Time for the stats from week 2. First, we have a staffing announcement to make. The statistician snotlings were misbehaving themselves which has delayed the correlation of the stats this week. However, the troublesome snots have now been fed to a troll and order has been restored. We will see how the newly employed halflings get on with statistical analysis.

This week has seen some changes in the distribution of the teams TV. The mean TV of the teams has increased by 24.28 to 1612.14 whilst the median has dropped 20 points to 1625. This means that the distribution of TV has become more uniform throughout the division which is backed up by the mean TV diff dropping to 175.71.

Despite the teams getting closer in TV more TDs have been scored this week with a 58% increase in touchdowns to 19. The Last Caress got the highest number of TDs with 3 whilst the league managed a median score of 1, so The Last Caress are definitely a statistical outlier this week.

Passing stats across the league were nearly unchanged. Once again there were 11 completions with a mean of 0.79. However, the median number of passes decreased from 0.50 to 0.00 which shows that less teams made passes this week compared to last week.

Turning to the bash, stats significantly fewer players were punched this week than last. The number of blocks thrown decreased by 65, a drop of 12.1%. The Kingfisher Knights get the award for the most blocks this week with 55, whilst the cowardly elves of Grim Dragster's IV threw the least blocks with 13.

Despite the drop in overall blocks the amount of damage increased this week. The number of KOs suffered went up by 7 to 45 whilst the number of casualties also increased by 6 to 41. The number of kills also increased from 6 to 7 this week however the proportion of kills to casualties dropped by 0.14%

The players were more careful near the sidelines of the pitch this week with the number of surfs dropping from 5 to 3. This is a statistic which will not please the crowd who are always happiest when they get to stomp on the head of the poor unfortunates that get propelled into their midst.

The refs had a quieter week this week with the number of players sent of dropping by 1 down to 8. Looking at the distribution of send offs there was no change to the median number of send offs although more teams had players sent of this week than last. A total of 6 teams had players sent off, which shows that more teams have started to find their dirty playbooks. Last week’s dirty gits Nuffle's Chosen Misfits had a big drop in sent off players this week going to a only 2 expulsions. This means they have to share the crown for the most sent of players with Da Happy Suns. Will the goblins return to being the undisputed king of send offs next week or will they suffer the ignominy of not being the dirtiest players in the league?

Stay tuned for more stats next week from the halfling statisticians, assuming they stop eating long enough.

- PositronMike

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