I guess this is kind of a weird souvenir album for season 10. With video clips instead of pictures.
This is by no means an exhaustive list of Big O events for the season, more like a collection of snapshots and fragments. So, without any further ado...

This season we had...

Newcomers learning the awful truths of playing in ReBBL...

Talking about Cynergy, here is the archive of the last time his Nurgle team actullay hurt something. Listen to that spark of joy in his voice, priceless.

Whe have Dorfs ready to do anything to win. Even the most unnatural of things...

And Lizards styling on Dorfs, because we're like you in other conferences: we try to not let them win.

We have a coach very fond of punching things with his minotaur...

And others who like to punch Big Guys.

Some of us are simply bad coaches, and both the casters and the game will let us know.

And even when you're good it takes a lot of work and pressure to reach the play-offs...

While others just have to fight the shittiest dice in the world...

And, I mean, even when they're lucky ... (My favorite)

And, to finish, we had to lament the departure of a beloved Legend...

Thank you for watching, and playing.
And thank you Big O, for being the Big O.

- Zee

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Oh man that XS Dump Off play was incredible! Can't believe I hadn't seen that. - Harringzord

The XS Dump-Off play is legendary material. - Zee

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