MO: - Hi ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell bringing you a little overview of Division 4c. After this 3 weeks, we can say that this division is kind of even, and there are a few surprises here and there. And for this reporter the most surprising performances so far are the ones from the Orcs and the Pro Elves, we will get into details in a bit. So with this in mind, lets start...


(Coach raaraar 3-0-0)

Let's start with the clear winner of this 3 weeks, raaraar's Dark Elves. Not surprising performance from the team that seems to have the best players on the division. Rocking both Witch Elves with +STR(one even have MB) and full killer(and +AGI and MV 8 blitzers) this team is no joke, and is not only showing great result but impressive stats.

This team has a TD differential of +5, no casualty sustained and a victory over one of the title contenders(Urse's Lizards), it's road seems rather bumpy this next 3 matches, with a probably shoot out against High Elves, a rather violent Incesticide's Chaos team and the Orcs that at that point in the season this reporter hope they will bring some pain to the rest. But this team can win all this matches and break away from the competition.

Welcome to the Dark Side

(Coach Queen Elizabeth 2-1-0)

Second in the division we find the other Dark Elves team, following his theme, this Dark team gave and take way more damage than the first one, even with less pieces able to do so(talking about committing to the spirit), a well balance single Witch team.

This team road was harsh after the first round, they faced Nurgle and Kiwibird's Chaos, and is not going to become easier any time soon, facing Underworld, Norse and Undead the next 3. We will have to see how the casualty ratio evolves to have a clear view on this team possibilities, but so far the low scoring violent gameplay suits this misfits.

Dungeon of Doom

(GenericGamer 2-0-1)

Third we find this surprising Undead team, running on the back of 2 nice pieces and a bunch of guard, this team found themselves with 6 points after 3 matches. A team that not stop in their pursue of the ball and a headstrong commitment to the fight, this team defense is strong. The offense side of it seems a bit lacking only scoring 2 touchdowns in 3 matches but with only 1 TD against, this team chances improve week after week.

They will have to face Nurgle and Chorves the next 2 matches and end in an important fight against Welcome to the Dark Side. If Coach GenericGamer manage to end this 3 matches with a positive result, the Challenger's Cup will become a realistic objective for this team.

Lackland Long Tongues

(Urse 2-0-1)

The lizards, a clear favorite at the start of the season, started with 2 hard earned victories, not showing the supremacy that before hand we though they will have. And then they faced the Brohawks and lost 2-0. We find this team with 6 points and a TD differential of +0.

They are going to face Kiwibird's Chaos, Pelves and Chorves in the next 3 and we will have to see if this low scoring Lizard team can adapt it's play style to start putting the results that the beginning of the season predicted for them.

The GOATS of All Time

(Kiwibird44 1-2-0)

This undefeated Chaos team is doing Chaos thing in this division, grinding matches and ending them with low scoreboards. Riding in the back of his super star Jordan they already faced 3 Agile teams and came out with a good record, have to say tho, that the Rat team they faced were basically loners, but in BB, you take what you get.

Now they have to face Lizards, Nurgle and Norse, and we cannot expect anything other than 3 grinding matches where casualties would become the deciding factor to determine who will come on top. A team predicted to end the season mid table, this triad of matches will decide a lot of the final result for this team.

Chorfs Chorfs Chorfs

(WaitHoldMyBeer 1-1-1)

And we finally find the unwanted sons of Blood Bowl, this clawless Chorves team find themselves in a good position. The bullelf is still alive, but this reporter has to wonder, why hiring a Minotaur, it seems this team is happier beating teams up than scoring or defending but I don't know if the Mino would help in that regard.

Their are going to face really hard matches the next 3 rounds, with Incesticide's Chaos, Undead and Lizards on the horizon, we know for sure this are going to be bloody matches and we will have to see if the Chorves defense can start keeping the 0 on the scoreboard. Talking with Coach WaitHoldMyBeer he told us,

WaitHoldMyBeer: - About where I expected to be I guess. Still looking for a Claw piece but I get by without it. Pay no attention to the Minotaur behind the curtain

Development wise nothing too exciting.

Dumping' out the roof

(Redbull 1-1-1)

The devastated Rats team in this division, this reporter has nothing other than prize for them and it's coaches commitment. This team shows clearly how gutters can do magic and why it's always unwise to underestimate vermins. With an impressive record after being pitch cleared in the first match and play with only 4 rostered players in the second match(only 2 of them with skills), this team find themselves with 4 points and everything to play for.

They now will have to face Norse, Orcs and Nurgle, and it seems this rats will get no breathing room, harsh matches all, but we know this vermin can score and with enough luck they can get out of this gauntlet of 6 harsh matches with enough points to have a chance for the Challenger's Cup. Coach Redbull had to say about this,

Redbull: - came into it after getting into the playoffs, team was nearly pitch cleared by chorfs, then in the loser bracket nearly pitch cleared by zons. Imagine my excitement when my week 1 opponent is chorfs again. He proceeded to nearly pitch clear me for the 3rd straight match. Chaos Dwarves are the worst. Murdered clawmb 2chainz Star blitzer, movesmashed two gutter, and had me play a match against chaos where I had 7 loners. A lucky tie lead to enough winnings to replace my blitzer in week 3 who promptly died halfway through his first match. Lucky events lead to a W and gave hope where there was only a bloody pile of sadness in the shape of a bull centaur hoof.

Silver lining: 1/4 gutters has movement 9.

Bold prediction: I will only be pitch cleared in 1 of the 3 matches.

