equalized the players on the field. With numerical advantage, the Chaos team took control of the pitch and the defense turned sour. It was then easy for them to just manage the turns and score in T16.

New Year Norse (Ornan) vs The Lizzardblizzard (GemeneRick)

(Casters Metal, Michaels & Hindus)

MO: - The Lizards take the offense for the first half in a rain storm against this Norse team supported by Boomer and Helmut. In the first turn for the Norse we see an injury(MNG on a Saurus that the apo fixed and returned to the bench). We see the first bomb on turn 2, and with that and the awful block dice the Lizards are getting allow the Norse to surround the Lizards and force the offense hands to a Skink a cage. By turn 5 the Lizards find themselves complete surrounded and the ball based by multiple Norse, but AG4 Skink is good enough to just dodge away and be able to stall for at least 1 turn. This cost the Lizards 1 injury and 1 KO Skink. With 3 turns to play, Norse gets the ball with a full squad against 8 Lizards. A riot gave the Lizards breathing room and the half ended 1-0 for the Lizard.

The second half starts with 11 Norse and 8 Lizards. The rain stopped and the Norse start with nice injury and the Lizard only have Saurus left. Removals kept coming, and the Norse started to feel the win in their hands. 1-1 and overtime. 7 Norse vs 4 Sauri and 1 Skink, but the Norse got the ball and it seemed over. At the end 2-1 for the Norse.

I hätt a Sauspiel (Hindi) vs Nurgle's FTDs (Highlord Salt/Sauce)

(Casters Harringzord & Michaels)

MO: - The game stats with the ball in Nurgle hands in a wizard stadium. A rock decided that 1 NWarrior needed some rest and with that the drive starts. Rapidly the Kislev formed a nice screen and the Nurgle responded by starting to remove more than 1 player per turn. The apo showed for the Kislev on their own turn 3, and after that well, the injuries started to pile. Nurgle decided to protect the ball and just keep the removal game going. The bolt showed in the turn 6 for Kislev, a nice scatter, then a nice pickup dodge, a beautiful pass and... a Rotter 6+ interception stopped the Kislev hopes right there. And the Rotter that could run foward and just passed it to a goat... and when Nurgle was winning the removing game they also decided to win the ballhandling game. A quick snap gave the Kislev the one turn TD opportunity but the tripwire in the endzone of Nurgle robbed us of prolly the best Touchdown we could had got in the playoffs.

Second half starts with 10 Kislev vs 11 Nurgle with a Wizard on the pocket. A injury on the blitz augured a good half for the Kislev team, but regen and right after a bonehead from the bear told them, no, Nuffle don't think so. But even with everything going against him, a pass a leap and the game became 1-1. But now Nurgle will get the ball back and the wizard is still with him, 11-11 and 7 turns for Nurgle to score. 2 removals from the LOS told Kislev to retreat, and they just started to give field to Nurgle. Nurgle caged their cage and slowly moved foward. Turn 14 of Kislev and 1d on the ball succeded, but the scatter, again Nuffle didn't want a thing with the jumping guys. A bolt removed the AG5 Kislev Catcher, picked the ball with the Hero Rotter that was soon removed by an uphill blitz, and the Beast caught the scatter. Nurgle promptly cleared a path for the Beast to handoff the ball. There was a last turn chance for Kislev to stop the score and go to overtime, but a Missclick ended the play and 2-1 for Nurgle.

The One True Path (JamesTyphoon) vs Bar Room Blusterers (Varksen)

(Casters Gerbear & AussiVikingR)

MO: - In a scortching sun the match started with the ball on elves hands and a wizard on the pocket, but I think Chaos was fine with it, removing elves was their plan from the start, and did not take long for the first remove to happen. By turn 2 the Elves launched their whole team foward and left the ball really back, Chaos replied with a full basing. At turn 4 a cage dive left the ball on the floor, and soon the Chaos players flooded the ball. The Elves blitz scatered the ball into an elf that already moved. and the ball ended based. Second strip on the ball, and now the Chaos players have the ball. Another strip this time from the Elves and they got the ball again and sidecaged at turn 6. At turn 7, the Elves just scored. Now Chaos have 2 turns to score. A really deep kick made the score almost imposible, and it was since picking the ball was just too much.

