MO: - Hi ReBBL, this is Michael Orwell bringing you a little overview of Division 4c. Let's start by stating the obvious, this is a Prance heavy division, several elves, one vermin and a couple of stunties make this a fast pace agility heavy division. The division seem fairly even in terms of development and team value, with some clear distinctions and even though 2 teams have a clear advantage in matches played, this is not translated into development. Without more to say, lets go to the teams...

Lackland Long Tongs

(Coach Urse 21-1-5)

Well this team has an impressive record and a clear contender for the first position, in this reported view, the main contender. Talking about the players, well it has 4 well developed Sauries and a godlike skink, Coaltalt, clearly the star of this team.

Chorf Chorf Chorf

(Coach WaitHoldMyBeer 7-10-15)

A distinctive clawless midget team, The Chorves show with a lot of guard, some dirty players and an Bull with 2 AGI ups. What can we say about this team, well they are Chorves in a elves heavy division and with a bullelf. Another powerful team with lots of potential, the lack of claw or pile on might be an issue against bash teams.

In a phone conversation with Coach WaitHoldMyBeer this is what he had to say about his team:

WHMB: - My biggest thing is just keep getting better. I was some computer issues away from being .500 or maybe better last season. I put my expectations at at least a non losing record. I’m too unconventional and erratic to expect too high an end point.  And about our strengths, um Chorfs.. hello.. don’t need nuthin’ else.

2nd Tuffest n Infants

(Coach MedicinalCarrot 11-4-6)

A well balanced and uninjured Underworld team, the Tuffest bring to this division randomness, violence and overall fun. They also rock a solid record and with the amount of development, is a team to respect. In a good day this team can pitch clear any other team in this division, on the other hand, they can implode.

Welcome to the Dark Side

(Coach Queen Elizabeth 9-5-7)

A solid well developed and wide Dark Elves team, Queen Elizabeth brings to the table a solid contender, with MB and Guard and a plethora of Blodge. In comparison to the other Delve of the division, this team seem more solid and well rounded, no super stars but no lackluster pieces either.

Primal Concrete Sledge

(Coach Incesticide 6-7-7)

Probably the most developed team on the Division, Coach Incesticide will have to prove his ability to beat elves or fail miserably this season, his current record against prancing teams (0-1-6) does make me think he will fail in here. I predict they will end mid table.

The GOATS of All Time

(Coach Kiwibird44 6-6-7)

The other Chaos team in this division, it seems this team suffer heavy losses last season, because it doesn't seem too developed. I think this team will ride it's season on the back of all time fan favorite Jordan, let's see if he can repeat his Bulls runs in 4c and take the GOATS to the playoffs.

Orcs with Forcs

(Coach Taterspiro 10-6-5)

Coach Taterspiro blast into this division with the most guard heavy of all teams, a powerful roster full of well developed players ready to tackle any issue, I don't see how this team can not deliver this season, TOP 3 for sure. But I do have to say, this Orc team rocks 2 Throwers and a Goblin, and I'm not really sure what they bring to the table, the  Black Orcs and Blitzers will have to carry the dead weight.

The Rotting Cum Boys

(Coach Buzzard295 6-5-10)

A one season Nurgle team, not even close to it's full potential, the Rotting boys bring this season a lot of potential and some nasty pieces, I think this team will become a powerhouse by the second half of the season.

Night Elf Brohawk

(Coach raaraar 8-6-4)

And we found the second Delves team in the division, this team is rocking a lot of stat ups, a pomb and an AGI 5 blodgestepper, what else we can say about them. Impressive team, will all the correct development, full of stars, talking with Coach raaraar this is what he had to say about his team:

raaraar: - My teams strength is the 2 gorgeous witch elves I have currently and the elf that thinks he's an orc with pomb. I have skills that are usually reserved for bash teams on my solid agility team. I've finally full recovered from a devastating rookie season and am ready to play for it all. The teams goal is to finish at the top of the leader board in the division and make a name for myself in REBBL as a solid elf coach.

The Berserker Gang

(Coach Breidr 7-4-6)

Coach Breidr comes into this division with a well rounded Norse team, without much surprises outside the Stump BrainDead(AGI 5 lino) this team has a full roster with a lot of average pieces, ready to tackle any kind of opposition with it's 2 pomb Zerkers. In this reporter experiences, Norse die a lot, but if this coach manage to keep his boys alive, is a solid team.

The Eldar Statemen

(Coach Randall_Clark 6-6-5)

The Eldar present themselves as a solid Helves team, maybe on the underdeveloped side of the division. But with clear stars on the build, both Ibn Khaldun (+STR blitzer) and Jordy Nelfson (MB catcher) are forces to recon with, and Helves can always score, if they can enter the mid season with some more development and average results, they can flourish in the second part of the season. This is what Coach Randall had to say about his team:

Randall_Clark: - We have some nice development and we aim to improve in our defense.

Dungeon of Doom

(Coach GenericGamer 6-3-8)

Dungeon of Doom brings to this division the always needed Undead presence, with a great Mummy and a star Wight, this team can be painful for anybody to face, well developed and with all the tools to face any opponent on this division. GenericGamer told us:

GenericGamer: - Hugh Morrus, the Wight, and a Mummy named The Yeti are especially the powerhouses of the team, with a whopping 21 casualties combined. They've arguably been the most violent. And will focus on developing our violent gameplay.

No Sleep til Elfheim

(Coach GunnerTwoThree 6-4-6)

Coach Gunner field a beautiful and nicely developed Pelves team, with several great doubles in the best possible players and AGI 5, this team can score for sure; if AV7 can hold, this team is here to rock the scoreboards. But this Reporter has to say, without a David Bowie piece, this team is a cripple Pelves team. Over the phone with Coach Gunner he said:

GunnerTwoThree: - This team strength are developing elfy play makers and I like to think some creativity by their coach in working out chain pushes. And I aim to get those play makers full developed and improve the coach’s overall positioning and competence.

Dumpin' out the roof

(Coach Reedbull 6-1-5)

The last to arrive to the party, Coach Reedbull field a vermin team, this team seems to be in a building process, with really low TV and 8 players, might struggle until it can stabilize it's situation. But the good news is that the players that this team have are really nice, 2 claw Storm Vermin and 2 Guard Gutters make this team scary to face, and with some good positioning and lucky dices, even with the lack of development, they can defeat any team in the division.

MO: - Well Gypsy, that is all for me, a new season is starting, everybody is anxious and ready to ramble, by the end, the best will triumph, and for the rest, let's hope the fans are kind to them.

for RNN

This is Michael Orwell saying goodnight ReBBL.


- Incesticide

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Awesome as always buddy! - WaitHoldMyBeer

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