We are about a third of the way through the season and I suspect playoff aspirations are still in high gear for most!  And perhaps even that dream of dreams, to be crowned winner of...

... the Superb Owl?  Wait a tick.  We have such powerful inspirations as "The Chaos Cup", "The Spike Magazine Trophy", "The Dungeon Bowl", not to mention the great and wonderful "The Blood Bowl", and the best we can come up with is the Superb Owl?  There's nothing wrong with "Superb Owl", per se.  It's a very fine pun.  But ask yourselves if it truly encompasses the monumental girth of our league?  Even "Super Bowl" seems meek and ill-equipped to represent the greatness that is ReBBL!  Over 400 coaches!  Arguable the most difficult title to claim across ALL the Blood Bowl leagues!  I think it's time for an upgrade!  Here is my suggestion for a new and improved name!

Did you know that "magnum" is the term used for something that is larger than normal?  Often used when referring to a bottle of wine twice the standard size (@Metal)?  Magnum opus is latin for "a great work of particularly high ambition and scale of exceptional quality."  It's the type of word that forces people to take notice!  Be honest, when you say the word out loud your voice automatically deepens.  It's true, try it.  ReBBL deserves a word worthy of it's greatness.  It's time to unleash the "ReBBL MAGNUM CUP" on the rest of the Blood Bowl community!

Need more convincing?  Well, you cannot deny "ReBBL Magnum" has some fantastic meme potential.  Condoms, private investigators with perfect mustaches, the runway look.  The Big O even has representation with ice cream bars!  When is the Big O EVER a factor in anything?!?!  I'm telling you, this is meant to be.  Not to mention the synergy between The "Magnum Cup" and ReBBL mugs.  Let's get those mugs super sized!

Listen, I'm not telling you want to think.  Actually, that's exactly what I'm doing.  But let's not focus on that!  Let's all agree that ReBBL is bigger than puns.  It's the biggest thing going!  And as any American will tell you, if you've got something this big you have to flaunt it for all it's worth.  We'll be shouting to every other league, "hey, you other leagues, come look at the size of our member --- ship!"  ReBBL is the Magnum of leagues, and it's time we show off!

- Larkstar

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