The second half 10 Chaos vs 8 Elves(and the Wizard), Chaos decided to carry with a CW just for the safety. And the slow grind started. At turn 11 the Elves started to pressure and the Chaos started to fail, soon the cage collapsed and the next turn we saw the bolt but a fail dodge gave the Chaos a second chance. And with that chance Chaos was able to pick up the ball and cage again but a leap reddice blitz put the ball on the floor but another snake on the dodge again saved the Chaos but the picked up failed and with only 2 turns to go the Elves got the ball on their hands and a failed dodge from Chaos sealed the game. 2-0 for the Elves.

Snow White and the 6 Chorfs (Bleedinghippy) vs Werewolf of Wall Street (Cunningfoxpup)

(Casters Krusader, Michaels & Holes)

MO: - The ball starts in the Necro's hand, with Chaney, a bribe and a babe. An extra bribe for both teams made this interesting. A KO from the first hit was a good start for the Necros, but a failed pickup destroyed the Necros offense right there. The response from the Chorfs was swift and brutal, they surrounded the ball and KO the closest player to the ball. After a force scatter by the Necros in turn 3, a Chorf got the ball, surrounded by his fellow aberrations. With all the Chorfs basing Necro players, the ball was never secure and by turn 4 the ball was again on the ground. After several hits and removals, the Chorfs finally got a secure screen between the ball and the Necros and the grind started. A desperate blitz at turn 6 got the ball on the ground but again a Chorf Blocker got the scatter and at turn 8 the Chorfs scored, 1-0 for them after the Necro drive.

The second half starts with 11 vs 11, but the Necro kicking towards the Chorfs. Necro started a high pressure defense after the ball went deep and the Chorfs were comitted to an all basing strategy. The Chorfs start to take unnecesary risks ending in the cage collapsing and the ball based by turn 10 but the disgusting power of the Chorfs allowed this situation to be solved by just punching things. The Chorfs kept giving blitzes on the ball but was imposible to beat them. At the end 2-0 for the midgets.

Everyone Hates Me (Chabxxu) vs Interdeadmensional BS (Toastguy7)

(Casters Krusader & Michaels)

MO: - The Undead take the offense against a tough Chorves team with Hthark with them. A blitz gives the Chorves the opportunity to reposition at will and an injury on the blitz allowed the Bulls to just flood the backfield and base the ball. The response from the Undead was swift and brutal, injuring the Bull basing the ball, the apo showed but did nothing and even with the Chorves pressure being really hard, the Undead were able to cage up by turn 2. The cage was in constant pressure, enough pressure to not allow to move the ball foward one square, but was always on a Ghoul's hands. By turn 6 the Undead finally got their chance and started to move foward in a kind of precarious position. The Chorves kept the pressure high kep forcing the Undead to uncomfortable plays. By turn 7 one Ghoul potatoed for the 1-0 on turn 8.

The second half starts 11 vs 11 with the Chorves on the offense. The lack of removals made the grind really hard for the Chorves but by turn 12 they found a crack on the Undead defense and rushed foward Bulls on leading the way. A swift repositioning from the Undead forced them back. The Undead started to press and the Chorves offense collapsed, with that a deseperate pass was attempted to equalize the match, but failed and the Undead easily recovered it. From there was easy just to run away with the ball to end the match.

Gloom & Zoom (Ficction) vs Thus with a kiss I die (tommytootall)

(Casters Tself & AussieVikingR)

MO: - The Elves start with a wizard in the pocket and the wrath on Nuffle on their back. What can we say about this match, besides the full recap with interviews I did in here. The Elves tried to pass, the Elves tried to dodge, the Elves tried a lot, but Nuffle was not pleased and at every step he put a rock on the floor or butter on their gloves.

The match went south really fast for the Elves and even though they had plenty of chances to score they could not roll a 2 to save their lives, at the end 1-0 for Gloom and Zoom.

Deadly Nightshades (Andy Davo) vs Shadowhill Cowboys (Sandune)

(Casters Michaels & Tself)

MO: - The Shadowhill Cowboys start at offense, the Nightshades decided to put a lot of pressure from the start and forced the Cowboys to cage really early on the drive. The early KO of Util(MBPO) forced the Cowboys hand, with an heartstopping pass, they scored at turn 3. With Util still out and a perfect D, the Nightshades start their offense. With the threat of the wizard on his head, the Nightshades offense struggle to progress, but at the end they got the equalizer 1-1 after the first half.

