Hey guys! Chabxxu here to bring you some nice, juicy and (probably very boring to some of you) stats! Not quite on the same level as what RodderTM does, but still! I tried my best, and I hope that if you’re still reading, you’ll enjoy what comes next!

With playoffs already started (Yes, a few games were played already if you haven’t been paying attention!), it’s this time of the year where people start asking themselves the most important questions in Rebbl:

1-Which team is the most OP and will allow me to get to playoffs and win the Superbowl.

2-Which region should I play in if I want the best shot at winning the whole damn thing?

3-Which division (1-2-3-4-5) will have the best representation in playoffs this year?

Over the next 6 weeks, I will keep track of all 122 (:vomit face:) teams that made both the playoffs and the Sippy cup to find out which teams are doing good work, which divisions are doing great, and also who’s the best region (we all know it’s REL, followed by BigO and finally Gman)!

Today’s article is only about the Playoffs since Sippy cup is pretty hard to find which teams are in, because of the crazy rules Harringzord decided to go by this year. I’m sure he’s really hating himself about it right now, with his 1000 Excel sheets opened up, as he tries to send tickets to the right person….

Let’s start by answering the second of my three question, since it’s the one that brings the most rivalry. With 61 tickets available for playoffs, I’m going to let you guess who got the most tickets. Yes. I know you guessed right. Gman of course. Metal is so tired of seeing Rel winning the Superbowl that he decided to grant more tickets to his own region, in hopes that they can finally bring it home (He didn’t really do that, so don’t you guys cry wolf about it. The amount of tickets is given to each region depending of the amount of players they have). They are however closely followed by Rel, and a bit further down by BigO.

Here’s the distribution:

Now that everyone knows they need to play in Rel to win the Superbowl, let’s jump to the third question. Which division will have the best representation in all of the playoffs this week. It is very hard to answer this question straight off, so I’m just going to put the distribution up here and you guys can have fun drawing any conclusions you want! Note that these will be updated each week to see which division is sending the most teams upwards.

And now! Finally, the last question (which was actually my first question, if you guys are still following me), which race gives the most competitive edge to get into playoffs and win it!

I’ll give you a hint. If you’re in playoffs right now, you almost have 50% chance of playing one of four races: Dark Elves (7), Nurgle (7), Lizardman (6) or Orcs (6). Those are by far the four races that have done the best in regular season this year with a very big 26 tickets out of 61 being given to four races.

If you were lucky enough not to face one of those four races, you next probable opponents would be one of those races: Chaos Dwarves (4), Dwarves (4), Necromantic (4), High Elves (4), Chaos (3), Skaven (3) or Wood Elves (3). Those seven races put together didn’t even manage to beat the top dogs, getting 25 out of the 61 tickets available.

For those unable to do quick math (Gman), that means there is 51 tickets given already, out of 61. Meaning you’d be a very lucky person if you get to face one of those teams: Norse (2), Undead (2), Amazones (1), Humans (1), Khemri (1), Kislev (1), Pro Elves (1) and Vampires (1).

Unfortunately, that only makes 19 races, out of the 24 races currently available in BloodBowl 2. Bretonnians, Goblins, Halflings, Ogres and Underworld all failed to send at least one representative to playoffs this season. Which means… don’t play them if you want to win at Bloodbowl!

Once again, I will update each week which races go through, to see which races have the best representation in the higher rounds of playoffs!

Finally, if reading is too hard for you (Gman), here’s a graph showing the team distribution in Rebbl Playoffs for Season 11.


Hope you guys enjoyed and see you all next week!


- Chabxxu

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Ideas, comments and suggestions are welcomed for the next posts! - Chabxxu

This is the most unbiased piece of journalism I have ever read on this site, well done ! - wolframajax

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Ideas, comments and suggestions are welcomed for the next posts! - Chabxxu

This is the most unbiased piece of journalism I have ever read on this site, well done ! - wolframajax

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