Realistic prediction: I will get a second blitzer and he will survive at least 1 gam

The Berserker Gang

(Breidr 0-3-0)

In the middle of the table we find the only team on this division that did not win or lose any match. Surprisingly this team scored 5 TDs, but it seems his defense couldn't hold the results, with the development keep coming and no casualties of note, this team is becoming better and better each passing match, as long as they stay alive, this team will become a powerhouse by the second half.

They are going to face Rats, Queen's Delves and Kiwibird's Chaos, a rather accessible schedule for them, I think that if they manage to get a couple of W from this matches the team would face the second half of the season in a strong position.

Primal Concrete Sledge

(Incesticide 1-0-2)

For some this position could be a surprise, but this reporter follow this team his whole first season and I have to say, not surprising at all. This team struggles versus fast teams and is a hit or miss in the bash side. Can this team end up in the top spots, in theory they can, but being realistic, getting to the Challenger's Cup will be surprise for this reporter.

They will face Chorves, raaraar's Delves and Helves. Can say that the chorves match will be a bloodbath then 2 elves, we know the history of this team, so I predict 2 defeats. We tried to reach coach Incesticide, but he refused to answer.

The Eldar Statesmen

(Randall_Clark 1-0-2)

This is the first team I can say is underperforming, 1 Touchdown scored in 3 matches seems too little for an elves team. But the team is developing quite well, and they suffered no real damage. They are still on the run, but they need to start scoring.

They will face raaraar's Delves, Underworld and Incesticide's Chaos. A hard trio of matches for them, and a good measure for the future, this team can win all of this matches, and with that the prospect for the season will improve drastically.

The Rotting Cum Boys

(Buzzard295 1-0-2)

After a rough start, the Nurgle finally found themselves with points on the board, defeating the Chorves. The team keeps progressing and as this reporter predicted, they will become a menace coming the second half of the season.

They will face Undead, Kiwibird's Chaos and the Rats. 2 brawls that will be decided by the casualties and a rat team that might get annihilated and still win. I think Nurgle's plans are always long term, and this team will be happy with a couple of points and development.

2nd Tuffest n the Infants

(MedicinalCarrot 1-0-2)

The Underworld team(fan favorite in this division) got their first victory in the third round, they are sporting 2 beautiful killers and a well rounded overall team. What we can expect from this team, well, chaos and fun for all. They are doing their thing, scoring and killing, we can only hope we keep the division entertained for the rest of the season.

They will face Queen's Delves, Helves and Pelves, fantastic matches for this team and for everybody to see, if the removals start coming hot I can see them winning all 3 matches, on the other hand, I don't think they are going to be able defend good enough to stop the elves from score in all matches. Talking with MedicinalCarrot he told us,

MedicinalCarrot : - The first couple of games were rough for my Underworld. I wasn't quite ready for a lot of strength 4, and Urse's Lizards played well to kick my teeth in week 1. Week 2 was rough, since 2 of my 3 tackle were missing against raaraar's deadly DElfs. That one wound up closer than I'd initially expected and was a lot of fun, even with the 3-1 loss. Week 3 was a rematch vs. TaterSpiro's Orcs. They beat me last season, so it was nice to even up the record against them.

All in all, I've had a blast playing some fun games against good opponents so far. Week 3 also brought most of my development, with 4 level ups, including the troll finally getting a 3rd skill. I'm hoping all the guard I picked up will help against the abundance of bash in our division. The next 3 weeks are all against Elf teams for me, so I'm praying to Nuffle that all the anti-elf planning I did to take on tommytootall's Woodies last season will pay off with a string of wins.

Looking forward, I think raaraar's Night Elf Brohawks and WaitHoldMyBeer's Chorf Chorf Chorfs are my early picks to place high at the end of the season. I'm a sucker for teams with great stat ups like theirs. There are a lot of good teams and coaches, though, so it's really anybody's game at this point.

Orcs with Forcs

(TaterSpiro 0-1-2)

My big disappointment so far this season, this Orc team had all the right tools to tackle this season with huge success, but several casualties led to bad result and sadly we find this team sharing the last place with only 1 point on the board from a tie in the first round.

Now the will face Pelves, Rats and raaraar's Delves, accessible matches that can catapult this Orc team forward. We will have to see coming to end of the first half of the season where they stand and if this reporter prediction holds.

No Sleep til Elfheim

(GunnerTwoThree 0-1-2)

A weird season so far for the Pelves, not being able to score in 2 of the 3 matches seems an oddity for Pelves, they faced top opposition, but in this reporters view, the lack of TDs is concerning. Being Pelves also mean that this will change sooner rather than later, and we can expect this nicely developed team start getting W's soon.

They will face Orcs, Lizards and Underworld, all dangerous matches for them, but all full of possibilities to score. I can see them getting some points from this matches, but it might be costly for them, I don't think that coming week 7 all his players will be still on the team. GunnerTwoThree told us,

GunnerTwoThree: - In a word, disappointing. Two very rough games to start the season where it seemed as though all the breaks went against us, and we were held scoreless in both. Game 3 was more promising, and we pulled out a draw, in spite of a couple tough breaks and a botched wizard. Unfortunately, we lost a Blodge linelf and our kicker. So, with positionals intact for the one being, we’re ready to tackle the rest of the season with a renewed confidence in our offense.

MO: - Well Gypsy, this is a "short" resume of this division so far, I hope you and the fans enjoy it.


for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight 4c




- Incesticide

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