With wizard in hand and his killer back on the field, the Cowboys take the defense once again. A snakes going for a surf gave the perfect chance to the Cowboys to use that wizard and recover the ball but the timer stopped the ball to be secure. A mistake from Nightshades gave the Cowboys an easy turn to run away and stall, but a first action quadskulls made the game still open for both. After several questionable turns from both, the Nightshades finally got the ball were able to secure it. But then again, the ball was recover by the Cowboys and we enter the last turn with the ball on the floor, with no clear path for either team to score.

The Nightshades won the toss, and with this the last drive starts. The SLOW grind started and the game kept going and going. The caging back and forth from the Nightshades finally gave the Cowboys a shot on the ball at turn 21, but the pickup attempt just gave the ball to the Nightshades once again and with that they easily just ran for the 2-1 end.

The Way of the Leaf (Chubberson) vs The Groody Greens (LazausDigz)

(Casters Krusader & AussieVikingr)

MO: - With a Masterchef, Deeproot and Morg the Flings take the offense with a lot of hope on their hands. A short kick and a blitz makes the start really hard for the Flings, even worse when Nurgle actually catch it. First two hit by trees KO 2 players and a tree blitz hope started to rise. The removals keep piling for the flings, and having the ball on the floor didn't seem to matter. The Groodies got the ball and started to move it foward, but a few turns later, with 0 RRs, the Nurgle teams had no issues to stall by screening the ball carrier. Morg based the ball and that forced a dodge without a RR and a turn 7 TD, giving the Flings the 1Turn chance to equalize the half but the tree throw failed.

The second half starts with all Nurgle players coming back from their KOs and a full Fling team. Morg really early and alone based the ball and paid for it with an armor break and basically became out of the play. Nurgle even tho had good positioning, gave the Flings a chance to base the ball with a tree. Nurgle had no issues knocking him down and repositioning the ball far away from the Flings hands. But Morg wanted to earn his salary and with several dodges, blitzed the ball carrier and left he ball on the floor but a Fling decide to fail an easy dodge and injury himself. By turn 15 we see a Tree stomping Nurgle Warriors and Flings failing pickups. A pickup in turn 16 gave Nurgle the second TD and with that, the match was over, only the 1 turn attempt left for the Flings that they didn't even try to get.

Arkangell's Will (Arkangell77) vs Ars Goatia (Zeazetta)

(Casters krusader, AussieVikingr & RhysA)

MO: - With a Wizard and 2 Babes the Elves start their defense. Chaos benched 1 Chaos Warrior, giving priority to rookie Goats. Chaos decided to commit to putting the Tree down and started to blitz with goat foward, letting them become exposed. But the turns passed and nothing got removed for either side, the Tree went down and refused to stand up for several turns. At turn 4 Chaos got his first injury, and the Elves tried to save a MNG, but was just a wasted apo. On turn 5 the Tree stood up, the Wardancer leaped in and injured the ballcarrier, then AGI5 catcher leaped grab the ball passed for an easy stall, no chaos even near the ball that ended 1 square from the TD. The Elves kept removing goats and the match started to look imposible for Chaos. The dices started to hot up, but was too little too late. The end result, 1-0 for the Elves and the wizard unused.

The second half started with an easy 2 turn TD for the elves, and the miracle was the only thing left for the Chaos team. A deep kick and the hope starts for Chaos, tried a pass right next to a Passblock AGI5 catcher, and well, did not work, 1 turn later 3-0 for the elves. Chaos started a relaxed 2 turn TD, and the elves just decided to let them.

The Arcana (Tommo) vs Warc Machine III (Lyskaris/XS)

(Casters Cynergy, Michaels & JamusMcgamuS)

MO: - The Orcs decide to defend, and it cost them 1 armor break and 1 injury in the first round. By turn four, the elves were all based, but decided to stall one more turn, the Orcs kept the pressure high, but the Elves did not flinch and kept the stall going. The Arcana got an inch and took a mile, and with that the stall continue. Turn 7 we even see a Ballcarrier blitz in order to keep stalling. Finally after an great half The Arcana scored.

The second half started with both team in full strengh. The Elves setted a screen, and with that, the slow Orc grind started, one square at the time. By turn 16, the Orcs needed 3 +2 dodges, but AGI 5 made it easy. The 1 Turn was kind of imposible and with this we go to overtime.

Orc win the toss, 11 Orcs vs 10 Elves, the Elves decided to base the cage from the first turn, and this lead to a lot of punches and the orcs did not stop one bit. And after several removals the Orks just walk for the TD and the final score of 2-1.

