With all games played week one has been an interesting start to the league for the teams in division 4D. The mix of teams in division 4D promises to provide some interesting results throughout the season. The 14 teams had a mean TV of 1597.86 going into round one, whilst the median TV was 1645. This means that we had more teams with very low TV compared to lots of teams at a very high TV value. The mean TV diff for the round one games was 181.4, which means on average there could have been a wizard in every game.


Of the 7 games played, 2 were draws. Of the 5 teams that were victorious 4 were the higher TV team, the only team with a TV lower than their oppoentns to come out victorious was The Last Caress with a 1-0 over A Grimm Tale.


There were 11 completions performed, as expected the Arrogant Bar Stewards had the most completions with 3, demonstrating the clear superiority of the high elf passing game. The pro elves and humans were tied in second place with 2 completions each, although the pro elves did suffer the ignominy of having one of their passes be interecepted by a goblin. Upsidius V not only grabbed an interception the crowd were obvioulsy so pleased with this result that they gave him the MVP as well resulting in a level up.


For the bash lovers amongst us there were a grand total of 538 blocks made. These resulted in a total of 38 KOs at a mean of 5.43 KOs per game and 34 casulties with a mean of 4.89 casulties per game. There were even 6 kills in the 7 games so the players are off to a bloody start, will the bloodshed continue next week?


We also had a few coaches who couldn't resist the dark art of fouling resulting in 9 players being sent off. No surprises that the team with the most expulsions were Nuffle's Chosen Misfits with 5 players being shown a red card. Can the goblins keep up this spectacular send off rate through out the season?

- PositronMike

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