Not an Anime Sports Team (ArchXL) vs Jinny's Sugardaddies (Ladykilljoy)

(Casters Harringzord, Michaels & Metal)

MO: - The Delves decided to take a Mercenary DP, a Wizard and a Bribe. The Helves got the ball first and a riot made the drive a 7 turn one, the brawl with the Delves in the midfield bringing 2 fast removals one for each side. The Helves pushed for a fast score and they got bolted and injury for the impertinence, now the Delves have the ball and the numbers advantage. The removals kept piling, but the bribed need to be used in the first foul, and ended the turn in a precarious position. An easy 1d-1d surf gave the ball back to the Helves. But the Helves didn't had the players to protected and well, the Delves got it back and promptly setted a nice screen and with that, the score was easy for 1-0 for the Delves on Defense.

The Helves KO rolls where bad, and started the second half with only 7 players against a full compliment of Delves. Another riot and now the the match will be 14 turns long. A series of questionable decisions led to a 1d blitz and and easy recovery and punted it. Delves recovered again, but without any support. The Blitz succedded but the recovery, did not. The the amount of fail dices by the Helves made it really easy to secure the ball and shootdown the game.

Seven Cirlces (Zsinj) vs Army of Darkness 1.1 (Flyktsoda)

(Casters Harringzord, Rusty Seabutter & Metal)

MO: - The Necro team starts with a chef, wizard and a bribe. With Necro on offense the blood started soon with 1 goat removal from the LOS. Right after Chaos hit back by stomping on a wolf, getting a KO but losing his DP. By turn 2 Necro decided to full potato with a wolf. Easy 2d put the ball on the floor, wizard was burned but the pick up failed and this fast deteriorated for the Necro. Chaos got the ball started to slowly run it down field. Easy 1-0 for Chaos.

The Second half starts with Chaos on the offense and 11 vs 11, but the KO wolf did not came back. A deep kick and an early dub skull allowed the Necro to flood the backfield, but decided not to, and instead went for a brawl in the midfield. After several turns of this brawl finally the Chaos scored at turn 16 for 2-0.

Ready Lizard One(Hoyleyboy) vs [REBBL] Brutalia(Docmarc)

(Casters Harringzord, Metal & Holes)

MO: - The Dwarves start the offense with a wizard in pocket and decided to set a long line on the LOS and were paid in full when we see a KO that is instantly apoed. The Lizard replied with an injury, and the Dwarves start their second turn with 10 players. The match became a brawl right in the middle of the pitch. At turn 4 with a couple of chainpushes the lizards gave themselves a 2d on the ballcarrier. The Dwarves decided to turn directions but left the ball exposed again, and it started to be hard to score. Right after this, the Lizard injured 1 of the few guard players and the apo also saved him. By turn 7 the Dwarves decided that they could not score, and threw all of their hopes on their defense. In the last hit of the half, the Krox decided to made up for all the turns doing nothing and killed the pomb Dwarf blitzer.

The second half starts 11 vs 11. The Lizards were happy to keep the ball in the back and brawl with the Dwarves, but when the first injury happened, they deciced to push foward. Promptly the wizard showed and the Vampire Dwarf just naturally run in and picked the ball. And everything went downhill for the Lizards. Easily the Dwarves stall until the end. 1-0 for the Dwarves.

Khemri do it? Yes we can!(McMacky) vs The Scuffling Dead (Serj)

(Casters Swagtusk & Krusader)

MO: - The game starts with Khemri on offense and a Wizard in the Necro's pocket. By turn 3 Khemri caged behind their Tomb Guardians and started the slow grind. By turn 5 Khemri offense got 3 removals and the center of the pitch in their control. At turn 7 a chance opened for Khemri and they took it at full and recaged in the middle of the field and removed the only wolf on the field, the bolt showed and got the ball on the pitch. 1 pick up, hand off and GFI later Khemri got their TD. 1-0 first half.

The second half starts 11 vs 10, but Necro only has the 2 Wights, 2 Golems and Zombies. Khemri decided to base with all his pieces and from there Necro starts their dream. 3 turns later a hand off and a potato was all what Necro had left and they were rewarded with the equalizing TD. Now Khemri have 5 turns and a 2 player advantage to end this game in regular time. With all the advantages the Khemri had they became overconfident and left the ball exposed enough for a blitz on the ball, that succeded. Khemri cleared the ball and picked it up, and with that, the game was finish. 2-1 for Khemri.


This is Michael Orwell saying Goodnight.

- Incesticide

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That was a massive amount of work! - Zee

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